30 in 30

Approximately 30 days from now, on March 30th, I'll turn 30 years old. In many ways, this upcoming 30th year will mark many milestones for me. With a little luck, I'll become a mother for the first time this year. And I know this will change my life forever. My work situation will likely change this year as well, if my manager, who doesn't yet know that I'm pregnant, allows me to work from home three or four days a week, so we won't have to seek daycare for the baby. And I'll no longer be able to say that I'm "in my twenties." I'll have to skip to the next bubble on personal identification surveys-the one that reads "30-35 years old" instead of the "24-29" bubble I'm used to filling in. The horror!

In many ways, though, 30 doesn't seem that old to me...anymore. There was a point, oh, probably as recently as eight or nine years ago, when 30 seemed ancient. My mom had a four and a two year old when she was 30. My grandma, God love her, had four kids, including a ten year old, my mother, and another on the way at 30. But I think 30 is the new 20. I certainly don't FEEL old, although I have my days just like everyone else. And I have more than a few grey and white hairs on my head, which are certainly annoying (I wonder if I have any of that purple hair dye left lying around?). But I feel, for the most part, just the same as I did when I was much younger, although my hips and thighs certainly aren't those of a 20-something anymore, and especially now.

I feel like I should somehow chronicle, or perhaps pay homage to, my twenties before I bid them adieu. So, for the next 30 days, I'm going to write about some of the notable experiences from my second decade of life. Some you may find humorous (and I've already made a headstart on those) and some not so much, but I hope you won't mind coming along for the retrospective ride that will comprise my "30 in 30 Project."

Let the countdown begin.

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  1. # Blogger Marie

    "30 is the new 20" -- that's right baby!

    And 40 is the new 30... at least that's what I try to tell myself.

    It just keeps getting better & better!

    30 is a wonderful milestone. I loved my thirties...  

  2. # Blogger Geekwif

    30 is really not so bad. It will certainly help that you have a good attitude about it and that some exciting things are happening at this time in your life.

    I'm looking forward to your retrospect!  

  3. # Blogger Christine

    I think that's an excellent idea til the big day. And honestly, 30 is not old, not at all. Unless of course I'm trying to freak out my boyfriend about how he's "getting old, and how GOD he's almost 30"...  

  4. # Blogger PinkPettle

    Hello there! I just had to add that I-also shall be turning 30 in March (the 23rd)-I am also expecting a child this yr like you! However while this is your first-this lil one shall be my fourth and my very last!! I wish you early Happy Birthdays and best wishes for the little life you will be welcoming into your world this yr!:)(and may we always FEEL 20-even if we no longer look it!)  

  5. # Anonymous jenny

    It was annoying to be the youngest in the group when we were all in high school and I was the last to get my license, and to be able to go to the 18+ places (didn't we all go to some club after I turned 18? I can't remember the name of it - just remember some guys moving a parked car out of their way in the parking lot... ok I'm rambling and going a decade too far back with the memories.), and the last to turn 21, etc.

    But NOW I love that you hit all the milestone birthdays before I do! I get to stay in my twenties for another 8 months and a few days after your 30th. :D
    Here's hoping 30 is one of our best years though!  

  6. # Blogger Shannon

    I had no idea at the time, but turning 30 was a great thing in my life. I recently was thinking about me in my twenties and how much fun I had--they were my college and record store years. But they were also my heavy drinking years, my failed relationship years, the years in which I was still honing my social/relationship skills. I look back on them and don't like what I remember about myself, frankly. I have daily journals filled with the stuff I don't want to recall.

    I'm 37 now and my 30's have been really great. I'm actually looking forward to my 40's, as I think I'll be in an even better place with myself and where I want to be, what I want to be doing. I have no problem with getting older, none whatsoever. Huzzah for turning 30!!  

  7. # Blogger Dawn

    How exciting! I will be 30 in about 1.5 years...I too will miss being 'in my twenties,' but I'm thinking that it's a great excuse for a fabulous trip, or a big party, or something else totally fun! I am so glad to see that everything is progressing as it should be with the baby. I have been thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way while I've been off the blogs. I may not have enough interesting stuff to say for every day, but I'm hoping to stick with my blog a few times a week now. Can't wait to see what insights a 29-year-old can offer.  

  8. # Blogger Binulatti

    If our Great Uncle's youthful attitude, and our Gramma's decades-younger looks are any measure, then "age ain't nuthin' but a number," and you're still going to get carded for the next 10 years at least!
    (PS - Looking forward to going down memory lane with you!)  

  9. # Blogger Caryl

    In the words of the great Bob Dylan, "May you stay forever young."  

  10. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    I'm SO looking forward to your retropective!
    If I only knew at 30 what I know now!
    My best friend Pez's birthday is the 31 of March...I knew there was a reason why I liked you! Aries and Gemini's make excellent friends!  

  11. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-Definitely! I'm not dreading them at all. I think I'm just not looking forward to saying "I'm not in my twenties anymore."

    Geekwif-Glad to hear it! There are a lot of "30s fans" out there, and I'm happy to join them.

    Christine-LOL. My husband does that to me now all the time. Funny thing, though. He's almost five years older than me.

    Pinkpettle-Thanks for stopping by! Happy early birthday, and good luck with your fourth!

    Jenny-Yup. The benefits of being the baby of the bunch is that you get to stay in your 20s just a wee bit longer.

    Shannon-My 20s were a great time in my life, where I was really figuring out who I was and what I stood for. but like you, I had a bunch of experiences I'd rather forget too. I'm looking forward to joining you in the "older and wiser" 30s.

    Dawn-Yay! You're back! I missed you. And what I wouldn't give to go on a fabulous trip right now. Or any trip, for that matter! I'm heaidng over to your blog now. Keep blogging!

    Karrie-That's right! And yes, I've resigned myself to getting carded now. I don't even wait to be asked before whipping out the licese now. Not that I'll be buying much alcohol in the next little while.

    Caryl-Aww.. thanks.

    Ramona-I think the same thing. If I only knew at 20 what I now know at almost 30! March birthdays are the best. ;)  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

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