The Unsexiest Woman Alive

I've never been a big Sarah Jessica Parker fan. While I loved her in Girls Just Want To Have Fun (with Helen Hunt, no less) in the 80s, I was much more interested in Miranda than Carrie in Sex and the City. For some reason, it's always been hard for me to separate her character's sometimes-grating personality on SATC with her real-life persona, so she's always seemed a bit precious and flighty to me.

That said, I must give the woman credit where credit is due. She's got incredible business savvy, a stable marriage (or so it seems), and a pretty cute kid.

She's also been named by Maxim as the Unsexiest Woman Alive.

I'm not going to reiterate what the bastion of quality journalism said about SJP here. It's sexist, and ugly, and degrading. But I believe their vile "Unsexiest" designation has a more subversive purpose than simply appealing to Maxim's base readership.

It sends the message to women (famous or not) that if you're not deemed beautiful, no matter how successful or intelligent you are, that's as bad an insult as you're ever going to get. Maxim's list (Sandra Oh and Madonna were also on it) was designed to knock down women with thriving careers and reduce them to a collection of body parts to pick apart for fun.

And what does a list like this say to us "average-looking" women? If someone as stylish and attractive as SJP is "ugly," then the rest of us might as well hand in our makeup bags and designer jeans. We're just never going to stack up to what society at large (or at least the editors at Maxim) deems beautiful.

As for me, I wouldn't mind looking as "unsexy" as Sarah Jessica Parker. She's a millionaire many times over, has a smokin' hot bod despite being over 40 and having given birth, hair I would kill for, and a hugely successful career. If that's "unsexy," sign me up now. I would also wager a bet that if a woman who looked like SJP showed an interest in the men who read Maxim, they would hardly go running in the opposite direction.

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  1. # Blogger My Wombinations

    great post! I am totally with you on this. I happen to love SJP (and disliked Miranda until she had her baby. She was too harsh or something). But I am still pretty horrified by Maxim's designation. Maxim has a very narrow view of what sexy is and I think the kind of man who reads it is either adolescent and so has the same ideas about women or is Tucker Max. Either way, they are childish and immature. Rather than get angry, I just kind of laugh at it and realize that the editors (and most readers) at Maxim probably watch Star Wars 40,000 times a year and still sleep in Spiderman boxers. A real woman would scare them to death.  

  2. # Blogger MsPrufrock

    I've been bothered by this for awhile, thanks for writing about it.

    Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this today before I even read your post:

    Interesting to note that though the women are allegedly getting theirs back by coming up with a list of their own, the list is not based on physical appearance but rather personality. Haha. Of course. Women judge a list of men as unsexy due to actions and personality traits, whereas women are judged as unsexy strictly on appearance. What a turn of events!  

  3. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    I have a feeling my A-cup bra size would automatically win me a spot on the list.

    What a crock of shite!  

  4. # Blogger Mom24

    My DH has always thought she was incredibly sexy. He doesn't push that in my face or anything, it's just one of those...who do you think is hot? conversations. I was sad when that article came out--that's not true, we never would have seen it. I was sad when that article's viciousness was spread all over all the media outlits. Taking something that I'm sure was hurtful to begin with to a whole new level. It was stupid, and juvenille, and complete fiction. I agree, I would take her body in a minute!  

  5. # Blogger Tracey

    You know, I can't believe, no matter how often people do this, that human beings can be so mean to each other. Have the authors nothing better to write about? Is there no new gorgeous girl who has just turned 18 and is finally legal to write about that they can't devote their dubious writing skills towards? Do men REALLY want to read about women that other men have deemed "unsexy?" Is that a big seller? Come ON. It's just written to cause controversy and hurt people.  

  6. # Blogger Shannon

    I hate that mag... may it burn in hell!!  

  7. # Blogger l

    AMEN, sister! I'm so sick of men declaring which women are sexy via "articles" like this one or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I'm also sick of the fact that women ALWAYS feel the pressure to maintain their appearance and looks, but the men in all of these beautiful women's lives? Not so much. Look around. Whenever you go out, how obvious is it that the woman has put some care into her appearance but it's acceptable for her male companion to go out looking like a schlep? I don't think this kind of judgement is ok, but if you're going to pass it, you better walk the talk yourself!  

  8. # Blogger Binulatti

    I simply don't know how SJP will live with herself, being thumbs downed by the horny, 18-22 year old post-pubescant, American male zeitgeist who are too milquetoast to buy proper porn! Career-ruining, Surely.


  9. # Blogger Ramona

    Thanks for posting about this, it surprised me too when I heard about it. It's mean, degrading, and stupid.
    And people who laugh at that crap, are also mean, degrading and stupid.  

  10. # Blogger Jesser

    I really wish we could move beyond classifying women only by looks. It's really sad that fully grown men (who run a magazine, no less) think they have the right to propogate this sexist crap. I don't know any guy that I respect who subscribes to Maxim (actually I don't think I know anyone period who subscribes to it), but at least that's a good sign. Still ... 2008 and this crap still goes on.  

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