Luci and Nicholas at 15 Months

Luci and Nicholas turned 15 months old on Friday.
There are several new developments that have occurred over the last month.
Nicholas' language has really exploded. He says a whole bunch of new words beginning with the letter "C": "cup" and "car," are as clear as a bell. He also says, "clock" (which, in case you're wondering, does not sound like "clock," but instead like something a whole lot dirtier). And when the telephone rings now, he'll call out "ta-pon!" Luci still has her stand-by words: mama, ba (ball), uh-oh, bye-bye, hi, dada, Mum-Mum, that, and baby, and hasn't seemed to add to the repertoire too much this month.
A few weeks ago, on January 3rd, I watched as Luci took her first steps on her own. She is much more interested in walking than Nico, and can pull herself up and stand independently for about 30 seconds before sitting down. She hasn't taken any steps on her own since those first couple, but we're working on it. Just today, Nicholas took a few independant steps as well.

Both babies are obsessed with climbing the stairs, and would do so all day long if we let them. They are cruising machines, and both love walking with their walkers. I'm guessing that within the next two months, both will be walking independently.

And now, on to Teeth Watch 2010.

Nicholas seemingly has a new tooth breaking the gumline each morning. He has 2.5 on the bottom, and four coming in on the top. As a result of this (I think), he is a whiny, crying mess of despair almost 24/7. He is also biting. A lot. He's bitten me more times than I can count. He's sunk his choppers into Isabella's chest and leg. And he's finally realized that he has a mouthful of WMDs in his mouth, should he tire of Luci's beatdowns.

Luci? Has none. At 15 months.
Apparently, I like to make toothless little girls. Luci has less than two weeks to go to break Isabella's record of 15.5 months of toothlessness. Can she do it? Yes.She.Can!

Both babies' sleep is horrendous. I would have thought that with three kids, the odds were in my favor that one of them would be a good daytime napper. Apparently, I've done a whole lot to anger the Big Man Upstairs.
Neither baby seems to want to nap for very long. Most days one or both of them is up after a scant 1.5-hour or less nap. This, of course, means I am getting very little break from them, and that all my work must be done at night, which is not good. No matter what their day is like: rising early (before 7am) or late (after 8am), they are still napping terribly, even when I've tried putting them down for their nap a little later or a little earlier. I'm finding that my overall happiness is in direct proportion to how well they've slept on any given day. And of course, Luci is still up screaming in the middle of the night 3-4 times a week, and is often a raging, thrashing, screaming harpie when I attempt to put her down for a nap and for the night. All of you with these mellow, placid, awesome-sleeping 2nd babies that I keep hearing about- I am frothing at the mouth with pure, untempered, and highly unattractive jealousy.

I'm often struck by the thought that my babies are not aging. I don't mean in terms of size, because Nicholas is certainly heftier and looks much fuller than he did a few months ago, while Luci is still very small. But it just seems like I still have two "babies" and not two toddlers, which at 15 months, they really are. Of course, they're not exactly "toddling" yet, but their crying, screaming, and overall behavior just seems so babylike. They look and act like babies most of the time. They aren't walking yet, which may be part of it, but in re-reading my blog posts of how Isabella was acting at the same age, she just seemed so much...easier. And yes, I know they were premature and as a result are really more like 13 months than 15 months, but I'm ready for less crying. I'm ready for less round-the-clock neediness. I'm ready for more independence. I'm ready to sleep through the night again.

Come on, kids. Cut mama a little slack. Trust me, we'll all be happier in the longrun.


Likes: Giving kisses, sibling domination

Dislikes: Diaper changes and food groups that don't contain bread


Likes: The feeling of pliant flesh beneath his teeth, vast quantities of food

Dislikes: Cutting the cord

15-Month Stats


Weight: 18 pounds, 10.5 oz (She's finally on the charts! 5th percentile, but she's still on it!)

Length: 27 1/2 inches (less than 5th percentile)

Head Circumference: 45 1/2 cm (45th percentile)


Weight: 20 pounds, 5 1/2 oz (He's on the charts-5th percentile-too!)

Length: 28 1/2 inches (less than 5th percentile)

Head Circumference: 49 cm (90th percentile)

9 Responses to “Luci and Nicholas at 15 Months”

  1. # Blogger Jesser

    OMG. The CUTENESS. I know you don't want more, but you guys are good at it. I love Nico for a nickname too. We use "Benji" sometimes and get reactions somewhere between "that's a dog's name" and "how cute!"

    I seriously think the Big Man should've done something a bit better for teeth acquisition than "teething." Seriously ... cut the moms some SLACK.

    It's fun hearing about your twins. They always say girls are more verbal and I've seen it in play a lot, honestly, but Ben seems to be every bit as verbal as Tabby and it's nice. I like chatty ... chatty=communication. I'm not sure if you see it, but your posts seem to feel like things are getting easier. I hope that's indeed the case.  

  2. # Blogger Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy)

    Oh, my friend, my dear mom of multiples friend ... hang in there. I hear you (boy, do I hear you!) on the non-napping, the no teeth and constant teething, the no breaks and the needing to do your work at night ... and even the non-aging issue. You have so described my life when Betty and Boo were 15 months.

    Hang in there. I can't say it enough. You are doing a wonderful job, you are a wonderful mother (even though you may not feel that most days). (((hugs))) to you.  

  3. # Blogger Mom24

    Ugh, they seriously need to start sleeping soon. It's against the Geneva convention or something. :)

    Hope this is the month.

    Good thing they're so stinkin' cute!  

  4. # Blogger Shannon

    lol... Annabelle is just killing Luci lol... got 3 teeth... now working on those front 4... and she will stand while holding your hands and if you stand with her... she will take steps... so you breed toothless girls... i breed babies that sleep but are active from the start... i think she will be walking by 6ms... oh yeah Annabelle won't nurse now because of her gums are so red and puffy... then again it might help if my nipples weren't the size of a school bus lol... bottle nipples way smaller lol... so i think our kids hate us lol... evil in small packages lol...  

  5. # Blogger JM

    Yeowch, you have my sympathy on the biting. Mason is just now realizing his teeth are tools and oy my poor boobs. I can't believe how quickly your kiddos are growing!  

  6. # Blogger Sunny

    I have nothing intelligent to say about the aging/crying/sleeping stuff, but I can with utter certainty that those kiddos are absolutely adorable.  

  7. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    They sure are cute! Little Elvis didn't sleep through the night until he was more than a year old. Baby Plum looks to be headed in the same direction. People have been asking since he was 1 month old if he slept through the night, and telling me how there's slept through the night at 3-5 weeks. Makes me so frustrated.  

  8. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    "I'm finding that my overall happiness is in direct proportion to how well they've slept on any given day." Ain't it the truth, my friend.

    I'm so impressed that Luci is walking! Yay! And they're both growing and getting bigger.  

  9. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    Girl, i am PRAYING that they sleep for you soon. Time to cut that crap out, twins. Mom needs some SLEEP.  

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