Pregnancy is a Strange (Sometimes Uncomfortable) World

Lately, I've been craving (and therefore devouring) peanut butter like you wouldn't believe. I suppose I can justify peanut butter as a semi-healthy food, although it's high in fat. I do buy the reduced fat variety most of the time, but I had some of the regular chunky variety leftover from peanut butter cookies I made a few weeks ago, and I've been mowing my way through that as well. But I do spread it all over wheat or multigrain bread, making it a healthy snack, according to my "What to Expect..." book. So, it's not all that bad, right? Oh, and I've also been eating my way through the occasional bag of Doritos. Do Doritos come in a reduced fat variety?

Sleeping is becoming a bit of a challenge. I have two body pillows that for about a month now I've placed on either side of "my side" of the bed. Then I climb in the middle. To conjure up the visual image, picture a hot dog in a bun. A very plump hot dog. Or perhhaps a sausage. Anyway, I'm a total back sleeper, and back-sleeping is a big no-no while pregnant, as it can cut off the blood flow to the placenta. Who knew? So, my sleeping positions are confined to hugging the body pillow on my right, or doing the same to the one on my left. Technically, you're supposed to "rest" your belly on the pillows while sleeping, but while it is currently large and in-charge, it's still not big enough to fit on top of the pillows.

And the bending over. Oh, the bending over. While sitting in my cube at work, I have been known to let the occasional Kleenex or food wrapper that didn't quite make it into the garbage (despite my throwing prowess) lay where they land on the floor for awhile. And visitors to my cube stare at them. And at me. I know. I am lazy. And probably slightly gross.

I feel like I am getting bigger by the day now. Honestly. My belly is now an accessory, something I'm conscious of at all times, and I believe I am somewhere in the neighborhood of 72 hours before I can officially balance a plate on it and use it as a table. This may actually work out in my favor. I haven't quite decided on that one yet.

This weekend we're driving to CT for my cousin's high school graduation party. We're driving my grandma and one of my aunts. Leaving tomorrow, and returning Sunday. I told my doctor and asked her if there were any special precautions I needed to take, and she said we had to stop every 2-3 hours and that I was to get out and walk around for 10-20 minutes to avoid blood clots. I figure that will put us in CT somewhere around next Thursday.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

9 Responses to “Pregnancy is a Strange (Sometimes Uncomfortable) World”

  1. # Blogger Christine

    I'm sorry you're a bit uncomfortable now, BUT am still overjoyed for you because it is part of it all...and was waiting with baited breath for when you spoke of devouring things like a mad woman or of feeling "huge," because it means you're almost there!  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    There are "baked" Doritoes that are much lower in fat but trust me, they're simply not the same! I know because Doritoes are one of my secret naughty foods I occassionally indulge in. Love them! Especially the Pepper Jack flavor. Stick with the regular, I say.  

  3. # Anonymous clare eats


    Get some nice "natural" (to make sure there are no trans fats) peanut butter and put it on apple slices or celery too :)

    If you can sit on a pillow to try and reduce the angle at your hips that will help too as the big, huge, massive!! (:) ) belly can put pressure on your femoral artery, erhaps put the seat back, back alittle??

    And just make sure to wiggle your toes and contract the muscles in your feet then calves then thighs *repeat* and that will help to keep the blood flowing :)

    oh and btw HAVE A GREAT TRIP!  

  4. # Blogger l

    I can only imagine the sleeping position trauma. I'm with Shannon on the Doritos - stick with the regular ones. The baked ones are too thin so they don't have that same gratifying **CRUNCH**!  

  5. # Blogger Marie

    Mmm. Doritoes! It's been ages...

    PB is a good thing! Protein!

    I hate to mention it, but the discomfort will get worse before it gets better! Those body pillows are the best! I borrowed one for my pregnancy and actually miss it now! I used to sleep on my back by propping up one side with a pillow (under one cheek). I read & my doctor told me that I could do that to avoid the back-sleeping problem.

    Have fun this weekend!  

  6. # Anonymous Jenny

    Well I say try the baked Doritos. I like em! They're noticeably different from the real ones but still tasty in my opinion.

    Yay for big pregnant belly! Easy for me to say. It's not on me. The due date will be here before you know it. Hope the new king size bed helps the sleeping!

    Don't worry about the extra travel time. I'll keep an eye on the kitties until you're back. :)  

  7. # Blogger kenju

    Maybe you should get one of those Mooshi pillows to rest your belly on. I have one I bought at Target and it has rapidly become a "Linus blanket" for me in bed. The microbeads in it conform to the shape of your body and it provides good, but not pressured support.  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    Christine-For all my gripig, I am thrilled at every last ache and pain for the same reason you are...and because I feel so lucky to even be in the position to complain in the first place.

    Shannon-Hmm... I've never seen baked Doritos. I'll have to try them out, but apparently the regular variety are way better.

    Clare-You know, I've tried to like natural peanut butter, and I don't know if it was the variety I tried or what, but I didn't like the consistency. Too dry, and all the oil on the top freaked me out. LOL. I'm going to try that pillow sitting thing-anything to help!

    L-Regular variety it is!

    Marie-Huh. I'm going to try this too! Anything to be able to sleep on my back again!

    Jenny-You're the sole vote for the baked Doritos. I think I need to do the taste test.

    Kenju-I saw those too, and I almost got one. Except at the time we had a queen size bed, and I thought it would be too big.  

  9. # Blogger Shara

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