Who's Boss

Oh, fun! Laundry! Can I play?

Am fierce like cougar and quick like jaguar.

You're just lucky mommy ran out of my Lee Press-On Nails, little brother.

Having your big sister fight your battles for you now? What a wuss.

I'll take that binky, and the quart of drool that's coming with it!

I will laugh while you cry and feel no shame.

And no jury in the land's gonna convict this face, sucka.

Part I of the Binky Chronicles can be found here.

8 Responses to “Who's Boss”

  1. # Blogger Christine

    I love Luc. She kills with the cute.

    Poor Nicholas. He didn't stand a chance.  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    Those pictures are too cute. She really does look like she could get away with murder...all she has to do is smile that smile. :-)  

  3. # Blogger Sasha


  4. # Anonymous Ness

    You may have just found the title of your Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel that will sweep the nation garnering awards and giving you (more) international acclaim that you never dreamed possible.

    Just a thought.


  5. # Blogger Jesser

    LOL. Watch out for her! Too funny.  

  6. # Blogger Debbie

    Ha! Too cute. Yep, she'll be the one to watch out for!  

  7. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    So cute. Poor little Nicholas. Glad Isabella's trying to help her brother out. Luci is pretty cute about it, though. I wouldn't convict her.  

  8. # Blogger Sunny

    Girls rule, boys drool. It's just the way it is. ;)

    They are adorable.  

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