Are You Going To Finish Those?

In my non-pregnant life, I'm a pretty healthy eater. Now, by "healthy" I certainly don't mean that I consume salads comprised of endive leaves and baby spinach for lunch, disallow all foods containing refined sugar and white flour from crossing the threshold of my house, and measure my portions using a closed fist. No, if you're a longtime reader here, you know I am a super-picky eater and vegetables and I don't get along.

But in general, I tend to eschew crap food, and only eat it on a rare occasion. And on Fridays. All bets are off on Fridays.

And also, sometimes Saturday nights.

Moving on!

Since becoming pregnant, however, I have lost all my willpower and desire not to die from a massive heart attack at age 35. I am starving.


And before you you chuckle to yourself and think, "Well, of course she is! She's growing a person in her uterus. She's eating for two! Of course she's starving!" allow me to end the empathy right now. I am not snacking healthfully.

The other day I stopped at the store to buy milk (builds strong bones and teeth!) and whole wheat rolls (low in fat and high in fiber!). I also bought a sour cream donut and ate it in the car on the way home in approximately 60 seconds flat. WTF? My non-pregnant self, she who ran 25 miles a week, would never have done this in a million years. But when I passed the bakery section, someone else's hand (clearly, not my own) reached out, snagged the ring of trans fat, and put it in a bag.

Yesterday, I may or may not have eaten the remnants of my daughter's waffle off the floor of our dining room, even though I had just finished my own breakfast.

And then there's the pint of pistachio-pineapple frozen custard (not ice cream) from Abbott's (for those of you who wanted to know) I plowed my way through the night before my ultrasound.

Lest you think I am dining on snow cones and gummy bears for every meal, I will tell you that my main meals are fairly healthy. I'm consuming more dairy and fresh fruit than I normally do, and I'm making a concerted effort to add more protein to my diet as well. I need to eat more vegetables (or any vegetables), but disaster digestive side effects accompanied this endeavor when I was pregnant with Isabella.

I need to find a pregnancy diet I can adapt to fit my weird dietary quirks. I also need to eat healthier snacks. I'm more than open to suggestions.

Donut holes are way better for you than whole donuts, right?

16 Responses to “Are You Going To Finish Those?”

  1. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    When I was pregnant with Hannah and over the worst of my hyperemesis, I ate refried beans and nachos from Taco Bell ALL the time. I couldn't get enough. And when it wasn't Taco Bell, it was Kentucky Fried Chicken. LOL!

    With Jacob, I craved Jonamac apples with globs of peanut butter smeared on top. (and Russel Stovers boxed chocolates)

    With Bridget, that's when I finally craved fruits and vegetables - couldn't get enough! I also had a hard time gaining weight, so my midwife suggested making fruit smoothies with vanilla ice cream (maybe you could do the same, only using lowfat yogurt).  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    When I was pregnant with DD #1, we had ice cream every night...for the first 4 months! LOL. Our 7 year old thought being pregnant was the best thing ever. Enjoy this special time. I bet you won't gain that much and that you will take it right back off again after.  

  3. # Blogger Jesser

    Oh I soooo hear ya. I went from eating healthy leftovers with a salad at lunch every day to being repulsed by everything green. Cheetos (which would never usually enter my house) were my best friend. It was awful. I gained way too much, but I really didn't feel in control. Some of it was pregnancy anxiety and some of it was "oh screw it, I'm going to get fat anyway" and some was hormones and HUNGER.

    So umm... yea. Do I have advice? Hidden veggies were all I could do while pregnant. Casseroles where they were cleverly masked by carbs and cheese. You might also take a look at those sites where they tell you "what you're really craving" when you want something awful for you and what you can eat instead.

    But it's not like I practiced what I'm preaching!!  

  4. # Blogger MsPrufrock

    I subsisted on feta cheese (naughty), chips (US chips, not UK chips), and applesauce for at least three weeks when I was first pregnant. At about week 13 I suddenly craved fried foods in large quantities, which is most unlike me.

    It is hard to be good though, especially with the justification that goes on in pregnancy!  

  5. # Blogger shokufeh

    I ate a lot worse while pregnant too. MrMan apparently needed it. But I tried to balance with also eating a lot better. For afternoon snack, I often had plain yogurt with chopped fruit and nuts. A lot of fruit in general. Yes, it's sugar, but better than the Swedish Fish I also constantly craved.  

  6. # Blogger My Wombinations

    Oh, how I relate to this post. It is so hard to be "careful" when a.) You are starving and B.) You are about to put on a WHOLE lotta weight no matter what you do. For me, I have had to stop eating junk recently because I was putting on weight so fast it scared me (2 pounds a week). In pregnancy my metabolism slows to a crawl and everything pads my butt and thighs. So I am not going to be the one to say go for it, eat up, pregnancy is the time for bad eating. Because for me? It's not. On the other hand, you gained very little with Isabella so I am sure you are on better track than I have ever been. Try not to beat yourself up too much. It is normal to be starving a sour cream donut once in a while will not hurt you or the baby!  

  7. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    I don't exactly know what your veggie problems are, but we make pizzas (using the Pillsbury dough, not homemade or anything) and slap all types of veggies on them. Since they're on a pizza, it's not nearly as unappetizing, and they help make the pizza healthier, at least in my opinion.
    Hope this helps!  

  8. # Blogger l

    I like your math. Donut holes are certainly better for you than whole donuts. The thought of you eating Isabella's waffle off the dining room floor made me laugh!  

  9. # Blogger Damselfly

    Hee hee! Before Fly, I was all "healthy carbs, healthy fats." Pregnancy ended that regime, which is still in power today....

    Thanks for the Abbotts link!  

  10. # Blogger Thalia

    Don't have much to offer on the veggies front since I actually like them, except to say eat what you need to and try not to sweat it too much, the baby will suck what it needs from you, so it won't suffer. most important thing is to get calcium so that your bones and teeth don't suffer -the rule in my mother's day was that you lost a tooth for each pregnancy. Now there is a sobering thought. And you are skinny to start off with so good to try and avoid osteoporosis risks. Eat that cheese!

    but also wanted to say congrats on the scan. Great news.  

  11. # Blogger Shannon

    ugh that doughnut sounds good.. and I can never have one again... so just think of it as you are eatting one for Shannon hehehe...  

  12. # Anonymous Marie

    Do you like veggie pizza? Chester Cab's "veggie head" pizza is REALLY good.

    I was really into egg salad when I was pregnant (Fox's Deli makes an outstanding sandwich). And roasted chicken. I was a regular at Swiss Chalet at lunch time.

    You can add whey protein powder to cereal & things too...  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I know you say you're not a vedgie eater, but quit being stubborn and keep trying them! Gweneth Paltrow does an interesting thing to her vedgies for her vegan kids. She's vegan too if you don't already know. Anyway, she takes root vedgies (turnip, sweet potato, squash, all that stuff etc) and cuts into thick steak fry shapes, drizzles with salt pepper and olive oil, and roasts until tender and crisp on the outside. Then I think she rolls them in molassis and roasts again until the sugar in the molassis gets carmelized. You'll have to google this, or maybe look in people magazine to read the details. But I swear if you tried locally grown, fresh vedgies cooked in delish ways you'd GROW to enjoy them. Good luck.  

  14. # Blogger sher

    Oh yeah! Doughnut holes are way healthier for you. I think they're on the top of the USDA food pyramid.

    Listen, if you find out who that person is who follows you around in the grocery store and grabs doughnuts and forces you to eat, let me know. That bitch does the same thing to me!!!  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    A friend told me that one of the most common cravings in pregnant women is dirt! :) At least you aren't eating dirt yet! I'd recommend to any pregnant woman that despite your diet, you can always keep your health in check by taking all the daily vitamin and mineral supplements that are extremely beneficial to a healthy pregnancy. I'd recommend you read up on a site like this and make sure you're still keeping healthy despite what you're eating! :) Hope this helps some.  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Whoops! The link I meant to post above was :)  

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