Really Sweet and Really Gross

These arrived at my house yesterday afternoon. And yes, I'll have you know I'm one of those girls who can be won over with flowers.

This concludes the "really sweet" portion of this post.

Now on to the really gross part of our show.

Have you all seen these advertised on TV? I don't think a more disgusting food item exists on the planet. Apparently, they are "layers" of said company's "flavors" in a single, allegedly "famous" bowl. Because seriously, what's more appetizing that mashed potatoes, layered with corn, layered with chicken, and then topped with gravy and cheese? That's like a heart attack in a dish. Now, I like all these things separately (except maybe the gravy) but all thrown together in one bowl? Retch.

Has anyone ever had one of these? And if you haven't, would you try one?

13 Responses to “Really Sweet and Really Gross”

  1. # Blogger Caryl

    How sweet of Rich!!!! I suggest you keep him :-) and stop to smell the flowers every now and then!

    My neighbor lives on these mashed potato bowls. I have not tried one, but they do smell yummy!!!! I guess it's all in the eyes, stomach and taste buds of the beholder.  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    I would rather eat a big helping of that canned green beans with Cream of Mushroom soup stuff on top that is always served at Midwest Thanksgiving feasts than eat that. My stomach burbles just looking at it. Eeewwww!  

  3. # Blogger sher

    That is wonderful!! What a guy!

    I've never had those bowls, mainly because I made a list of places that I'm not allowed to buy fast food from and KFC on the list. But, when I saw the commercial I started laughing because I knew some of my relatives would go bonkers over that!  

  4. # Blogger Hopeful Mother

    That is a really nice surprise from Rich. Definitely a keeper!

    Now, I have to admit that I think the KFC bowls look delicious... my husband and I actually went to our local KFC last weekend in the hopes of eating one - but (thankfully?) they didn't carry the promotion...!  

  5. # Blogger Marie

    Very nice, Rich!!

    That bowl? Eww. I haven't seen the ads, but just looking at the picture & its description, I know it's not for me! Kind of garbage-plate-ish, no?  

  6. # Blogger Thalia

    That looks truly disgusting.

    Btw I tagged you for a cookbook meme - do try and do it if you get the chance.  

  7. # Blogger sunShine

    That was so sweet of youtr husband, my heart has melted.

    I don't eat at KFC too often, sorry!  

  8. # Blogger Dawn

    Ok. I'm the first person who has tried this bowl...should I feel ashamed?! It wasn't bad, not fabulous, but definitely not bad.  

  9. # Blogger Kristi

    Caryl-That's true, I suppose!

    Shannon-LOL. I'm with you on that one.

    Sher-I used to love KFC's popcorn chicken, but haven't eaten it in years after I heard about how KFC treats its chickens. So, I don't buy fast food from there (or really anywhere, unless you count Wendy's new vanilla frostys, because seriously, those are yummy) or anywhere.

    Hopeful Mother-I think you saved your stomach some serious distress!

    Marie-Yup-that's exactly what it reminded me of.

    Thalia-Cool. I will definitely do it.

    Sunshine-Me either!

    Dawn-Wow. You admitted to eating one of these? For shame! ;)  

  10. # Blogger Beagle

    The flowers are sweet, I can't read teh note, but I am sure it is as well.

    Those KFC bowls sound awful, not to mention they probably contain the calories for 6 meals in one bowl and enough fat grams to kill a horse.  

  11. # Blogger jokiebird

    What a sweet husband. :)

    Those KFC bowls look disgusting. I understand the potatoes, chicken, and gravy, but the corn and cheese are just disgusting.

    I hope you don't mind a stranger popping in and making a comment on your blog. I stumbled across it on accident a couple of months ago, and I come back because you're a terrific writer and I enjoy your adventures in babyhood. Congrats on Isabella!  

  12. # Blogger l

    Wow, that was totally really sweet and really gross. Why? WHY would you combine those things in one bowl? Is it meant to cater to Americans who don't know how to slow down and dine? Yuck.  

  13. # Blogger Kristi

    Beagle-Yes, I agree. I don't think I'd want to know how many calories are in those things.

    Jokiebird-Thanks for stopping by, and for the nice compliment! You're welcome here anytime. :)

    L-I have no idea who the target market is. I just know that all those things in one bowl are just wrong.  

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