Special Deliveries

I've been blessed with a remarkable set of friends. I don't have a legion of friends, but instead a small group, each of whom is unique and important to me for different reasons. I take these friendships very seriously, and I hope that I'm as good a friend to each of them as they are to me.

Since I've been writing this blog, I've widened my circle of friends to include those who regularly read this blog (and whose blogs I read). I think it's a very neat thing to share the lives of people I'll probably never meet, who are scattered around the world, and who care enough about me to become involved in the details of my life. I consider it an honor each time someone takes the time to comment on my blog. I still can't believe there are those of you out there who come back day after day, just to read what I've written. It really gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling!

And now for a story about two of my friends, one from "real life" and one "blog friend." My "real life" friend I've known for years, and my "blog friend" I've known for mere months, but each did something for me that truly made me feel so loved and special, at a time when I needed it the most.

I've know Marie from Practigal for almost eight years. We met at work, and she is one of the sweetest, most genuinely caring individuals I've ever known. Two weeks ago, when I was home from work following my embryo transfer, I heard a knock at the door. It was Marie, and she had brought me freshly baked bread, scones, and cookies from this amazing bakery near my house. It was such an incredibly kind and thoughtful gesture, and I felt so loved at that moment. That little act of sweetness meant more to me than she'll probably ever know.

And then yesterday, I experienced first-hand that kindness doesn't just come from people you've known for many years. I arrived home from work, having received the good news of the rising HCG number just a few hours before, to find a package from Dawn from So Cal Foodie. Dawn and I have been blog buds for just a short time, but not only is she kind and helpful, especially when it came time to help me make my first cheesecake, but her comments are always thought-provoking, and her food blog is a blast to read as well. I opened the package to find a cute gingerbread cookie cutter, some California chiles to widen my food repertoire, and the most adorable little oven ornament with a note attached, which read "For your little bun in the oven." That package made a great day even brighter, and I'll always remember the kindness of a person I've never met, living 3,000 miles away, who cared enough about me to do something like this.

This will be a Christmas season I'm not soon to forget, for a variety of reasons. And having friends like these have made a time that started out pretty dark a time of light and hope instead.

8 Responses to “Special Deliveries”

  1. # Anonymous Clare Eats

    blog buddies are the best!  

  2. # Blogger Alisha

    How awesome! Don't you love getting things in the mail unexpectedly? It just makes your day.  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Aww! You do thoughtful things for others all the time Kristi... you totally helped us by grocery shopping for us when we were home from the hospital with a newborn & no family in town.

    You deserve special treatment! Surprise treats are the best!!

    Merry Christmas...


    Somehow I missed this post yesterday?!  

  4. # Blogger Dawn

    Don't you love it when stuff like that happens? I know that I do, and sometimes that is all the motivation I need to reach out to others! Hope that you had a very lovely holiday and I will check in with you after the new year. How often will you be checking your progress with the pregnancy?  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous
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