Everyday is Halloween

Halloween in the House of Chaos and Insanity was a good one.

Isabella and I started the day making these Pumpkin Pie Bites. The fabulous Kristen (mom to adorable twins herself) posted about these on FB, and they were super easy to make. Our friends from the old 'hood who came to visit us and see the new house on Halloween afternoon really liked them.

Isabella's joie de virve just emanates from every pore of her being, doesn't it?

After "naps," we dressed up the kiddos and began our annual Halloween road show to my grandma's, my aunt's, the hubs' mother's, and the hubs' father's houses. Next year we're issuing an edict: if you want to see the kids in their costumes, you know where we live.

Initially, Isabella was opposed to being The Cat in the Hat. Then we filled her head with things like, "The Cat in the Hat is the BOSS of the Things" and "The Cat in the Hat is totally in charge of EVERYTHING," which appealed greatly to the little benevolent dictator, and she acquiesced.

Isabella's costume was from Target. The twins' Thing 1 and Thing 2 attire was homemade, insomuch as you can call red sleepers from The Gap (thanks for all your suggestions about where to find these a few weeks ago, and thanks to Jenny for buying these for them!), hats made by my great aunt, and adhesive felt circles with "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" hand-written by me "homemade."

In the spirit of Halloween, Isabella took a break from steamrolling the twins into the fibers of our carpet to pose for a photo with Luci.

Afterwards, she promptly stole her snack.

Once the road trip was over, we headed to our old neighborhood (because we will not accept the fact that we don't live there anymore, Oh No We Won't!) to meet up with some friends and go trick-or-treating. It was a Dark and Stormy Night, windy, cold, and starting to rain. I didn't plan on staying out long (especially with the twins) anyway, but the weather cut the trick-or-treating time down even more. We hit the houses of most of our favorite neighbors, including our fantastic former next door neighbors. We spent awhile talking with them in their front yard and gazing longingly at our house next door, while simultaneously plotting the best time to return later that night to slash the tires of its new owners.

The twins? Didn't know what to make of Halloween. I'm thinking perhaps all their brain cells were frozen into a state of inertia.

We were home by 7, and I quickly put the twins to bed. Isabella had a blast handing out candy to the kids in our new neighborhood (you know, the one in which we did not trick-or-treat).
The next morning, she kept telling us that "kids were trick-or-treating in the middle of the night!" because we told her that it was a special night and she could stay up late to pass out candy.

Isabella came home with a sugar high...
Exhibit A:

but I may not even have to employ Amy's fabulous suggestion of the Sugar Plum Fairy to remove the vast quantities of candy Isabella scored not so much from the houses where we trick-or-treated, but from the relatives we visited before starting. It seems she's all but completely forgotten about the candy, and has only asked for a piece once.
I ran to the store this morning to pick up a few things I forgot during my weekly grocery run on Friday. I immediately experienced a panic attack when I saw two store employees stringing lights on a freaking Christmas tree in the store's entranceway.
53 days to go.

8 Responses to “Everyday is Halloween”

  1. # Blogger Jamie

    Love the pictures and love the theme!! :) They are all such cuties. I have a soft spot for Isabella. She is so beautiful!! Maybe she and Bo can get married. :)

    Those Pumpkin Pie Bites look great too.  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    Those are great pictures. Your posts are too funny.

    Glad you had a good Halloween.  

  3. # Blogger Jesser

    Awesome costumes! And your little ones are darling as ever. You always amaze me with what you can accomplish! Everything looked great.

    I am with you on the "come see us" routine for next year. We only had two people to visit and it was exhausting. Ben went to bed right after we got home. And my addictive personality toddler has not forgotten about the candy at all ... and is asking for it on the hour. Every hour.  

  4. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Amazing! All three kiddos are so cute. Genius ideas for costumes too. Your pumpkin pie bites look great!  

  5. # Blogger Melissa

    Great pictures! I'm impressed Luci and Nicholas kept those beanies on their heads. :-)

    The rain held out just long enough for us to get out, but we lasted only about an hour. The kids (thankfully) didn't get a lot of candy, and it's already gone. Woo hoo!  

  6. # Blogger Cape Cod Kitty

    Great pictures and I adore the photo of Thing 1 and Thing 2! In my office that is what we call the president and his son. It is pretty funny and best is that they don't mind! I am going to show them their baby counterparts!
    The shot of Isabella with the bake goods was so funny, too.

    How sentimental it must have felt to go back to your old. Take care. neighborhood.  

  7. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    The costumes look great! And I would totally call the Things 1 & 2 costumes homemade! Glad you were able to have so much fun. Little Elvis also seems to have forgotten the candy. Alas I have not.  

  8. # Blogger Sunny

    Cute, cute, cute, CUTE!!! Love the costumes.

    I am already petrified of Christmas shopping. The fact that we need to fly across the country with all presents given and received makes my head spin.  

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