Why Blog Friends and Kiwis Rock

Someone I "know" via her blog is going through a tough time right now. She emailed me to thank me for my support, and she wrote about how great it was that blog friends, the people we never meet in person, who are spread out all over the world, are such enormous sources of support, comfort, and encouragement when the going gets tough. I couldn't agree more. I have a wonderful support system of friends in real life. But I also feel so close to many of you, the people who stop by here to read my words and leave comments on a daily basis. So much so, in fact, that one of my chief concerns in the next week is how soon Rich or my sister can have the Beastie birth news posted to Blogger exactly seven days from now. Ahhh!!!

I arrived home yesterday to a package from Dawn at Colorado Foodie. Dawn and I are blog pals, and have known eachother through our blogs for almost a year now. When I found out that my IVF cycle had worked last December, I received my very first "congratulations" card and gift from her (because I was telling NO ONE, except for a few very select people, and of course, the entire Internet via this blog). It meant so much to me then, as it still does now. And yesterday I received the most adorable baby blanket, burp cloth, and bib from Dawn, each with the duck theme and colors we used in the Beastie's nursery. Thank you so much, Dawn!

Last week, I received a gift in the mail all the way from New Zealand. The company I work for was originally NZ-based, and our Research and Development office still exists in Auckland. Given the distance, I only know a very few people from that office (the ones that have come to the US office to work for short periods of time throughout the 1.5 years I've been with the company), and I didn't think many of them even knew I was pregnant since I never made a company-wide announcement. They sent me the "Genuine New Zealand Buzzy Bee." What's a Buzzy Bee, you ask? Well, according to the little book that came with it, the Buzzy Bee is one of NZ's most famous icons, and is the traditional gift to many international VIPs, dignitaries, and celebrity recipients from Kiwis (as New Zealanders are called). Even the future King of England, Prince William, was given one as a baby. Beastie has something in common with Wills, ya'll!!

Exactly one week from now, at about this time, I'll meet my Beastie. And I still can't believe I've been given the chance to be a mom.

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  1. # Blogger The Princess

    Well, I'm so glad we've "met"!!

    When I was expecting Camille, one of my amazing readers sent me a sweet little gift off of my registery. It was a wonderful surprise. I even kept the shipping info to show Camille one day!

    BTW: I trained my sister on Blogger couple months b/f Camille was born so she posted while I was in the hospital!!  

  2. # Blogger Marie

    One week from today!! Woohoo! Very sweet gifts.

    Do you have a phonecall tree? Or will your whole extended family just be at the hospital? ;-) If you ask one of them to call me I can post your news on my blog as soon as you announce it. I'm always around at this time of day!  

  3. # Blogger Christine

    Gah only one more week! And shamefully, I will admit, that I wondered if you were going to have Karrie post the news and when, because as your readers we clearly needed to know asap.

    Yay for you mama!  

  4. # Blogger sunShine

    Can you believe it? One week left. Honestly try to get lots of rest this week and take care of that little beastie.

    Congrats Mommy.  

  5. # Blogger M

    WOW! One week! Amazing. So, as this last week approaches- what last minute preparations are you doing, if any?
    Any concerns/worries?  

  6. # Blogger l

    One week? ONE WEEK? Are you sure? OMG, time is flyng by and I cannot wait to hear about Beastie and how it's equipped!

    That reminds me...I don't have ICE for my blog. Damn that Shannon!  

  7. # Blogger sher

    Oh, I've been wondering how we would get the news too. I wake up each day and one of the things I think about is you (and Beastie). I can't believe that it's all coming to fast.  

  8. # Blogger Caryl

    Wow - 1 week from today and you will meet beastie. Oh, I'm so excited for you!! Where did the time go? I agree with everyone here, rest as much as you can this week. And let us know as soon as possible about beastie and also post the stats - height, weight, and how you are doing. 7 days and counting!  

  9. # Blogger Binulatti

    Very sweet gifties! And I will SO beat Rich to the punch with getting the pics up to the blogosphere. I promise, the second we get back from the hospital I'll sneak away, laptop under arm and unleash a multimedia Beastie debut!  

  10. # Blogger Shannon

    Cannot wait!!  

  11. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Whoo-hoo!!! One more week to go and we'll all find out if Beastie is a Boy-Beastie, or a Girl-Beastie!
    I feel so glad to have been able to follow your thoughts and hopes throughout your pregnancy, and am looking forward to all your motherhood stories!
    Enjoy the next 7 days!
    PS: Great gifts!  

  12. # Blogger Kristi

    Princess-I am too. And I think getting anything in the mail is cool, but getting something from a blog friend, someone you don't know IRL, is even more special. :)

    Marie-LOL. You know my family too well. Pretty much everyone in my extended family will be there. And thank you for the offer. Once I figure out who is going to be where and when, I will probably take you up on that!

    Christine-Of course! And you shall have the news as soon as it's available. Well, maybe not that soon...but soon enough!

    Sunshine-I'm trying! I wish my sleep patterns would co-operate though.

    M-Believe it or not, most of our prep work is done. We have the nursery all done, the basinett set up in our bedroom, and everything put in its proper place. I'm starting work on Beastie's baby book, which I know that if I don't start now, I never will!

    L and Shannon-Me too!

    Sher-Aww... thank you!

    Caryl-I definitely will.

    Ramona-I'm so glad you've liked following my story. I hope this blog doesn't become too "momerific" though, once the Beastie gets here.  

  13. # Blogger Pixxiee

    Ahhh the Buzzy Bee. We gave one to Prince William when he visited here as a baby with Charles and Diana all those years ago.

    Us kiwi's like sharing the good stuff!  

  14. # Blogger Dawn

    Ooohh, I can't wait to see the little beastie! Although, hopefully by then we'll have a proper name!  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous
  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    added to my rss reader  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    и всё эе: благодарю.. а82ч  

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