Wordless Wednesday: Goodbyes and Hellos

The move was...interesting. I do not advise moving yourself, especially when "yourself" is really you, plus partner, plus three small children. If I had to do it again, I would have used movers to save our friends and family the hassle of lugging furniture and boxes into our house in the pouring rain until midnight on Friday, and then all day on Saturday.
As you can see, I was a blubbering mess the entire weekend. Each time we took a trip back to the old house to grab a load of stuff or clean, I was in tears. We said goodbye to the house for the final time on Monday morning. We took Isabella over to look at the empty house one last time, and to say goodbye to our neighbors. As I was driving her back to our new house, I was trying to keep my tears to myself, but she noticed. She kept telling me, "Take a deep breath, mommy. You'll feel better."
The new house is nice, but there have been some unexpected problems. The dishwasher does not work. The outlet into which our chest freezer is plugged in the basement suddenly stopped functioning, and thank goodness I went to get something out of it yesterday morning or else we would have lost a freezer full of food for the second time in six months (this happened at our old house when the freezer came unplugged). We cannot figure out how to de-program the thermostat to prevent it from dropping the temperature of the house to 60 degrees every night (it's been in the low 30s here in NY overnight). And there are some plumbing issues as well.
There was also major last-minute drama with the loathsome couple buying our house. Email me if you want the details, because as much as I would like to flame them publicly and by name, I value my freedom and my pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks too much to do that right now.
And tomorrow, the twins turn 1 year old.
What a year it's been.

10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Goodbyes and Hellos”

  1. # Blogger Cape Cod Kitty

    Moving can just be so traumatic. Hoping the dust settles quickly and the new house begins to feel like home quickly. Happy birthday to N & L! I cannot believe it is one year already. It is so annoying to know that not so nice people are moving into your very pretty former home!
    Best wishes!  

  2. # Blogger Sunny

    I'm sorry it hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine for your move. :( You're right, it is stressful. We moved into this house when Bean was 3 months old. Without any friends or family nearby to help, it was all. I was up at night stressing. Finally I told my husband we needed to suck it up and hire movers. It was a couple grand and worth EVERY PENNY.

    I hope you have no more unpleasant surprises. And happy birthday to the munchkins!!!  

  3. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    We're self-movers as well. It's a hassle, but we just can't afford movers. I'm sorry about all of the issues you guys are having, and hope the deep freeze plug is an easy fix. Our house sprouted two small leaks thanks to the monsoon hitting the south. They are small and my dad believes he can fix them.
    Sorry your buyers were bad. Our seller felt the same way about us I think. Her realtor was so hateful to our realtor and even our mortgage broker. Then when we went into sign, they were both like, "I can't believe you went through all this while pregnant, you poor thing." They were the cause of 75% of my heartache. Grr.  

  4. # Blogger Mom24

    I hope they fix the problems--pronto. Sorry for the tears, it is definitely hard. What a gorgeous, gorgeous house though. I am terribly jealous. I can't wait to see pictures as you make it your home.  

  5. # Blogger Sasha

    The new house looks gorgeous!  

  6. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    Ooh... You can email me, if you want to vent. I could use a juicy story.

    Hope the issues at the new place settle down. Just imagine how beautiful it will be to have a big, open house for Christmas!  

  7. # Blogger In Due Time

    Moving SUCKS! :-)

    I want to know the scoop! Email me. :-)

    Glad to see you're still alive. I've been refreshing your blog since Saturday lol  

  8. # Blogger Veronica

    (If there are two posts from me, it's because I had an error message!)

    I was saying that this is so exciting and it's so wonderful that you're be in the new house.

    Karma is all I have to say re: buyers.

    And moving is stressful -- there's no doubt about that, but you'll have a chance to make this home your own and it'll be wonderful. Things are going to get better.  

  9. # Blogger Jesser

    I know it's never easy, but I'm sorry it was so hard. I'm glad it's over and I hope your new house works really well for you.  

  10. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Moving is really hard work, physically and emotionally. But congratulations on your new house -- I hope you are all happy there!  

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