Forced Breeding of Zoo Animals is Wrong

Articles about the death of an Asian elephant's calf during labor at my city's zoo have been all over the newspaper lately. To make a long story short, an elephant, named Genny C, who was "artifically inseminated" 22 months ago, went into labor at the zoo last week. Her calf died during labor after getting stuck in the birth canal. The baby elephant is still inside her, but zoo reports say Genny C is "doing fine," and that apparently the dead baby elephant can stay inside her indefinitely.

The news has shown children visiting the zoo taping little drawings to Genny C's pen, expressing their sorrow over the loss of her baby. People have been interviewed saying what a loss the baby elephant is for the community. And zoo officials are upset because they expected the birth of the baby elephant to draw record numbers to the zoo this spring, as attendance has been dropping steadily over the years.

And therein lies my problem with zoos, and other such venues that place animals in the role of "entertainment." Not only are the psychological effects on these animals extremely detrimental to their wellbeing, but also animals such as elephants and giraffes and other creatures unaccustomed to harsh winters (because they should be living in their native habitats in warm Asia and Africa) are forced to brave frigid winters where the temperatures with the wind-chill added in are often below zero. According to this article, zoos in other cold weather cities such as Detroit have decided not to force their elephants to deal with cold weather, and did the humane thing by sending their elephants to live out the remainder of their lives to a sanctuary in California.

What's driving the "animals as entertainment" business, and what is preventing zoo officials here in my city from doing the humane thing and sending Genny C, and the other elephant here to a warmer climate is the almighty dollar. Genny C wasn't "aritifically inseminated." She was bred, forcibly, to produce a baby elephant to increase the traffic and therefore the money coming into the zoo. Because everyone knows there's nothing cuter than baby animals, and a baby elephant is something special. My zoo's officials were banking on a windfall at poor Genny C's expensive, without ever considering the sad fact that of all the forcibly bred elephants at zoos around the world, most have resulted in stillbirths. Yet when these magnificent creatures are allowed to mate and breed freely in the wild where they belong, stillbirths rarely occur.

My point is this: animals used as entertainment, whether they be in zoos, or circuses, or marine parks is morally and ethically wrong. Breeding animals forcibly for money-making purposes is deplorable. Genny C is carrying her dead baby elephant inside her. While zoo officials contend she is exhibiting no strange behavior, and is eating and seemingly doing well, I don't buy it. Elephants are extremely intelligent. Genny C knows that her calf is no longer living. What she doesn't know is that she never should have been put in the situation she's currently enduring in the first place.

30 Responses to “Forced Breeding of Zoo Animals is Wrong”

  1. # Blogger CAL

    *rolls eyes*  

  2. # Anonymous Clare Eats

    Oh I don't know....
    I have a hate/love relationship with zoos and I think you might be majorily simplifing the matter...... I wish it was really that simple. But I don't know your local zoo or their policy's. But there are other reasons to breed animals in captivity other than finacial ones.  

  3. # Blogger Christine

    I think there can be some benefit to zoos and aquariums and what not in garnering interest and respect, etc. But this is a kid who grew up going to the local zoo almost every weekend in the summer. That said, it is deplorable when animals are mistreated at zoos, etc, in the interest of entertainment, nor do I believe that any and all animals should be kept in captivity as many just simply cannot be kept in a healthy and happy state there.  

  4. # Blogger Marie

    I'm guilty of enjoying zoos... and I was very sad to hear about Genny C's baby!!  

  5. # Blogger Shannon

    The Detroit Zoo might have other reasons than ones purely humane for sending their elephants away--financial woes. After all, elephants are the most expensive to upkeep. See Melissa's entry today at for info about the closing of the Detroit Zoo.

    I must say, I'm glad I live in a city with one of the most humane zoos in the country. As Clare said, I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. Thank goodness that the Woodland Park Zoo seems to have its act together in terms of animal health and provision of natural habitat.  

  6. # Blogger Binulatti

    Thing is, zoos can never come close to providing a natural habitat for animals, megafauna in particular. Mommys & daddys don't like to tell Lil' Johnny that he can't see white tigers in person 'cause poachers have killed them all or we've effed up their habitat and they're almost extinct.

    Plus, animals *know* they're being held captive. The Wallace & Gromit guys did this great piece called "Creature Comforts" [hope this link works]. Check it out: link is lower left of this site (after a short ad)

    Creature Comforts.  

  7. # Blogger Kristi

    Cal-I always thought Texas was a whole other country. Now I know for sure. ;)

    Clare-I suppose. But since my zoo officials were interviewed on camera saying they were counting on the baby elephant's arrival to drive up zoo traffic, I think their motives were purely financial.

    Christine-Exactly. In addition to Genny C's calf dying last week, a 21-year old orangutan also died, from a heart attack. Both elephants and orangutans are warm-weather animals who don't deserve to be subjected to the freezing cold of the Northeast's winters.

    Marie-That's okay. I still love you!

    Shannon-I did a little research on the Detroit zoo, and the deal to move their two elephants to a CA sanctuary has been in the works for over two years, and was the result of public support for saving the elephants. And, Detroit could have profitted by selling the elephants to a zoo in Ohio, but decided against it since the climate would essentially be exactly the same as that in Detroit. So money wasn't their motive. Check it out: Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a "natural" habitat in a zoo.

    Karrie-Yup. Children get an artifical idea of what the animals are like when they see them "on display" or "performing." And they learn that animals are objects, and not sentient beings with intelligence and emotion. That short is awesome, btw. I love the turtle the most.  

  8. # Blogger Karen

    I have boycotted zoos and especially circuses. It's at least passive cruelty. And I do not see how a fetus can remain within and not cause massive infection and pain- the poor little baby will decompose.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    WE HATE ZOOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. # Anonymous Christie (14)

    Well, although animals in zoos have a little adjusting to do, don't they help preserve endangered animals? Help Reproduction?  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  29. # Blogger Suzanne

    Honestly? Stories like this always take me by surprise because I'm spoiled. I live in NC. We have the world's largest "natural habitat" zoo and the first of its kind in the US. I grew up going to the NC Zoo (it's one of only two state-funded zoos) so I'm used to walking literally miles and miles through the woods, hoping that the elephants would be within sight this time (they have their own savanna to graze on; in fact, the African exhibit alone is 37 acres of open land.) I'm so proud of our zoo that it's the first thing I recommend to out-of-town guests, regardless of the hour & a half drive. I didn't realize all zoos weren't like NC's til I went to the Greenville Zoo in SC and was appalled at all the animals stuck in cages. I know most places don't have 1500+ acres in the mountains to devote like NC did, but it seems like anything else would just be a miserable existence for those poor displaced creatures.  

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