Boy Versus Scissors

Before I ended up giving my son even more of a complex about his mangy hair than he already had developed (I mean, the poor boy had taken to hiding his hair under a bucket when company came over), I figured I better take him for a haircut.

I contemplated letting Isabella loose on his straggly mess of hair with her safety scissors, since she's all about the cutting these days, but I figured Nicholas might want to enjoy the gift of sight for just a few years more.

Nicholas was encouraging me to simply cut the hair around his strategically placed snack bowl. I thought about that option for awhile too.

In the end, I took him here, which is where I've taken Isabella for her cuts for the last year.

I had high hopes he would be lulled into an Elmo-induced, zen-like state (the shop plays videos for kids to watch while having their hair cut), and let the stylist quickly cut his hair.

I was quickly brought back to reality as soon as Nicholas' diapered tush hit the Bumbo seat. This is my "spirited," sound-barrier-breaking son we're talking about here.

Dear God, the water! Is Horrible!

I will get you for this, woman.

Removing the cape has not abated my hate.

I'm secretly enjoying this, but have affected an expression of stony solidarity for my brother in the chair.

Stay away from me, Scissorhands.

In the end, Nicholas' hair came out quite cute, and no one lost an eye or a finger in the process. Of course, I'm going to have to start cutting his hair at home now since we've been banned from the salon (who knew screams could actually break glass. I swear this was an urban legend I saw on Snopes), but other than that, I'd call the trip a complete success.

14 Responses to “Boy Versus Scissors”

  1. # Blogger Stephanie

    FUNNY! That is HILARIOUS! The pictures and captions had me rollin'. Awesome post, mama!  

  2. # Blogger Melissa

    I love your picture posts! Hilarious! Nicholas looks so handsome. :-)  

  3. # Blogger Marie


  4. # Anonymous NessWorld Magazine

    Your captions had me in stitches!

    We have a similar salon here, it's Barney that lulls my little dude, he actually survived his first hair cut better than I thought. Sat there with his bottom lip out, and tears just brimming. Boy did I feel like a BAD mommy!!  

  5. # Blogger Mom24

    Too cute. Glad all survived. Hope he can wait a while before his next one.  

  6. # Blogger Cape Cod Kitty

    LOL....I love this post! Those two have the best expressions.
    Most certainly your sense of humor is preserving your sanity.  

  7. # Blogger In Due Time

    Bwahahaha. Poor Nicholas.  

  8. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    Oh my gosh! This had me cracking up. Your kids' expressions were priceless. He looks handsome!  

  9. # Blogger Veronica

    My nephew also screams like a banshee when they cut his hair. I don't know when it gets better. I tell him that it's not going to hurt.

    I love the pictures and captions!  

  10. # Blogger Sunny

    Hilarious!!! I love the pictures and captions, it's too much!!!

    My son was actually okay for his first haircut, but he's getting worse every time we go. Last time he flailed and screamed so much that the woman accidentally shaved a little bald spot in the back. Faaaabulous.  

  11. # Blogger Nonnie

    The caption under Luci's picture has me rolling!  

  12. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    Very cute haircut! Looks like a little man. Those photos make me so thankful for bald until they're 2 (at least I hope so in Baby Plum's case) babies.  

  13. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Now he can see, and the trauma's forgotten. Um, mostly. Right? Right?

    What a cutie.  

  14. # Blogger Shannon

    omg i just snorted and woke up Annabelle lol... omg tooo freaking funny!  

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