How a Cheesecake Blew My Cover

My sister knows.

She found this blog. (Hi Karrie!)

And my ridiculous bravado over the pumpkin cheesecake I made a few months ago did me in, along with an inability to lie (well, at least to her).

But all is right in my world, because she is happy for me. She is thrilled at the prospect of becoming an auntie, and she was more supportive and loving in expressing her joy than I ever could have imagined. I am so lucky to have her as my sister.

On the first night my sister was in town, my husband, she, and I were sitting around in my living room talking. And out of the blue, she asks me if I have a blog. "Uhhhh...yes?" I said, caught completely offguard. She then asked me which blogging site I use. And...I told her. She asked for the name of my blog, and I refused to give it to her. She then dropped the subject.

Later, my husband tried to convince me that Karrie (my sister) was going to find this blog. I didn't believe it, though, because I figured that there must be millions of blogs on Blogger. She'd never be able to find mine. And truthfully, with everything else going on during the busy week she was here, I forgot about even having told her about the blog. Until yesterday.

My sister called me. And she was crying. I was immediately worried, thinking something was wrong. Instead, everything was right. Exactly right. She said "I just posted to your blog!" And after a long pause, during which I registered exactly what it was she just told me, and therefore what she had just found out, I said, "Suprise!"

My sister was completely and unequivically thrilled for me. Through her tears she expressed how happy she was at the thought of becoming an aunt. How she wished I had told her sooner about the past two years of infertility so she could have been there to offer support, but that she understands why I didn't. And she echoed my exact thoughts of how this baby, should everything go as we so hope it does, will change my family for the better, and how much this baby will mean to our grandmother. She even asked me to tape "the telling" so she can see the expressions on our grandmother's and great aunt's faces.

And she even made mention of looking for a new job on the East Coast, something she never has brought up before. And while I'm not expecting anything, and certainly wouldn't fault her for staying in Seattle, it would be incredible beyond words to have my sister closer so she could play a more active role in her niece's or nephew's life.

So I am happy that she knows, relieved at her reaction, and feeling silly for doubting that she could be happy for me, despite her feelings about children. And now, no matter what happens, I will have her support, which is invaluable to me.

And to find out how exactly the pumpkin cheesecake (of whose perfection I bragged to friends and family members alike) played a role in this tale, check out my sister's first comment on my blog:

7 Responses to “How a Cheesecake Blew My Cover”

  1. # Anonymous Clare Eats

    I knew it would all work out if she could read your blog!!!

    I am so glad that it all worked out so well :) How could it not?


  2. # Blogger Marie

    Oh my! This is just as I suspected about Auntie Karrie!! What prompted her to ask if you had a blog, out of curiosity?

    Amazing about the pumpkin cheesecake... really!

    This is wonderful!!  

  3. # Blogger Christine

    YAY! See, in time, all things work out. Just needs a bit of time ;)  

  4. # Blogger Alisha

    What an amazing ending!!! That is just awesome, and I am so happy she knows now. I know that's just amazing for you!

    Hi Karrie! You need a blog, if you don't already have one!

    Much love.  

  5. # Blogger Dawn

    I'm so glad that your sister is everything you thought she was! And it sounds like she is going to be a fab aunt.

    Also, I am catching up a little and just read your post about the Christmas with your mom's hubby. Ok. I feel your pain..and anger and everything else. I HATE people like that. But it sounds like everyone else appreciated the gifts and had a decent time. Can't let him spoil the holidays!  

  6. # Blogger Amy

    That is fabulous news, Kristi!! Now telling the rest of your family will be so much sweeter. I hope she DOES find a job near you. After raising my girls for 7 years away from family and now moving back, I can tell you it is SO much easier and nicer to have children when you live near family.

    I'm STILL having a hard time getting used to the fact that I have babysitters! For free! LOL  

  7. # Blogger Kristi

    Clare-you were so right. I should have listened to your advice in the first place!

    Marie-You know, I have no idea. I can't remember the conversation that led up to her asking. I wish I could!

    Christine-yup. You're right!

    Alisha-I'm thrilled too. And apparently she has one. In my shock, I forgot to ask her the name of hers.

    Dawn-she will be an awesome aunt. And yes, my mom's husband is off-the-chart arse. But he won't ever spoil anything because I won't let him.

    Amy-I would LOVE it if she ended up moving closer. It would be a dream come true.  

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