WCB #45

Cat naps are a family affair in my house. Generally speaking, where you find one sleeping cat, you're likely to find at least one more. Chubbie (the mama cat to the other two: Louie and Claudia) is generally the main attraction. If she settles down for a nap, come a few minutes later, Louie or Claudia (but rarely both at the same time) saunter up, and attempt to snuggle and nap with her. Most of the time, Chubbie obliges.

Cat naps are also not an independent affair. There is no imaginary Baby and Johnny "dancing space" the other kitty cannot cross. Oh no, where these cats are concerned, there is all sorts of intermingling: legs thrown over backs, front legs and paws encircling necks, and yes, even paws outstretched into ears.

Here you have Louie giving Chubbie's ear a thorough cleaning.

And here you have Chubbie performing the proverbial "leg toss" over Claudia.

For more cute kitty pictures, head over to Clare's.

10 Responses to “WCB #45”

  1. # Blogger boo_licious

    That is so sweet - nothing is cuter than to see them nap as they are so peaceful.  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    So much fuzziness in so little occupied space!  

  3. # Blogger Clare Eats

    See Kiri does that to mee, and itmeans he can sleep onmy head, my army,my leg......  

  4. # Blogger Clare Eats


  5. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    That is SOOOO sweet! Dutchie ususally hisses at Mao the moment he crosses the line.  

  6. # Anonymous sher

    AWWWW!! I love it when kitties do that cuddling thing. Happy Easter. I'm soooo tired of cooking. And I still have to fix cupcakes tomorrow with (shudder) Peeps on top of each one!!!!!!!!  

  7. # Blogger Jelly

    Makes me sleepy! Zzzzzzz  

  8. # Blogger Geekwif

    They're just darling. It's hard to find something cuter than napping kitties.  

  9. # Blogger Kristi

    Boo-I know. They're so cute!

    Shannon-They are indeed fuzzy. Except for Claudia, who is the short-haired member of the family.

    Clare-Hee-Hee. Kiri is such the lover, isn't he? And I hope you had a nice Easter!

    Ramona-Oh dear. Well, they can't all get along, I suppose.

    Sher-Cupcakes with Peeps on them? Yikes!

    Jelly-Me too.

    Geekwif-I agree!  

  10. # Blogger stacey

    just like humans fighting for space on the shared bed..  

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