Good Riddance, Star

I don't often write about pop culture on this blog, but let me tell you, I follow it voraciously. Now, I didn't line up at my local grocery store on the morning the People magazine featuring pictures of Brangelina's offspring hit the stands or anything, but I do read entertainment websites, and I like to stay current with what the undernourished and overly tanned of our Hollywood society is up to.

So, it was with great pleasure that I read that Star Jones is officially leaving The View, next month, I believe.

It's no secret that I am as far a left-leaning liberal as one can get. And if you've ever seen The View, you know that Star Jones is...not. In fact, she's likely my polar opposite. But The View is a decent show because it offers multiple view points on hot topics, and not just one (Faux News, I'm looking at you). So that's not why I'm glad Star is leaving.

Here's a little background about her departure. Essentially, Star is leaving because Rosie O'Donnell is joining The View in September. And Rosie has nailed Miss Star publically a number of times on a certain little falsehood. Star has stated on The View, in newspapers, and in magazines that she lost weight from dieting and exercise, when in fact, she underwent gastric bypass surgery to shrink her stomach to the size of the nail on my big toe. Rosie believes Star should be upfront about her weightloss secret, instead of trying to pretend that hard work, willpower, and a good personal trainer whipped her into shape. Star is either afraid of being publically called out on the air by Rosie, or just doesn't want to deal with her on a daily basis. So she's quitting the show.

I have to agree with Rosie on this one. As anyone who has ever lost weight knows, it's no picnic (literally). It's hard work. You can't eat the cake you want to scarf down in mass quantities, as if it's the last meal you'll ever eat. You can't slack on the exercise to get an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Losing weight and keeping it off becomes a lifestlye change that most people have to WORK for. And to pretend you've gone through this incredibly hard process and that you can relate to what millions of people go through who are doing the same when you have not is intellectually dishonest. You don't get the yellow jersey unless you've won the race.

In my opinion, all Star needed to do was come on The View and say, "Look. I've dieted and exercised for years, and nothing worked. So I decided to have a gastric bypass. And now I have to watch what I eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle." What's the shame in admitting this? And good for Rosie, who has struggled with her weight her whole life, for calling out Star.

So, what do you think? Is Star a coward for leaving? Are you as glad to see her go as I am? Or do you think that keeping her weight loss success a secret is her prerogative?

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  1. # Blogger Marie

    I wonder if there's more to it than meets the eye... I have actually never watched The View, so I don't even know Star! I know. Shocking.

    But Rosie's always bugged me. I use to catch snippets of her show, and I thought she seemed so infantile -- like she was frozen in time at 10th grade or something. Maybe that was part of her schtick, to come across as a fun-loving kid. To me it just comes across as ICK.  

  2. # Blogger annelynn

    I haven't had television for... 3 years or so, so I haven't really kept up with this news item. However, I certainly think the right thing to do would be to admit to the surgery.

    Rosie's always rubbed me the wrong way, too. I can't really put my finger on why. Maybe a touch of what Marie said.

    On another topic - the farm where I volunteer is the Catskill Animal Sanctuary - we're in Saugerties. Farm Sanctuary (our mentors) are still in Watkins Glen. We're actually kind of mentoring an even smaller farm sanctuary in Woodstock. So... when you're ready for a tour (maybe next summer with the Beastie?), it'll be in Saugerties. I'd be honored to meet your family!  

  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Both Star and Rosie bug me. But, at least Rosie is honest about who she is and how she lives her life.
    Star's opinions have often stopped me dead in my tracks because of her narrowmindedness. In fact, most times, I'll change the channel when the show is on.
    And, you're right...if she had gastric bypass, what's the big deal? Mind you...personally, I think she's now lost SO much weight that she looks ill. She's suffering from the same thing Nicloe Richie on a toothpick syndrome.  

  4. # Blogger Christine

    I've never been a fan of the View (not that I've watched in years) because all the women on there rubbed me the wrong way. Rosie always felt false to me too. So maybe I'm just not a fan of the talk show format. (Although I do have a warm spot in my heart for Ellen and her dancing during the opening.)...

    Anyway, I think if Star were not publicly talking about her weight loss or seeking out publicity for her book or on television, I would be the first to say it's her prerogative to keep her surgery to herself. But she isn't an "average Joe" I think it would only be right to 'fess up. Even when the only shame you have to admit is having surgery for a problem that you and millions of others have struggled with.  

  5. # Blogger Shannon

    I'm with Kross-Eyed Kittie on this: even though both of these people bug me, Rosie has been nothing if but honest about herself and her life details. I'm not familiar with Star Jones and her weight loss story but to outright lie about it is just crass and demeaning to those who have strugged to lose weight.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Never being a big fan of Star, let me first say I do think she started her life out right.
    She got an education and started her career as a lawyer. Somewhere her devotion to life got lost, probably creating her weight problem. What little I have heard of her book, Shine, seems to make me think my assumptions were true. Her public wedding, weight loss, and unabashed passion for shopping and glamour all seem shallow
    and self-promoting. Have you seen the photos of herself on her website? He only saving grace is her cute little dog.
    When the latest news of the stomach bypass, sexual leaning of her new husband, and new job giving love advice for aol, came out, that was it for me. She is just another movie star providing a front to keep a job.
    Rosie on the other hand has a big heart for helping others, starting with children and then the
    world. She has had her ups and downs and if she is a bit outspoken she stays honest even when its unpopular.  

  7. # Blogger l

    When you choose a profession that's inherently in the public eye, you willingly give up some of that prerogative to keep a secret. Star's weight loss pissed me off - not b/c she lost so much weight - but b/c for so long she championed "fat girls" until it turned out she didn't want to be one any more. So she had to basically renege on her cause. And then to lie about how she achieved her current figure is total BS because she's basking in the praise and admiration - nay, she's seeking it out - of people she's LIED to. Her behavior is among the most un-humble and dishonest and it annoys me to have to listen to her judge other people from her small soapbox.  

  8. # Blogger kenju

    When I heard that Star was leaving, I thought the same thing you did - that she is doing it because she doesn't want to be on the show with Rosie. I have never cared for Star (she's a pseudo- celeb) and I am glad to see her leave. I love Rosie.

    Now Star says she was essentially fired and may sue the show. Bah. Who cares if she was fired?  

  9. # Anonymous Schnozz

    I'm always on the fence about whether I think it's OK to lie if the question wasn't anyone's business to start with.

    In this case, I think she did a lot of people a disservice, so I'm going to say she should have told the truth. However, I do have some sympathy for celebrities, because they're often called upon to tell the truth about stuff that we would NEVER ask our friends or neighbors. (I don't know about you, but I would never ask my neighbor if she'd had weight-loss surgery!)

    Then again, celebrities usually fling themselves into the spotlight, so I have no idea why I'm even defending them. :) It just always annoyed me when someone would say "That celebrity is totally lying about being a vegetarian/virgin/whatever!" As if it was just our right to know and that celebrity was being a jerk for clinging to any sort of privacy ... when really I think we were sort of rude for asking!  

  10. # Anonymous Veronica

    Anonymous almost said what I wanted to say -- consider everything about how public Star Jones has been with her life... and what you have is a woman who was overweight probably her entire life, who was probably too smart (I get that myself, which is why I mention it), and add on to that, the standard insecurities we have as humans and specially as women, and what you have is someone who is probably not comfortable with her life -- and is incredibly NEEDY and INSECURE. So, of course she wants everyone to think her husband is hot, and of course she wants everyone to think she is incredibly success, and of course, she wants everyone to think that she lost this weight on her own will power, and of course, now she wants everyone to think that she is the victim of evil Barbara Walters!

    But ultimately, I just feel sorry for her. I understand her insecurities and unfortunately, she's choosen a public arena to deal with them... she could easily be that woman you don't know how you ended up being friends with who is now showing off her new husband and her wealth and her new body just so she can feel your approval (or that of society).

    She's too easy to criticize. I just feel sorry for her. I hope she's made the right decision with that husband of hers, and I hope that the way she lost weight was really the healthiest way, and I hope that she deals with her demons so she can actually find happiness in her life.  

  11. # Anonymous sher

    I'm very glad to see her gone. I started to lose any positive feelings for Starr during her build-up to marrying Big Al. As I understand it, ABC was also annoyed that Starr used her role on the View to get freebies for the wedding. In fact she went way over the line. And then the dramatic weight loss with no decent explanation, except to imply that she sort of wished it away. And she was mean to Kathy Griffin!!!!!  

  12. # Blogger Binulatti

    Right. MJ has a 'horrible skin -lightening disorder' and a cartiledge deficiency. L. Lohan was just born with less septum tissue than most people. And Dick Clark just avoids the sun. If Carnie Wilson can be upfront about the stomach staples, Star can too. Whatever betch! Lets get some shoes!  

  13. # Anonymous clare eats

    I have noooo idea who star is...
    EXCEPT they were talking about her on us morning show here at about 4am? When I was studying so I didn't really learn much

    Glad she is gone for you though :)  

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