Weekend Cat Blogging

You might remember that prior to Isabella's birth, we had a small problem with the cats sleeping on all her furniture. At times we caught them red-handed. At times, they left their hair as their calling cards. And at all times, they were unapologetic.

Well, I am here today to report that the problem...

has not been solved.

Here we have the seldom-seen Louie perched atop Ella's downstairs changing table on Friday morning, taking a siesta in the morning sun.

Anyone want to change his diaper?

12 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging”

  1. # Blogger The Princess

    Our kitty stop getting near Camille's crib when she became mobile. Although he stopped sleeping in it when she was born...it was part of his path that lead to his window sill!  

  2. # Blogger Beagle

    My SIL found the same to be true . . . once the kids can go after the cats, the cats learn to HIDE.

    Cute photo, but those of Isabella in her Halloween outfits are much cuter!  

  3. # Blogger Geekwif

    I think I'll pass.

    He is such a pretty cat!  

  4. # Blogger Damselfly

    hee hee, I've found cat hairs in the pack n play, but otherwise our cats have been pretty good  

  5. # Blogger kenju

    Has he been de-clawed? If not, nooooooooo - I'm not touching him....LOL. But wait until Ella can crawl; the cat will hide all day!  

  6. # Blogger sher

    Yeah, cats are really attracted to that. In fact, there has been some research that shows cats are attracted to concentrations of energy. The researchers thouhgt that cats (unlike dogs) are attracted to the warmth of that energy. So, that's why they will sit in the middle of the newspaper your reading--the energy is directed to the newspaper and they want to be right in the middle of it. They mentioned that it's the energy everyone is directing to the baby that makes them want to sleep in the cribs and so forth.

    Well, true or not--it got someone a nice research article out of it!  

  7. # Blogger sher

    Oops--forgot to mention that Louie looks GORGEOUS!  

  8. # Blogger Christine

    Cute, cute. And the cake you baked below for your uncle looks just my speed.

    Hooray! for ::insert random name for blogging every day in November here:: I missed reading you frequently.  

  9. # Blogger Dawn

    Boy, I remember having that problem! Maybe if you kept a plastic garbage bag next to the table, and just drape it over whenever it's not in use. They probably wouldn't think that's comfortable.

    Love that top Halloween costume pic! And, don't listen to any of the critics when it comes to raising your own children. I got so much advice, I just started saying mmmhmmm. And not telling them why their advice sucked. It saved energy. My son was breastfed until he was 14 months old (probably would have kept on if I hadn't gone back to work). And he was a healthy, chubby, happy baby.  

  10. # Blogger Kristi

    Princess-I think mobility will definitely deter Louie. He's scared of his own shadow.

    Beagle-Yup-I know this will happen with Louie. And I'm glad you liked the pictures of the Ladybug. ;)


    Damselfly-We have hairs in the pack n play too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

    Kenju-No, definitely not declawed. And I have a feeling that knowing Louie, I'll never see him once Ella is mobile.

    Sher-That's fascinating, and it makes total sense. Thanks for sharing.

    Christine-aww.. thanks!  

  11. # Blogger Kristi

    Dawn-Thanks. That's very good advice! I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I don't have as much time to read blogs as I used to, but I'm catching up slowly.  

  12. # Blogger l

    Perhaps he's just keeping her spot warm? Yeah. Right.  

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