Nursery and Belly Progress at 30 weeks

I am 9 weeks away from having the Beastie. Oh. My. God.

At my 30 week appointment today, I found out I'll meet the doctor who will do my c-section next month, since my doctor is going to be out of town on August 22. Everything continues to go well, which continues to surprise me. I gained two pounds, blood pressure is fine, and the baby is measuring fine too. And the hospital where I'm delivering finally updated their summer class offerings, so I'm going to sign up for the PreNatal Newborn Class and the Orientation and Hospital Walking Tour. Unfortunately, the breastfeeding class is only offered on one day before my due date, and of course, we're busy that day. How can this class be offered only once the whole summer long? I'm going to have to research another breastfeeding class somewhere else.

Reality is setting in in a huge way. Besides the ever-growing pile of baby paraphanalia we're gathering (this week we've acquired a swing, the bassinette, and a downstairs changing table), the nursery furniture was delivered on Saturday. The room next to our bedroom that once held an odd collection of items that didn't fit anywhere else in the house is now transformed into a full-blown nursery. Where our baby is going to sleep. And play. And grow up.

Want to take a peek?

Here's the room just before my great aunt and Rich started painting. It was a nice lilac color.

Here's my great aunt up on a ladder. She's 78 years old. I know. It's insane. But she's a master painter, and does trim work like nobody's business.

And here's Rich painting the inside of the closet. He doesn't do trim work like nobody's business. So he sticks to the big, wide-open spaces.

And here is the nursery-in-progress. We still have to hang on the walls the little decorations you see hooked over the dresser handles. And we're probably going to get another bookshelf, because this baby is going to read by the time he/she is three years old if it's the last thing I do, dammit.

But I absolutely love it. We did a duck theme, with some ladybug accents (including a windchime, which isn't in any of the pictures). I walk into that room and I can't believe there's going to be a baby living in our house in just 9 weeks. And I can't believe how blessed I am that I'm going to be a mother. Because I honestly never thought I would get this chance.

And now, for the rapidly growing belly. I knew this month's picture (week 30) would look a lot different than last month's (week 26). I feel bigger. Moving is more difficult. But seriously, wow. What a difference a month makes. The baby is now 3 pounds, is about 15.8 inches long, is opening his/her eyes, and can sense light and darkness.

Here's the 26 week shot for comparison:

And now the ginormous 30 week shot. Yowsa.

17 Responses to “Nursery and Belly Progress at 30 weeks”

  1. # Blogger M

    Very cute nursery! And very cute belly. I'm sensing that you like the color yellow a lot? ;)  

  2. # Blogger Marie

    You look great, Kristi! Seriously, you don't look ginormous to me.

    The room looks wonderful! Your aunt & Rich make a great team, huh? Love all the stuff you've picked out!  

  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    WOW!!! One month DOES make a huge difference! You look wonderful!
    And your nursery is adorable. I love how bright and sunny the room is.  

  4. # Blogger Christine

    You look completely fabulous! And I too am a fan of yellow and LOVE the ducks.

    I can't believe it, only 9 weeks left...  

  5. # Blogger Christy

    Your nursery is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the duckies and ladybugs!
    The baby belly is the best part too.
    You probably don't need a breastfeeding class because the nurses will show you everything after you have the baby. And lactation consultants are usually around too offering suggestions and things!  

  6. # Blogger Marie

    They do have feeding classes daily, too, at the hospital... assuming you're going where I went (is that right?).  

  7. # Blogger Hopeful Mother

    You look great, and really happy!

    I love the nursery, and I love the fact that you went with gender-neutral colors. I really dislike that most people go completely nuts with either pink or blue - your color scheme is fabulous for girls and boys!

    I hope I am able to copy your ideas sometime soon! Our "room designated as nursery" is already a perfect shade of yellow, but nothing else in the room is nursery-like just yet...  

  8. # Blogger Shannon

    I hate to point this out to you, Kristi, but you've, uh, put on a little weight. I know this great diet that you can start and I guarantee that you'll lose about 15 lbs in a just a little over 9 weeks! :)  

  9. # Anonymous clare eats


    My room when I was a baby was yellow too :)  

  10. # Blogger kenju

    That is one lucky baby! It has a cute room both now - and later!  

  11. # Blogger Schnozz

    That is no ginormous belly. That is cute teensy baby belly.

    And I love the room. Congrats on impending motherhood AND being a stellar nursery designer!  

  12. # Blogger Caryl

    The room is absolutely beautiful - Martha Stuart will be envious when she sees what you have done :-)

    Also, you look radiant! The due date will be here before you know it. I can't wait for you to post pictures of beastie!!!!  

  13. # Blogger annelynn

    I love the nursery theme! What a sweet, bright room. And you look fantastic. I know we're internet strangers (though kind of close-ish - your sister is a good friend of my best friend, and you and I both live in NY), but it's been a privelege to join you along this journey. I've really enjoyed reading.

    Nine weeks! Wow. I'm so happy for you and your husband.  

  14. # Blogger Kristi

    M-Thanks! And where would you ever get the idea that I like the color yellow? ;)

    Marie-I may not look it (yet), but I really feel it. And yes, I'm delivering where you did, but since I'm having a c-section, I'm not sure I'll be up for classes.

    Ramona-I KNOW! And I love the room too. :)


    Christy-Thanks for vistiting. I hadn't thought about having visiting lactation consultants while I'm in the hospital. Thanks for the tip.

    Hopeful Mother-Thanks! Yeah, since we don't know the gender, we had to keep it neutral, but I agree-I wouldn't want an all-blue or all-pink room, even if I did know the gender. And I hope you get the chance to steal all my ideas very soon!

    Shannon-I was living in denial for so long...but you're right.

    Clare-Thanks! Yellow is a great color for a baby's room, in my humble opinion!

    Kenju-Thanks! I hope so.

    Schnozz-Thanks for stopping by! I feel like a baby beluga whale, but thanks for saying I don't look it!

    Caryl-Nah...I've got nuthin' on Martha.

    Annelynn-Awww... thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying reading. And I was wondering about the six degrees of separation between you and I. And now I know!  

  15. # Blogger l

    Wowsers! You're one of those women who only wears pregnancy in her belly. Your face is still slim. I noticed that your top matches the nursery (which is super cute!).  

  16. # Blogger Moose

    Lovely paint job! If you were closer, I'd offer to trade babysitting for painting. (Our dining room is the scariest shade of bad paint job you've ever seen.)  

  17. # Blogger Beagle

    You look great, love the nursery too!  

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