Enigmatic No More

Thanks so much for all the blogaversary wishes on Tuesday. You like me! You really like me! And some of you delurked and said hi. That? Was awesome. Thank you. Also-hi! Comment again. I won't bite, I swear.

BUT-did you miss the part in my post where I threw out the opportunity to ask me anything you wanted? In past years, I've received lots of really interesting questions. If I had 48 hours to myself, what would I do? How many serious relationships did I have prior to marrying my husband? What was my most embarrassing moment? But this year? Just one, from the lovely Meredith of Pregnantly Plump.

From this I'm gathering that either I'm laying myself a bit too bare on this blog and you all know everything you care to know about me, or you simply overlooked that portion of the post.

So, last chance. Leave your questions in the comments section. If none appear, I'll slink back into my hole of despair to examine where I went so very wrong in writing this blog.

And apropos of nothing I've just written: Check out my most recent article on Root & Sprout: 7 Tips for Dining Out with Preschoolers.

8 Responses to “Enigmatic No More”

  1. # Blogger Simply-Mel

    Do you believe in the idea of being a 'natural mother'? Are some moms natural mothers while others have to 'work at it'? I have been mulling this stereotype after a friend wrote an interesting piece on it a few days ago....read it and let us know what you think.

    See post Fri July 3rd entitled Nothing Natural About it.
    (I dunno how to link it sorry!)  

  2. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    I have a question for you, and this is one I entertain myself sometimes. If there was one thing that you could do that would be totally out of your comfort zone, what would it be? For me, I'd love to be a Broadway star. Despite the fact I can't dance or act, and I can sing only slightly better, it just looks like so much fun. :-)

    Oh yes - and Happy (belated) Anniversary!!  

  3. # Anonymous Ness @ Drovers Run

    If someone told you, you HAD to go back to school, and get a degree (yes another one) what would you study? (it has to be something other than what you've already done).  

  4. # Blogger Mom24

    Sorry. I guess this serious case of non-inspiration made me think this question was too stupid to ask, but here's the one that popped in to my head. Where do you see your life in 5-6 years when Isabella and the twins are in school? What would you like that life to look like?  

  5. # Blogger Sasha

    What is one big regret you have?  

  6. # Blogger Jamie

    What are the keys to surviving the first year with twins and a toddler?  

  7. # Anonymous Lisanne

    I still have one of *your* questions to answer on my blog! haha :) I've been thinking of a question to ask you. Hmm ... let's see.

    1] What does it *really* feel like to carry twins inside your body? Do you feel double the movement? Could you ever feel them move separately?Or does it feel pretty much like having just one in there? I know you've talked before about what it was like to be pregnant with twins, but I am just wondering how it *feels*, you know?

    2] When the kids are in school, and you finally have most of the entire day to yourself, what will you do? Any plans/projects?

    3] Any tips for cleaning house? Seriously, it is *so* hard to keep the house clean with two children running around. How do you do it?  

  8. # Anonymous Jenny

    If you could have 24 hours to do anything you wanted to, what would it be?  

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