Isabella at 34 Months

Isabella turned 34 months yesterday. Only two more months until my baby turns 3.

My daughter has always been a curious girl, but this past month, I've noticed her amping up her questions. She's constantly questioning one thing or the other: "What's that building over there?" "Is this the way to grandma's house?", "Why is the sky dark?", and a few days ago, one that I am just not equipped to properly answer for an almost-three-year-old, "Where is heaven?". Every Father's Day, we go to the cemetery to visit the graves of our grandfathers. Isabella has gone each year, but this is the first year we've had to explain a little about where we were headed. I gave her a very basic explanation: "A cemetery is where we go to remember our family members who are in heaven" (Isabella has heard my grandma mention "heaven" before as an explanation for where her papa is). Fortunately, my half-assed response, "Heaven is in the sky!" seemed to cut it-for this year, anyway.

The barrage of questions is endearing...for the first 10 or so. After that, it becomes exhausting, especially when I'm in the car with her and cannot escape. My suspicions are that her constant line of questioning will only increase in frequency and number as she ages.

She continues to love books, and especially her post-bedtime reading ritual. That said, it's spawned some peculiar habits. Isabella will now call for me after she has been tucked in for the night. Once I enter her room, she'll tell me to take certain books out of her room, or the covers of certain books out of her room (a little friend showed her how to remove them a few weeks ago). Or she'll ask me to put books back on her bookshelf, or bring her a certain book so she could read it. While I don't mind acting as my 2.5-year-old's personal librarian during the day, I am more than ready for her bedtime when it arrives. Don't call me once I've kissed you goodnight, kid. Mama's got drinking (I mean, writing) to do.

Isabella is not what I would call an adventurous kid. She's pretty hesitant to try new or potentially scary things, and always has been. But this past month, I've noticed her growing more brave. She would never think of jumping off the play mats in her weekly gym class before, but now she does so with ease.

And she is a jumping machine. She loves pretending to be a frog or a rabbit. The twins get a big kick out of her antics.

Isabella continues to love having the babies in her bed. She asks for them to visit her in bed in the mornings or after her nap, and when I can, I like to oblige her, since it's so damn cute.
This has also been the month of weird fear development. She now fears the vaccuum (when it's never bothered her before), she shows a strange shyness when some relatives come to visit, even though she has seen these relatives at least once a week since the day she was born, and (as we learned the other day when she fell and skinned both her knees), she's also afraid of Bandaids.

She's loving the warm weather, and would spend every second outside if we let her. Blowing bubbles (especially with the plastic bubble gadgets her relatives keep buying her), riding her caterpillar (a gift for her second birthday from Aunt Karrie), and digging in her sandbox are her most favorite activities these days.

Current Likes: Dunkin Donut's Munchkins, ice cubes, Toot and Puddle books
Current Dislikes: Keeping the covers on her books and the wrappers on her crayons


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9 Responses to “Isabella at 34 Months”

  1. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    She's certainly growing up! Three just seems so much bigger than two, eh?

    I once met a child who would scream at the sight of Band-Aids. I could never figure out why he was afraid of them. I have to hide them, otherwise Bridget will open every single one and stick them to walls and doors. LOL!

    Cute pictures, as always!  

  2. # Anonymous Ness @ Drovers Run

    That photo of her and Luci is so precious, Luci might be one of a twin, but her big sis is going to play a HUGE role in her life I'm guessing!  

  3. # Blogger My Wombinations

    Adorable! I can't believe she is such a big girl.  

  4. # Blogger Mom24

    She is just too cute. I can't believe she'll be three soon. She's really growing up.

    If I were her, I'd hang on to that fear of vacuums. It could work for her. :-)

    DD Munchkins? I'm with her.  

  5. # Blogger In Due Time

    She's growing to be such a little lady. :-)

    OoO I hate when A tears the wrappers off the crayons!!! lol A likes bandaids though LOL Give her a box, and she'll give you a million bucks!  

  6. # Blogger Jesser

    She is such a doll! Great photos of her. z  

  7. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Aw! Isabella is growing up! It's so cute how she likes the babies in bed with her.

    My boy has always hated bandages. I have to use the liquid kind....  

  8. # Blogger Jeni

    Fear of band aids, that's a good one. My big boy is currently afraid of fuzzies, like the little bits of lint that float through the air from cottonwood trees. Btw, love the new header :)  

  9. # Blogger MsPrufrock

    Wait - my child isn't the only one who takes her covers off her books? THANK GOD! P is obsessive about taking them off. She can't possibly leave them on, or else very bad things would happen. I've asked her to leave them on, but she insists that she can't.

    Crazy little things...  

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