Easter in the Frozen Tundra

Easter is always a crazy holiday in our house. It starts with mass in the morning, followed by a trip to the hubs' aunt's house for brunch. Then we head home, where Isabella will take a nap, and I will make a lime trifle to bring to my grandma's house, where we'll go after Isabella wakes up, and have Easter dinner with 20 of my relatives.

It's supposed to be 30 degrees here today. Isabella's Easter dress is sleeveless. Do stores even sell Easter dresses with sleeves? I certainly haven't seen any if they do. I realize that in some parts of the world, it's a balmy 70 degrees on Easter Sunday, but I live in upstate New York, where it's not uncommon to have snow into late April.

This Easter cartoon made me laugh when my friend sent it to me earlier in the week.

We dyed Easter eggs with Isabella yesterday. She had fun and got extremely messy, which made me extremely nervous. I'm not yet one of those moms who can let loose and let their kids get filthy, and deal cheerfully with the aftermath later on. It is a goal of mine, and chilling the hell out is on my to-do list.

Can you see the 6-inch-deep tension lines in my forehead? Botox ain't gonna touch those babies.

At least my neurosis about messes didn't rub off on her. She was thoroughly dyed and dirty, and loved every minute of it.

8 Responses to “Easter in the Frozen Tundra”

  1. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    Can you believe that I forgot about coloring eggs?? Oh well, my kids haven't asked about it and I'm not going to offer!

    I decided to forgo Easter dresses this year and buy each of the kids a new shirt off the clearance rack. I can't stand this time of year in NY, and I'm becoming more and more upset with the retail industry and how they market bikinis in January. WTF?

    Have a great day!  

  2. # Blogger Tracey

    Hey, this is the first year since Justin was 3 that I remembered to boil and dye eggs, so you're doing great. And I'm more nervous about the egg dye and my home than their green and blue fingers. I remember when Justin was little... he had blue arms up to his elbows. Good times...  

  3. # Blogger My Wombinations

    Happy Easter!  

  4. # Blogger l

    Our weather wasn't much better to start with. It was pouring this morning and into early afternoon...not ideal for egg hunts. But now the sun's out...and I'm inside web surfing.  

  5. # Blogger Mom24

    Well, I felt like a complete idiot that my kids were dressed in the same old dress-up stuff they've been wearing to church all winter. I was determined I wasn't going to buy new spring-Easter outfits, with Easter being March 23, but when we got to church and I saw all the kids in their bonnets, and gloves and little matching purses, I felt like such a jerk!

    We still haven't dyed eggs, my kids are SO DEPRIVED. We're going to do them Monday night, and extend Easter.

    This is how anal I am--as I'm looking at your beautiful pictures, all I could think about was "I can't believe she's letting dye anywhere near that beautiful high chair!" It's really, really hard for me to let go and be messy too! Especially when unwashable dye is involved!  

  6. # Blogger Jesser

    Glad you had a lovely easter. I know what you mean about not being able to let go and let them get all messy ... we have carpet everywhere and the laundry just drives me nuts.  

  7. # Blogger Damselfly

    Pregnant and dyeing Easter eggs with a toddler. You are so brave.  

  8. # Blogger Shannon

    lol we didn't go there with dying easter eggs... but I got easter cookies she could decorate... she didn't eat the cookie... she ate the frosting... straight into her mouth... my parents were in town... so my mom washed her... I timed it hehehe...  

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