Infected Boobs and Skinny Jeans

Remember my posts (here and here) earlier in the summer about other people's boobs? Well, this post is about my own. The girls, they are infected.

Last Thursday evening, my father-in-law and his wife were visiting us. They came late (or late for us these days) at around 7pm, and they didn't leave until after nine. Prior to their visit, a coworker of mine was visiting. And instead of taking Isabella upstairs to feed her during either of these two visits, I let her sleep contently through the company. Well, she may have been happy to miss a meal, but my boobs certainly weren't. By the time I did feed her, the girls were huge and hard and hurting. I figured the pain would go away once she finished nursing. And it didn't.

That night I awoke for her first middle-of-the-night feeding around 1am sweating through my nightshirt. A few hours later, I woke up to feed her and I couldn't get warm. I was freezing. I took my temperature in the morning, and it was 101. Then I consulted my friendly breastfeeding book, checked out the girls to find the right one red and inflammed, and self-diagnosed myself with mastitis, or a breast infection. I made an appointment with my OB, called my aunt to come over and watch Isabella, and came home with a 10-day antiobiotic prescription.

Let me just say that I am never, EVER going to let her go longer than three hours without feeding her again. Because seriously, ouch. Breast infections hurt.

But the last two days have not all been filled with misery. The planets did align in my favor yesterday when lo and behold...I fit into a pair of my skinny jeans! Now, when I say skinny, I'm not referring to the Gap Commercial Audrey Hepburn-style Skinny Pants. And not to get off-topic here but what is up with these pants anyway? I read an article a few months ago that said that one of the new fall trends are this style of pants and jeans. Not believing this, because truly, it's got to be somewhere near 0.000002% of the population of women who can actually wear these pants without looking like overstuffed sausages, I asked my sister, seer of haute couture, to please say it ain't so. Needless to say, she couldn't, and instead confirmed that yes, indeed, these pants were coming back, and are no longer banished to the back of 1988's closet, along with banana clips and L.A. Gear sneakers.

Ahem, moving on.

So I wrote a few weeks ago that I was still wearing my maternity clothes because I didn't have the time or energy to try on any of my regular clothes. Well, yesterday I decided to give the jeans the old college try. And I call them my "skinny" jeans not because they're a size 0, but simply because they aren't my "fat" jeans. You know the kind. You even have a pair or two. I know you do. They're the jeans you wear once a month for a few days. Or for that long four-day weekend during the last week in November. Or, if you're like me with an Italian aunt who makes over 3,000 cookies a year at Christmas time, perhaps you wear them for the last two weeks in December. Anyway, back to the skinny jeans. They fit! The skies opened. The angels sang. And I did a little happy dance that no one but Chubbie the cat, sitting on my bed, witnessed.

Now, I won't say they aren't a bit snug still, because they are. And I won't say that I don't have a small tummy to still get rid of, because I do. But it's quite the coup for me that these jeans fit at all because I'm still a good 10 pounds heavier than I was a year ago, when I bought these jeans while visiting Karrie in Seattle. So, how does that work exactly? My thought it that the weight has shifted up to the girls, who are now even larger and more in charge than ever before. Because for all intents and purposes, those jeans shouldn't fit yet. And I haven't tried on my Citizens of Humanity jeans (the designer jeans dear sis convinced me to spend a small fortune on during that same Seattle trip). Frankly, I'm chicken, and I fear I will cry like a seven year old girl if they don't fit yet, so I'm going to wait until I'm certain they will before attempting to put them on. I'm hoping my OB clears me to start running again at my six-week postpartum checkup in a few weeks. And then I will really start delving into my closet of regular clothes again, instead of wearing the same five shirts and two pairs of jeans/pants that I've been wearing for the past month or so.

And on a completely unrelated note, one of the blogs on my blogroll seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to Princess?

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