The Death of a Carafe (5/20/01-4/8/06)

On Saturday night, while washing dishes, I caused the death of the essential component of my most favorite kitchen appliance (after this, of course). She was a beauty in her hay-day, all shiny and black (although I clearly wasn't thinking of the correct color choice for my kitchen when I registered for her prior to my wedding shower five years ago, as my kitchen colors are yellow, white, and red). She served me well, and often, for five years. And although I would never euthenize her for lacking physical beauty, she was getting old, and stained, and her lid had to be held in place when I poured from her, as it was broken at an earlier date. It was her time to go.

Alas, I shattered my coffeemaker's carafe on my kitchen floor.

R.I.P, dear carafe. R.I.P.

And while the original will never be far from my mind, I've replaced her with an exact replica. Oh, she won't be the same. You can never replace in your heart one who has lived there for so long. But she will serve me well, never knowing that I actually longed to purchase this instead.

8 Responses to “The Death of a Carafe (5/20/01-4/8/06)”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    You got some serious mileage out of that thing! I can't tell you how many carafes hubby goes through here... and those suckers aren't cheap!!

    RIP to yours.... ;-)  

  2. # Blogger Clare Eats

    I can't belive a beloved piece of your household equipment died when washing up... EXCEPT it is much better if the other person in the relationship breaks the item... for bribery you know ;)  

  3. # Blogger Shannon

    I know well the look that was on your face when it happened, I'm betting! The times I've broken old and beloved kitchen items, I just stood in disbelief, staring at the shattered corpse, feeling really sad. Then again, I tend to anthropomorphize inanimate objects (a holdover from childhood)!  

  4. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    I do hope that you plan to get the coffeemaker in red!
    I'm going to a Bluejays game next Tuesday!
    What day are you coming? I live a 10 minute walk from the Skydome...maybe I could pop over to meet you? That would be fun!Email me!  

  5. # Blogger Binulatti

    Ooh - [with respect to the replacement] You shoulda gotten that little Javastudio retro red number!  

  6. # Anonymous sher

    Well, at least you replaced yours. I broke mine just about the same way and I never got around to replacing it. I've been making mine one cup at a time with a little Melitta cone. Maybe I never accepted the death of my carafe???? Oh dear.  

  7. # Blogger Shannon

    By the way, I also agree with Karrie, the little red coffeemaker is super cute and cool! Now I want it. If it comes in dark orange, I may just get it!  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-No kidding! The carafe was 1/3 the cost of what I think the coffeemaker itself cost!

    Clare-I know! The first thing my husband said while helping me clean up the mess was, "I am so glad it wasn't me who broke this."

    Shannon-Hee-hee. Me too. It was a sad night in my house. And yeah, I love that little coffeemaker too.

    Ramona-I will buy it someday. It would match very well with our empire red mixers, wouldn't it?

    Karrie-I know! Do you think it would look conspicuous on my baby registry? Mama needs her caffeine!

    Sher-Have you considered grief conseling? That might help you recover. ;)  

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