My Kind of Camping

I'm what you would call an "indoor girl."

I like taking baths and being clean and sleeping in a warm bed. I'm also fond of electricity and running water and my DVR.

I love running in the great outdoors, and I enjoy the occasional walk on the rare occasion when the child decides sitting in her stroller isn't akin to waterboarding, but pounding the pavement along the well-traveled roads of my suburban neighborhood is about as close as I want to get to interacting with nature. I went camping once. I shall not go again. Let's just say there was rain. Lots of it. And slugs on the roof of my tent. And while the company of two good friends was delightful, as was my grilled-cheese-on-a-stick, sleeping on the ground and hauling my arse 15 miles to the nearest bathroom in the middle of the night was not.

My daughter seems not to agree with me. Since she was about a year old, she's loved building "tents" in the living room. We throw a blanket over the chair and the couch, which sit perpendicular to eachother, and she loads the "tent" with books, stuffed animals, and toys, and then crawls in herself.

So, in lieu of an Easter basket, we bought Isabella her very own tent instead.

The tent has given Isabella plenty of opportunities to express her academic side.

Here she is trying to decide between Neon Carrot and Mango Tango to apply as shading to the orange she has just drawn (with a compass).

And here we have her practicing her sticker-decorating skills before we fill out her application for the Rhode Island School of Design next week.

Here's Isabella enjoying her afternoon snack in the tent while memorizing a bit of Proust.

And here, while it looks like peek-a-boo, she's actually hard at work assessing the diameter of the window in relation to her own noggin.

She invites me into her inner sanctum quite often. This is as close to camping as I'm ever going to get.

Here is Isabella in her Easter dress on Sunday. Since she decided to stand still long enough for me to capture a decent photo of her, which is rare these days, I thought I'd include it here for posterity's sake.

Thank you, once again, for bringing me back down to planet Earth with all your supportive comments on my last post. I tend to put the cart so far in front of the horse that it's in another zip code, and I just need to calm the hell down until I have reality to deal with, instead of just my own fears. Is it April 7th yet?

10 Responses to “My Kind of Camping”

  1. # Anonymous Laura McIntyre

    She is so sweet, i just love the tent. Can just imagine the fun toddlers would get from it  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    She is so adorable. I love the tent. We got something similar when our youngest two were little and they still love to play in it.

    Camping can be a lot of fun--just check the weather forecast! LOL. Also, I will only camp where there are flush toilets and hot showers. A girl can only deal with so much! I remember a camping trip when we just had our oldest two where it rained--cats and dogs like you had, for 28 hours. Everything was so soaked we couldn't leave because it was just too, too wet. Our tent leaked. I vividly remember our DD curled up in a ball, making herself as tiny as she could, trying to stay in the only dry spot she could find. It was literaly a nightmare then, but now we all fondly remember and laugh over it.

    Good luck waiting. It's got to be difficult not knowing what's going on inside you!  

  3. # Blogger Jesser

    Hahhaha. That is so cute! We might have to get Ms. Tabby one ... she loves crawing into things .. cabinets and the shelf under the coffee table, etc. That looks like Target, no? Cute photos.  

  4. # Blogger Tracey

    Very cute tent! I love the folding play stuff. So appealing to a mom!

    It was nice of her to bring you a coffee in the tent, too. Considerate little girl!  

  5. # Blogger beagle

    Love it! The best of the outdoors brought inside!  

  6. # Blogger Damselfly

    Oh so cute! What a lucky, pretty girl! That tent looks so fun.  

  7. # Blogger spiderman14612

    You shouldnt have had another child! You are NOT READY!  

  8. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    That's my kind of camping, too! The last time I went camping was when I was 6. There was a HORRIBLE storm, and I was so hysterical my dad had to pack up everything (in the middle of the night) and check us into a hotel. I wasn't a very popular daughter.  

  9. # Blogger sher

    Hey, Isabella is the only person I've heard of who has actually read Proust! :)

    That was a great post. Loved the pictures of the tent. Great present for a future backpacker! :)  

  10. # Anonymous PreSchool Mama

    Love the tent pictures! She looks like she likes it in there! Great for her imagination.  

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