15 and 6

It's Election Day, and although I'm a political news junkie, I can't recall ever being as interested in a midterm election than I am in this year's because of what's at stake.

Democrats can take over control of the House with just 15 seats, and they can take control of the Senate with just 6 seats. And with these victories, there can finally be somewhat of a system of checks and balances run on the worst president this country has ever had.

Perhaps we as a country will finally witness an end to our president legislating morality from within the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Perhaps we'll finally see the focus of our country move beyond what goes on in the bedrooms of American adults, beyond what medical procedures women choose to have performed on their bodies, and beyond what options couples have for disposing of the byproducts of their infertility treatments.

And perhaps the focus will shift to what's really important: closing the gap that exists between the wealthy and the very poor of this country, which is widening every day. Taking personal responsibility for how each one of our actions impacts the global environment, which is deteriorating at an alarming pace. And perhaps most importantly, designing an exit strategy for getting our men and women out of Iraq. Now. Before one more solider is killed in a war we never should have been fighting in the first place.

I will vote today for a change. Will you?

8 Responses to “15 and 6”

  1. # Blogger M

    You know...for once I am registered to vote, yet I won't be. I was so frustrated by all the political ads on tv with candidates just bashing each other. There was one guy in MD running, who in my opinion, was the only decent guy running in the area. All of his ads focused on himself and he wasn't bashing his opponent. If I lived in MD I would have voted for him. But the cadidates in my state-- I don't like.  

  2. # Blogger The Princess

    And that is the problem with uneducated Americans...they are voting based on Social issues and not the important issues that truly affect the outcomes of their lives. I vote based on my checkbook, plain and simple. I want to retire one day and I would like to have money to do so. I would also like to retire one day in a secure country. That's what matters, not someone's sexuality!!

    I vote with the same intent today. We need to do some house cleaning!!  

  3. # Blogger Mombat

    Beautifully stated. Yes, I voted first thing this morning. Was restless all night about it. I only fear that the results will not match the hype.

    And if you are disgusted with the process and want to send a message, still go vote! It's the only way to exert any control over how politicians campaign.  

  4. # Blogger Caryl

    In NC they have something called No Excuses Early Voting - you can vote up to 2 weeks before election day. We went on Saturday and waited 45 minutes! Unfortunately, it is raining here - ant rain is a BIG DEAL in NC! People think they will melt or something, so hopefully that will not stop some people from voting.The only way to have your voice heard is to vote!!!!  

  5. # Blogger Shannon

    Absolutely I am voting! I'm on pins and needles, frankly! Please please please. . .  

  6. # Blogger Binulatti

    Absoleffenloutely. Vote or lose your right to complain about the state of the world. Being a part of the solution, albeit mid term, is a small light a the end of a very dark tunnel. Power to the [Blue, reality-based, progressively minded] people!  

  7. # Blogger sher

    Oh, I did! So far the news looks good. There are some people locally that I hope get kicked out, we'll see.  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    M-You should have voted! I hate those nasty political ads too, but voting is the only way we can have a say in what goes on in this country.

    Princess-Exactly. Live your life based on whatever morals you choose, but don't expect the rest of the world to follow suit.

    Mombat-Exactly. By voting, you're sending a message. And that's exactly what this country did to W last night. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Caryl-Good for you for braving those elements. I'm proud of you!

    Shannon-it was a good night! Yay!

    Karrie- Go Big Blue!

    Sher-(fingers crossed for the Senate)!  

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