March Goal Review and New April Goal

So somehow it's April 12th already, and I have yet to set a new goal for the month. However, I remain undeterred in my pursuit to live according to the Type A handbook, so I'm setting a new goal for next month anyway.

But let's review last month first, shall we?

If you recall, I set a singular goal of getting myself pregnant (not literally) last month. Whaddya know? I actually accomplished that goal, or rather, my doctor, a wad of cash, and a whole lot of luck accomplished that for me. All I did was take to my bed and pretend I was thinking positive thoughts the entire time.

So, if you're keeping track, since January I have accomplished 4.5 out of the 11 goals I set for myself so far this year. While I'm batting less than 50%, I will tell you that my desk, which I cleaned as a goal last month, is still relatively neat. Yay for me.

My new goal for this month is comprised of two separate but related parts. I need to start eating better, and I need to find a way to exercise.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions as to things I can incorporate into a healthy pregnancy diet. I know the baby will take what he/she requires and leave me as the deficient one, but I need to pay more attention to the foods I'm putting in my mouth.

I also need to avoiding eating half a frozen pound cake straight from the tin, which I'm sad to say made up the entirety of my lunch one day last week.

The exercise part might even pose a greater issue. I had to quit running the day before my FET. My last run took place on March 4th. For the two weeks between my transfer and my bloodtest, my doctor told me not to exercise. Presumably, I can start again now, but I won't return to running until after the baby is born. I know it's perfectly safe to continue with exercise that your body is already accustomed to, but I am paranoid.

So, for the last six weeks, my exercise regime has consisted of walks from the couch to the fridge. Granted, given my current eating habits, I figure I'm logging a good two miles a day, but this is still a good three miles fewer a day than I'm accustomed to.

"Take walks instead! It's spring! The weather is beautiful! And Isabella will love it!" you say?

I wish. Unfortunately, my hopes that my daughter's strollerphobia disappeared over the long winter were unfulfilled when I took her for her first walk a few weeks ago only to have to run for cover once she started screeching like a howler monkey to get out. Anybody need a practically brand-new stroller? I'll sell it to you for cheap.

I need to start finding time to get some semblance of exercise. I've contemplated joining the Y, but it might be a bit cost-prohibitive right now. And somehow hitting the treadmill for a walk in the early morning doesn't sound appealing, since I'm already getting up at 6am so the hubs can give me my injections before he leaves for work. Besides, who wants to walk inside when the weather outside is nice? So, this goal will require a bit of thought.

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  1. # Blogger Tracey

    Hmmm. My kids never had stroller phobia, so I don't know EXACTLY what to do, but they have all gone through stages where they didn't want to ride. Have you tried a wagon? Also, the ever-popular baby harness? Or, if you have issues with that, perhaps another way to tether her to you. I had wrapped my sling around Corinne's torso on occasion, when she would be freaking about not walking or being carried... Works like a leash. :)

    Now might be a good time to get her used to walking NEXT to the stroller. Have her put a doll or stuffed animal in the stroller and make her hold onto the side of it. If she lets go of the stroller, then you can't keep walking till her little hand is grasping it again. My kids are so conditioned to this that my 9 year old STILL holds onto the stroller (if he's not paying attention!) It's definitely necessary when you have more than 1 child.  

  2. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    I've started doing yoga recently. For anyone who thinks you can't get a good workout from stretching, think again! It might not be the cardio workout that you get with running, but my body feels great.

    How about buying a DVD - yoga for pregnancy?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I agree with the yoga comment. I have 3 words for you : HEATED VINYASSA YOGA. That's power yoga, not regular yoga. I've done the regular, and it was relaxing but not what I was looking for. To explain, I have been a gym junkie for years (lifting weights/machines, spinning, kickboxing, all of it). And vinyassa yoga KICKS MY ASS. Kicks it further than any of those conventional western excercises, the difference is that I LONG for yoga, my body aches to go to my mat -- and I love being in class. It is not the chore that the gym is. Vinyassa is gentle yet invigorating, requires that you are PRESENT and connected -- and it is an amazing cardio workout to boot. In fact, heated yoga works 100% of your body, while running only uses 10 percent. Our instructors always give modifiers for the preggers in the class, so I know it's safe for you and the bambino. Vinyassa is also the most enlightening activity I do in my life, I would go so far as to say a Life-changing gift. Also, who doesn't need to feel calm and centered and relieve toxins and stress? when you leave a 95 degree heated room dripping with sweat and having put in 100% effort into 1.5 hours of work, NOTHING can bother you and that feeling lasts for days. Find a good studio and try it.  

  4. # Blogger Mom24

    Good luck! It's hard, isn't it? I belong to a rec center, and I STILL can't seem to drag my tush there--it's hard to fit in with the kids. Plus, with all of the germs and junk going around, I don't want to put my kids in the childcare there--also, the 7 year old is too old for their childcare, and WAY too young to just hang out on his own.

    We have a the garage, where there's not room to use it. Now that it's out there, I tell myself if we could only find a place in here for it, I would use it. Of course when it was in here, I didn't, but what's that prove! LOL.

    I hope you figure out something. I would keep trying the stroller, maybe before or after nap? Maybe she would find it soothing or relaxing? I have no perfect answer, because I really don't have a clue...if you figure one out, pass it on! Atleast the walk to the fridge is something!  

  5. # Blogger sher

    Kristi, I think you're doing great! I have to say that of all my goals, the only one I accomplished was planting my radishes and beets. I hope to plant the green beans today. I have so many other goals, all unmet. So, I hope you set a goal to pat yourself on the back and refelct on how well you're doing. :):)  

  6. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    Be careful about which pregnancy yoga DVD you get. I bought one that was just awful! The woman kept chanting and wanting me to chant and I just giggled and laughed. Not too much of a workout.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I think Americans are a little too "goal-driven." We put SO much pressure on ourselves to do more, earn more, do it faster, be more successful, cram as much into everyday as possible. It's fine to want to get stuff done, but why put extra pressure on yourself every month to meet a "list of goals."

    Remember that it's not a marathon, it is a journey. Just try to slow down and it will all get done, I promise you. if you don't get everything done, you have PLENTY of time. Besides, with all of these lists, have you ever thought about what would happen once you get them all "checked off?" Will all these accomplished goals TRULY give you happiness and inner calm? This should be the time in your life when you look back and remember being content, not frenzied. There is a lot to be said for just ... breathing and being alive.  

  8. # Blogger Marie

    Have you tried water aerobics, Kristi? I did that when I was pregnant, and it was awesome. You can sign up to take a class without being a member at the Y... (though you can't use their childcare room unless you're a member)

    We have walking issues here too, since someone won't ride in a stroller any more (I think it's the riding down low thing for him, since he will ride in a racecar shopping cart).

    Do you have a bike? I am thinking about putting a child seat on my bike, because I think he would like that, and it would be good exercise for me.  

  9. # Blogger Jesser

    Hey that's one damn great goal to accomplish!

    I understand completely about not running while pregnant. Before I had T, I had a miscarriage ... I hadn't really stopped exercising as normal, and while I logically know that there's practically 0 chance of my having "caused" my miscarriage through exercise, I did nothing while I was pregnant with Tabby aside from walking.

    It really stinks that Isabella hates the stroller. Tabby doesn't do so well on my longer runs, but just a quick jaunt around the 'hood she's OK for and I'm determined to break her will on the jogging stroller thing. I need that exercise time and she sometimes has to go with me. But yea, pushing a SCREAMING kid is NO FUN.  

  10. # Anonymous Amy

    Hi Kristi---just catching up on my blog reading, and SO happy about the one-baby news!

    I'm in the keep-trying-the-stroller camp like one of the above posters. Pushing a screaming baby sucks, yes, but I hated being trapped by tantrums more.

    With my screamer, I'd strap her in and just keep walking, now matter how loud she got. When she twisted herself around and managed to free a leg, I'd just keep buckling her back in.

    I'd keep saying, "I love you. I'm sorry you don't like the stroller, but you're staying in it for this walk."

    I gave her plenty of opportunity to walk when I didn't need the stroller, too, of course. It took a lot of LONG, interrupted walks (to keep buckling her back in) over 2 weeks, but she finally gave in.

    Hope you figure out your own solution, whatever you decide.  

  11. # Blogger Shannon

    Get Isabella a backpack... a little one... toss it on her back and then you can hold onto part of it while you walk... that is what we use now with Lorelei... there is a photo of it on my flickr account...  

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