The Day After

I am humbled and thankful for all the supportive comments I received following yesterday's post. Wow.

And also, hello lurkers! I'm glad you outed yourselves and commented. Yesterday was like my own personal Sunshine Week around here. I hope you stick around and comment more often. Despite my vulgar mouth and my tendency to fly off the handle about things that piss me off, I'm actually a fairly decent human being. And I won't bite. I promise.

So, the news has settled in, somewhat. I called the hubs right after the phone call from my clinic last night, and because I was lacking the creativity and emotional composure to come up with anything beyond a blubbering, "It's paahshitive," that's how I told him. He channeled his inner Stacy London and told me to "Shut Up!" He is thrilled, of course, but has decided to join me in Camp Cautiously Optimistic, so we didn't spend all last night discussing how we're going to tell Mini Mussolini that she might need to share her throne at the end of the year, or anything like that. In fact, we barely talked about it at all, which I know must sound insane to most of you, but makes perfect sense to two people whose path to parenthood wasn't exactly strewn with roses.

My mom called and she asked me if it was okay to congratulate me now. Ha! (Karrie-you rule.) I said it was. She is very excited, and asked how soon we would be sharing the news with the family. The answer is that I have absolutely no idea. Getting a positive pregnancy bloodtest is one small step on the road to the big dance. Tomorrow's bloodtest is another small step. And the one I'll probably have to get on Friday is yet another. We'll probably reassess then when we might consider sharing our news, assuming everything is going well.

I have to stay on both my injections and my vaginal suppositories (even the words are repulsive), so nothing changes there.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly and ridiculously blessed and lucky I'm feeling right now. I don't need to tell you that I did not feel positive about yesterday's outcome before I got the call. Shocking, given my rainbows-and-roses personality, I know. But in all seriousness, and if things continue to point in the direction of a successful pregnancy in the next few days, I will feel like I have struck the lottery twice.

And trust me when I tell you that I will never, ever take this fact for granted.

9 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    I think I would be cautiously optimistic, too, and you have every right to take as much time as you need before telling your family. It's one thing to tell all of us, but another thing entirely to tell your family. We are just so dang excited for you, but we realize that it's still a one-day-at-a-time event. I think ANY pregnancy is like that.

    Just accept that good things happen to good people, and you all are completely deserving!! Relish the moment as much as you can. :-)  

  2. # Blogger Tracey

    Of course, you're cautious! Everyone is, especially in the beginning. Hang in there, and enjoy the privacy of the news (sans internet!) for now.

    I'm still SO HAPPY for you....  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    I hope the numbers continue to go up -- I don't know about that, but I assume it's telling you about the hormone level?

    I understand your cautiousness! And I see a mini-van in your future!!! (maybe a really big one!)  

  4. # Blogger My Wombinations

    I think it is very normal to not be totally sure everything will work out. I was the same way with both of my pregnancies. You have to do what feels right re: telling other people. But I am so happy for you and I reserve the right to toast you (with cider of course) . I am so glad we get to be two knocked up ladies together!  

  5. # Blogger l

    Just think - after saying "vaginal suppositories" so many times, saying things like "explosive diarrhea from the twins or the triplets" won't seem as bad. ;p  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Well, I will cautiously congratulate you, until you feel strong enough to positively accept full congratulations.

    Cool beans, Kristi.


  7. # Blogger Jesser

    Of course you're cautiously optimistic. Nothing feels worse than a crash from on high. I will be hoping the cautiously optimistic turns into over the moon!! Congrats again.  

  8. # Blogger Mom24

    Good luck to you today...I'll (and many, many of your *friends*) will be thinking of you.  

  9. # Anonymous Laura McIntyre

    I am very behind on blog posts but CONGRATULATIONS, i am so happy for you guys and wish you a happy and healthy nine months  

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