Isabella at 26 Months

Isabella turned 26 months old over a week ago, but I've been a little busy spilling breastmilk all over the couch, tripping over slippers in the wee hours of the morning, and crying for no reason at all, so my firstborn's update post is late.

She seems to have grown up so much in the week I was in the hospital. My mom, who stayed with her while the hubs was holding a vomit tub under my chin for six straight days while covering his nose and desperately trying not to puke himself, has her performing various and sundry household chores, including helping her make coffee in the morning, and washing, tearing, and spinning lettuce for our salads. My two-year-old is suddenly 100 times more domestic than I am.

Isabella has always been a very sensitive kid who gets upset and sad when she sees others cry or in pain. I did not, however, think her emotions carried over to Charlie Brown Halloween specials. She watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for the first time the other day and broke out into a full-fledged teary-eyed wail when Charlie went to kick the football and Lucy pulled it away at the last minute, sending Charlie flat on his back. So much for my planned airing of Saw 3 on Friday.

My daughter's vocabulary continues to grow, and she's using it to her advantage. With three adults living in my house right now, if she doesn't get what she wants from one of us, she'll say, "I better go ask mommy/daddy/grammy." She's also quite a skillful negotiator, asking for "two more minutes" before bedtime or naptime while holding up two fingers. And her compound sentences ("First I want to color and then I want to have a tea party") warm the cockles of her very tired mother's English major heart.

Isabella has seemingly adapted very well to the twins' arrival. She's been channelling her inner John McCain and referring to the twins as "that one" when we ask her which one is crying, which one is hungry, etc. She also refers to them as "baby brother" and "baby sister" more often than she does by their first names. When they cry, she tells me, "Give them the boobie. They need milk." She is, as she always has been, the perennial dictator.

One of the most gratifying sights is when I bring Luci or Nicholas into her room in the morning when she's ready to get up. She asks for them to be placed in her crib, and then she lays down next to them and talks to them in a special squeaky voice reserved just for her brother and sister, hugs them, and asks if it's okay to kiss them. She's enchanted by their tiny fingers, and always asks to see them. And it's moments like these that help assuage some of the guilt I feel for turning her world upside-down. I can see that she truly loves them, and since they're not currently able to grab at her toys or steal her favorite cribmate animal, they don't seem to be rocking her world too greatly.

I am so incredibly proud of the person she's becoming. She sometimes drives me ape-shit, up-the-wall crazy with her obstinate and stubborn behavior, but 95% of the time, she's an amazing little girl.

Current Likes: Salmon, raking leaves, her imaginary dog friend, "Baby Watson"

Current Dislikes: Napping

10 Responses to “Isabella at 26 Months”

  1. # Anonymous Ness

    Damn I wish my internet connection was sorted out so that i can catch up properly! I'm like SEW behind on my blogwalking. Firstly, I can't believe how much taller/more grown up Isabella looks in your more recent photos, and secondly, I can't get over just how damn cute those twins are. Seriously...that little pudgy leg had my ovaries instantly deposit several eggs into my fallopian tubes, despite my being on the 'very definite' pill right now. :)  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    That is an awesome update. I love how real you are. She's a great kids. I'm happy the adjustment is going well.  

  3. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    Sleep deprivation certainly hasn't diminished your wry sense of humor and ability to deliver witty updates. This one was great! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

    This is certainly the break I've needed today. :-)  

  4. # Blogger Damselfly

    I am so impressed! I know I probably say that every time you write one of these posts, but it's true. Isabella's depth of emotion, her vocabulary, her willingness to do tasks around the house are all extraordinary.  

  5. # Blogger kenju

    Oh, she's getting so big!! It is so nice to read about her and the twins, Kristi. You've been gone too long!  

  6. # Blogger My Wombinations

    So sweet!  

  7. # Blogger Shannon

    Wait, is her imaginary dog friend named "Baby Watson?" Because if it is, that's the best dog name EVER! But I suspect that Baby Watson is some kid thing I don't know about. Still, best dog name ever!  

  8. # Blogger Tracey

    She is so sweet... No scary movies, eh? Meanwhile, my daughter laughs hysterically when poor Charlie Brown falls down. Nice.  

  9. # Blogger Shannon

    lol... her and that tongue in the last photo crack me up... Lore does that too lol...  

  10. # Anonymous Amy

    "Give them the boobie."


    I bet she loves the way you turned her world upside-down.  

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