A Preview of What's to Come...Minus the Beaks

Rich and I have been bird-stalking. Inside our pool area (we have a small in-ground pool, into which I will not set foot until it reaches 80 degrees, in case you're wondering), on the side of the garage, on top of the light fixture that illuminates the pool at night, sits a robin's nest. We've been sitting in the pool area at night, watching the mother sit on her nest for a few weeks now.

And last night, our patience was rewarded. We were sitting outside talking, me reading Dr. Sears' The Baby Book (according to which I should be "wearing" Beastie...in a sling, sleeping with him/her, and picking up Beastie whenever he/she should cry, because babies don't cry to manipulate, but because they have a need that needs to be met...all of which I'm down with, except the "co-sleeping" bit, because there's no way I'm sleeping with my kid), and Rich listening to me read the "dad" parts aloud, when we noticed the robin twitch abruptly on her nest, and stare down into it for quite awhile. Then she flew away.

I ran for my camera (or waddled quickly, as the case may be), Rich carefully placed a ladder near the nest, climbed it, and snapped a picture of the days, maybe hours-old, baby robins, their eyes not even open yet. Then we quickly took down the ladder, and returned to our viewing spot, a safe distance away from the nest.

And we spent the next half hour watching the mother fly back and forth to feed the babies, their little necks cranning above the rim of the nest each time she returned with food.

Watching nature at work like this gets me every time.

10 Responses to “A Preview of What's to Come...Minus the Beaks”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Excellent!!! Wow... that's an incredible picture!

    I've never read that book, though my sister claims that I'm into containment parenting, rather than attachment parenting. Works for me! But seriously, we did a lot of baby holding/wearing here. The Bjorn was hub's second skin!  

  2. # Blogger annelynn

    Awww... babies! I love that photo - little pink and grey nubs of life! They grow so fast.

    Here's hoping you're staying as cool and comfortable as you can, given this rather icky, muggy weather we're having.  

  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Wow! That photo is absolutely incredible! Nature truly is amazing. Glad you captured the moment.  

  4. # Anonymous clare eats

    Great photo!!
    I have no idea about parenting methods yet though....  

  5. # Blogger Hopeful Mother

    Those photos are great! I love those nature stories.

    We had a bird build a nest in our bougainvillea on our arbor - but I think we scared it away since I kept looking at the nest. A few weeks later, I went back and just saw four solitary eggs. No babies. I was sad, but we removed the nest from the vine.

    Hope springs eternal - Now there is a new nest in there - just built this weekend - so hopefully she won't be scared off with this one. I'm planning to leave it alone!

    Hope you are feeling well!  

  6. # Blogger Beagle

    So sweet!  

  7. # Blogger Binulatti

    Aww! Careful not to get too close or the momma might smell ya, and abandon the babies. I don't think that's a preview of what's to come for you, however.  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-LOL. Containment parenting! And we registered for a Bjorn, so hopefully Rich will like it as much as Chris did.

    Annelyn-I know! If the humidity would just go away, I'd be fine.

    Ramona and Clare and Beagle-Thanks! I love it too.

    Hopeful Mother and Karrie-I'm trying to keep my curiosity at bay for a few more days before I spy (carefully) into the nest again, because I don't want to scare mom away from the babies.  

  9. # Blogger l

    Oh, how cool! Isn't nature something? Great pics! And funny visual of you waddling to get your camera. :)  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous
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