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I have a whole jumble of things I want to write about today, so instead of a post on one topic, I present to you a list of random events and thoughts going on in my life right now:

1. My mom was in town this past weekend to see my grandma, who is recovering from knee surgery. We spent Saturday together at my grandma's house. She's done a complete 180 with regard to her initial reaction to the baby news. She's now bouncing-off-the-walls excited. This Sybil-like reaction was a great improvement over her drill sergeant dictation of shower plans from last week, so I was really happy. She bought me flowers. She made me do two of the old wives' tale gender determination tests (both girl, as does my Chinese Gender Chart. Curious), and she was all a' chatter with questions, name suggestions (that's a popular one in my family these days), and things she wants to buy the baby. And the big news: she cancelled her six week summer vacation. That one shocked the hideous maternity jeans I've begun wearing right off me. #4 is apparently none too pleased about this, but luckily he was moping in front of the tv with a passive-aggressive "toothache" all day Saturday, so I didn't have to hear it from him. She said she's going to be on "baby watch" for the month of August, and there's no way she wanted to be thousands of miles away in the Canadian Rockies should something happen and I had to deliver early. Wow.

2. We told my dad, stepmom, and two little sisters the news yesterday morning. My dad was shocked and teary-eyed. My stepmom started to cry. My little sisters (ages 13 and 16) didn't quite know what to make of the news, but I believe were trying to process the fact that they'd likely be the youngest aunts in their school.

3. My bra-size doubled over the weekend. I am not kidding. While I'm not "showing" and if I had the masochistic desire, I could still squeeze my body into the sausage-like casing that now represents my former pants size, my upper body has expanded. Extensively. My form-fitting button-down work shirts are tight. My coworkers, who do not know of the news, must think I've had myself "augmented."

4. This baby now owns things. He/she is in possession of a bib from my cousin, a Beatrix Potter "baby's first year calendar" from my mom, and apparently a onesie purchased by my sister-in-law, which we don't have yet. It is strange, but I'm getting used to it.

5. I am exactly 12w1d today. Count that among such statements as "George Bush is a fine, intelligent man and a GREAT president" and "ohhh... do you have that sweater in pink?" as one of the things I thought I'd never say.

6. I cancelled the NT scan I was supposed to have this morning. To each of you who responded to my post on Friday, thank you. You helped me make up my mind that I need to focus my attention on being "fat and happy" (as Amy said) and not on worrying myself into a tizzy over potential problems with the baby. I feel really good about the decision, and I'm so glad to have friends, both "real" and "blog" who care enough about me to offer their honest opinions on the topic.

12 Responses to “This and That”

  1. # Blogger Alisha

    I am so happy you're mom is excited!!! AND cancelling her vacation, that's just awesome.

    You made me LMAO with the "George Bush" statement.

    I'm glad you are at peace with the NT scan, that's what's really important.

    Enjoy those (for lack of a better word from my redneck vocab.) big un's!!!!  

  2. # Blogger Clare Eats

    Yay for mum
    Yay for pissing off #4
    Yay for huge breasts LOL,
    -enjoy them while you have them
    Yay for hating GW
    Yay for being 12W
    Yay for being fat and happy


  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    hey Boobie-girl!
    I'm sooo glad that your mom cancelled her trip, and will be there for when the baby is born! That's great news!  

  4. # Blogger Christine

    Yay for you and family! I'm still all for sending #4 to an abandoned Island.

    And 12 weeks, I am so excited for you. And your breasts, of course.  

  5. # Blogger Binulatti

    Yo, yo , yo busty K!
    I'm afraid Citizens don't come in 'maternity'. That's OK, tho. It's time to just embrace the stretchy panel. Think there's some cute jersey gauchos at Nords w/your name all over them :-)  

  6. # Blogger CAL

    1. Interesting, and good to hear. Think she'll move in with you for the month of August? :)
    2. It must feel great to spread such wonderful news.
    3. If I were into such things, I'd have to say "hubba hubba."
    4. Wait til the little critter owns more than you and your hubby combined! Hello Re/Max?
    5. George Bush ISN'T a great president? lol
    6. Good. Enjoy being fat and happy.  

  7. # Blogger Marie

    Hooray Kristi! Glad to hear your Mom has her priorities in order... glad she won't miss her daughter becoming a Mom! Hope she leaves #4 at home when she comes to help after the baby's born.

    Your chest doubled in size? Holy mackerel, as your Grandma would say... Just wait til the milk comes in after the baby is born! Yowsa.  

  8. # Anonymous Annabelle

    Hi Kristi,

    It's been some time since I paid you a visit - I had to stop the blog writing because my whole life and world turned upside down and I just could not sit down to write... but it turns out you and I are on the same page (both pregnant! I'm at the 24 week mark). Congrats.

    Am very excited for you - I do have plans to start a new blog... just not now.

    xo formerly Mixed-Up Metaphor!

  9. # Blogger 3wishes

    That is so cool about your mom and #4..........even though he is horrible the fact that he is there at all speaks large. Men that dont care, just dont show up. I wanted to write to you because I just read your post about your dont laugh, and maybe you have heard this before..have you heard about the folks who eat 2 Archway cocconut cookies that have Crohns? I heard about this and am fascinated by the stories. There is a whole group out there with Crohns that absolutely swears by this?? I've spent a lifetime in medicine and have seen many miracles and I dont discount anything. The people I have talked to say " I still have Crohns but I dont have the symtoms anymore so my Crohns for the most part is gone. Amazing.
    I think the way you announced your baby news to your family, with the little boxes was first class :) have a great week!  

  10. # Blogger Kristi

    Alisha-I was completely floored when my mom told me she cancelled. But definitely happy too. I wish I could enjoy my make new-found "assets." Unfortunately, they make all my clothes so uncomfortable!


    Ramona-LOL. Yes, it will definitely be nice to have mommy dearest here. I just hope she doesn't steal her first grandchild. She's incredibly excited.

    Christine-If you can find an island that will take him, and can arrange the kidnapping, I will pay you off handsomly.

    Karrie-Gaucho pants and I are not friends, and never will be. ;)

    Andy-She won't be moving in here. However, I'm sure she'll be hovering around quite closely.

    Marie-Unfortunately, she'll likely haul him in with her when she comes, although I wish that wasn't the case. As for my "assets," if they get any bigger, I may topple over.

    Annabelle-I was wondering what happened to you! Thanks for stopping by, and congrats to you as well! Definitely let me know when your new blog is up and running.

    3Wishes-I wish #4's presence actually did mean something, but unfortunately, he's just my mom's chauffer. She doesn't drive all that great and relies on him to drive her the five hours to my town. As for the Archway cookies and Crohn's, no. I hadn't heard that! So people eat two of these cookies and their Crohn's symptoms disappear? Intriguing! I'm going to Google that.  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

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