Weekend Cat Blogging

My three cats have adapted pretty well to Isabella. They don't really come near her. They sniff her sometimes, but that's the extent of their interest. Her furniture, of course, is another story.

Here we have Ella posing with Claudia.

Claudia wishes Ella wouldn't mess with her either.

7 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Awww!!! I see she's not bundled up to her eyeballs... don't you think Ella's cold, Kristi? ;-)

    Gosh is she a doll!!!  

  2. # Blogger CAL

    Awesome bib! Where can I get one of those!  

  3. # Blogger HoosierGirl5

    What a cute baby!

  4. # Blogger kenju

    She's darling! I like Ella, the cat and the chair (in that order)!!  

  5. # Blogger sher

    Yeah, I'm worried too--about her naked legs!!!!! :):) They both look like they want to get away from each other! LOL!!! Love that picture. Love any Ella picture! When does her calendar come out???  

  6. # Blogger sunShine

    ADORABLE! You can tell the cat is uncomfortable being that close to her.  

  7. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-She was freezing. In fact, she got frostbite, and three of her toes fell off. I have to figure out a way to hide them from my grandma.

    Cal-Gee, I have no idea. ;)


    Kenju- :)

    Sher-Calendar coming soon to a Babies R Us near you.

    Sunshine-yeah, except Claudia pretty much has that look all the time.  

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