32 Weeks. Six Weeks, 5 Days to Go

Yesterday I had my 32 weeks doctor appointment. I'm measuring on track. Beastie's heartbeat was thumping away in the 140 bpm range. No weight gain in the past two weeks, which I find surprising given the amount of food I've been shoveling down, so I'm holding steady at 14 pounds gained. Blood pressure was fine as well. It's truly bizarre to me that it took two plus years, extreme medical intervention, and a king's ransom to get me pregnant, and now I seem to be having a most routine, normal pregnancy (knock on wood). Hey, it's almost like I got knocked up the old fashioned way!

I asked a number of questions about my upcoming c-section. The surgery will be scheduled sometime in the morning of 8/22, unless there's an emergency. I'll have to stay 3-4 days in the hospital. And I was relieved to learn that Beastie will be right with me in recovery, so I can hold him/her and breastfeed right away, which is really important to me. I was afraid that I'd be lying in some clinical room somewhere for hours on end, with no Beastie in sight, until the nursing staff saw fit to release me to my room.

My sister is flying in on the morning of 8/22, and has tasked me with the minor job of refusing to allow the doctor to make so much as a nick in my skin before she arrives around 8:30am. Of course, there will likely be a ticket machine outside of my hospital room door with the massive influx of family members I anticipate being in attendance on that day. And I fully expect my grandma to seize hold of the Beastie and make a break for the nearest hospital exit.

In the baby gear setup department, we now have the bassinette and swing all set up and ready to go. The bassinette is in our bedroom, which is a pretty amazing thing to see. We hung the wall decorations and diaper storage bag in the nursery. And this coming Sunday is my shower. I'm so excited because one of my friends whom I haven't seen since she was in my wedding five years ago is flying in from Miami to attend! Hi Veronica!

6 weeks, 5 days to go until Beastie's birthday.

And tomorrow is a very special day here at Interrupted Wanderlust. So grab a lamp shade and your favorite adult beverage, and stop back here on Friday.

10 Responses to “32 Weeks. Six Weeks, 5 Days to Go”

  1. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Can it be that you've only got 6 weeks to go?!?!?!
    Where has the time gone?
    Glad to hear that everything is normal...normal pregnancy sounds like a good thing to me!  

  2. # Blogger Christine

    Wow. Time flies. I can't believe it, only six weeks!

    I expect many, many Beastie pics.

    And am also curious about Friday festivities. Adult beverage? check!  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Hooray Hooray!! Smiles & more smiles!

    So the family will be watching the C ? They are brave! I almost thought my hubby wasn't going to be in there for mine. At least he didn't land on the floor, as he'd feared.

    Looking forward to your shower on Sunday, Kristi! Hey, it'll be nice to see you, Veronica!!  

  4. # Blogger Hopeful Mother

    I'm so glad that you have had a normal pregnancy thus far. Us IFers deserve something to be normal in this process!

    Six weeks - WOW. I can't wait for Beastie to be born, and to see photos!  

  5. # Anonymous sher

    I'm amazed too---it's all going so fast! And how marvelous that everything is going along so well. I'm very excited, I must say. Hmm, can't wait to see what is going to happen on Friday. I'll be there with bated breath.  

  6. # Blogger l

    I hope Beastie isn't as bossy as your sister.  

  7. # Blogger Binulatti

    I'm gonna send some Friends of Ours over to have a little Conversation with that there doctor. I'm not worried. I'll see you pre-C, capisce?

    Adult beverage, I get. Hi, Friday! But a lampshade? Hmmm.  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    Ramona-I know. Time is flying now, and in the beginning it was just dragging.

    Christine-Many, many Beastie pics you shall have!

    Marie-the family will definitely not be watching the c-section, but I anticipate many of them being there waiting while it happens. And I fear Rich will pass out cold in the OR. He gets a quesy tummy. ;)

    Hopeful- yup. Definitely!

    Sher-Time is flying for sure. I'll be 33 weeks already on Sunday.

    L-Me too! ;)

    Karrie-I hope so. :)  

  9. # Blogger Amy

    Hey girl - I'm a RN who does L&D. let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to help. Congrats! Amy  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous
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