Update and "Name a Twin" Contest Results

Being home with the twins is fantastic. Their stays in the NICU were so short that we were only separated from them for a few days from the time I went home on Monday afternoon to when we went home with them on Thursday afternoon.

That said, while I was in the hospital, I felt a definite lack of connection with them. They didn't room in with me, which felt completely unnatural. I was so sick for the entire six days I was there that I rarely visited them in the NICU. I was pumping, but they were getting at least two or three formula-feedings a day because I couldn't keep up. I didn't even get to hold Luciana until she was two days old. I didn't feel bonded to them, but since they came home, it's gotten better.

Nursing premature twins is a challenge. Isabella was a great nurser right from the beginning, and these two are not, although Nicholas is better than Luciana. I can't nurse them both at once yet because they latch on and then fall off. They are pokey, and they fall asleep while nursing a lot. None of this would be a big deal except for the fact that they need to gain weight. We have weight checks at their pediatrician's once a week. I am dedicated to exclusively breastfeeding them for as long as I can, and I'm looking forward to the day when I can nurse them both at once to save time and get some additional sleep. Ah, sleep. I miss you, my friend.
They sleep a lot during the day. They are not so fond of sleeping at night. They've been getting up every three hours or so, and then begins the marathon of changing, feeding, burping, and rocking two babies back to sleep. My mom is staying with us for a month, so she's been a great help both with Isabella and in the middle of the night with the twins. Isabella doesn't hear a thing, since she sleeps with a sound machine in her room.
Luci and Nicholas are impossibly tiny. Isabella's newborn sleepers are gigantic on them. Even the few preemie outfits my grandma went out and bought are big on them. I've actually considered duct-taping the preemie/newborn diapers onto their bodies to help keep them in place. I know they'll grow quickly, but they seem so fragile and delicate right now, I'm certain I'll break one of their tiny chicken limbs while dressing them.

Oh, and the queen bee is adjusting quite well, and is immensely enjoying both the resurrection of her bouncy seat from the depths of the basement and the copious amounts of sugar her grandma's been slipping her.

Do you remember the contest I held back in June? The one where I asked you to interfere in my marital dispute regarding the name my youngest daughter whom I wanted to name Lucy and my husband did not? As it turns out, we selected a name one of you suggested.
The lovely Ness was the one to suggest Luciana. She said it went well with Isabella (and I agree) and both the hubs and I liked it better than my second-runner-up choice of Lucia.
Of course, it's not Lucy. And yes, I'm still bitter, in case you're wondering. But last Sunday night as I was writhing in agony on a stretcher in the Labor and Delivery Triage unit of the hospital (don't worry, that story is coming later this week) we decided we'd better settle on a girl's name after weeks of arguing. And our daughter officially became Luciana that night.
I promised a prize to the person who suggested the name we picked, so one is coming your way, Ness. Given that what's left of my creativity and ingenuity have eroded into a pile of sleep-deprived mush, if there's anything in particular you'd like from the States, do let me know.

15 Responses to “Update and "Name a Twin" Contest Results”

  1. # Blogger Tracey

    God, they are so precious...

    How wonderful that your mother is able to stay for a month! Hope you can sleep and that the babies' eating perks up soon.


  2. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    Oh . . . those legs!

    The lack of sleep ~ I'm so, so sorry. After three years of continuous sleep deprivation, I understand how you feel. Even last night was rotten, as Bridget was awake for most of the night. She even had the audacity to kick me and tell me to get out of my own bed. Nice girl, eh?

    I hope you will be able to get in a good schedule before your mom has to leave. And at least Isabella is being a trooper!  

  3. # Blogger kenju

    I love their names, and yes, Luciana does go well with Isabella. I hope they start feeding well soon, and you get some rest.  

  4. # Anonymous Lisanne

    How neat that Ness "named" your daughter! That is *so* very cool! I *love* the names that you picked out. So beautiful. They are precious! You are doing a GREAT job, lady. I hope to get a baby/mom gift in the mail to you soon, hopefully next week. So glad your mom is able to stay with you for a month!  

  5. # Blogger Mom24

    They are absolutely beautiful. Yes, both of them. ;-) So glad your mom can help. That's wonderful. Good luck with the sleep deprivation, it will get easier, but it will take some time. I know you know that. They're names are awesome.  

  6. # Blogger My Wombinations

    Love the babes. I really might have to come out to meet them.  

  7. # Blogger Damselfly

    You're amazing! I don't know how parents of multiples do it. I hope the next dr. appointment for the twins goes well and shows they've gained weight.

    Isabella looks so cute in the bouncy seat! And of course your babies are precious.  

  8. # Blogger Marie

    So sweet... and those legs!!!  

  9. # Anonymous Ness

    I won!!! :) I'll email you tomorrow when I get a chance to catchup (my internet is sporadic cos i'm borrowing my mom's modem until 1Nov when our connectino gets sorted out!

    Gotta run, glad to hear the twins are doing well. Will email you tomorrow!!

    "I can't believe it's me!"
    (Wipes tear, and waves at crowd like newly crowned beauty queen!)  

  10. # Blogger Jesser

    Aww... they are SO tiny. And it sounds like you are all settling in well. I'm completely impressed you can nurse one well let alone two! Big Kudos to you for even attempting. Hope it improves a bit soon. Hope you get some sleep too!  

  11. # Anonymous Amy

    So good to see back, Kristi, and I'm so happy for you that those babies are home. I seriously love Luciana and Lucy (well, and Nicholas, too)--Ness totally deserves the win.

    It's awesome that you're nursing both of them, although I know it's hard.

    I know just what you mean about the chicken legs--my 9 yo was almost 6 weeks early and about that size. But she DID triple her weight very quickly, so I hope those gorgeous twins do the same.  

  12. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    They look so sweet! And I'm glad Isabella is adjusting well. I like her new TV seat. Very nice.  

  13. # Blogger Shannon

    ohhh they look soo cute... and bless you for try so hard to nurse them... and I hope you are able to keep at it...

    and sooo awesome your mom is staying for the month... that is so cool... and helpful I am sure...  

  14. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    We can come to each other for support about breastfeeding twins. It's no walk in the park, that's for sure.  

  15. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    We can come to each other for support about breastfeeding twins. It's no walk in the park, that's for sure.  

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