Food, Doggie Love, and One Scary Chocolate Baby

Easter 2006 is over, but like most holiday meals at my grandma's house, it has left some lasting memories and, with my awesome new digital camera, I was able to capture some of them to share with you.

First, I give you the food. The table below is not the dining room table set for a buffet meal. No, pictured are the leftovers, including lamb, ham, artichokes, green beans, and potatoes, after 15 people had their fill.

Also present in the food category, were the three pies I made: Nigella's Chocolate Cheesecake, Martha's Tangerine Chiffon Pie, and Magnolia Bakery's Key Lime Pie. I'll write more about these lovelies soon, but here's a teaser picture. I am proud to say that I used the pastry bag and decorating tips I got for Christmas for the very first time on the whipped cream topping!

And now for the scary chocolate baby. As you know, everyone in my family is crazed about the bambino. My grandma went to a speciality chocolate store with my two aunts last week and picked up two chocolate baby stroller lollypops for me and my husband. And also, the scary chocolate baby pictured below. It reminds me of a sort of Chuckie-possessed version of the Dancing Baby from Ally McBeal. With scary uneven eyes. I didn't want to look at it for too long. You shouldn't either. I don't want to be responsible for your nightmares.

And lastly, here's a picture of my husband and my uncle's whippet Joey sharing some sweet doggie love.

I'm off to Toronto for two days. We're seeing a Yankee game (snore) and going to IKEA (yay!). And, the best part is that I'm arranging to meet Ramona from Kross-Eyed Kitty at the game! Stay tuned for a full Toronto recap later this week.

13 Responses to “Food, Doggie Love, and One Scary Chocolate Baby”

  1. # Blogger D

    That IS a scary baby! Funny, but scary! Have a fun trip!  

  2. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    I'm so excited!!!!!  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    That's a riot. Looks like a Kewpie doll. They could have skipped the neon pink eyes! Quite a feast, huh?

    Have fun in Toronto. I always stop at IKEA on the way home... ooooh, IKEA baby stuff! Fun fun.  

  4. # Blogger Shannon

    Have fun at IKEA, and in Toronto, natch!  

  5. # Anonymous sher

    WOW!! I'm reeling from those photos. Incredible. The food looks fabulous, even the scary baby. Don't get lost in IKEA. That happened to me and my husband. Seriously.  

  6. # Blogger Geekwif

    Mmmm. That food looks great! The chocolate baby is really creepy though. I don't think I could eat that even if I did like chocolate.

    Have fun at IKEA! I love that place!  

  7. # Blogger Christine

    yipes on the scary baby...BUT how effing cute is hub and the pup. So cute.  

  8. # Blogger Binulatti

    So funny. I just caught the SATC re-run where Trey bought Charlotte a cardboard baby "'cause it's funny". That choco-child is just plain bizarre.
    Oh - and bon voyage to the promised land of IKEA. I hope you (read: hubster) embrace the allen wrench and find some great stuff.  

  9. # Blogger Alisha

    OMG...OMG You are NOT meeting Ramona!!!!!!! Can you hear me screaming??? My 2 favorite blogfriends together, it's almost too much. I am so excited I can't be jealous. I CAN NOT wait to hear all about it.

    I wanna go!!!

    PS: Chocolate baby=very scary to 'Lisha!  

  10. # Blogger star firstbaseman

    The pic is adorable - that whippet luuuuuuves your husband!  

  11. # Blogger Michael Manning

    Funny Candy. Ally McBeal! But when can we all stop by to help you with all that left over food?  

  12. # Blogger Kristi

    D-I know. Too creepy!

    Ramona-It was so GREAT to meet you!

    Marie-I was bummed because the IKEA baby dept was being remodeled. Oh well.

    Shannon-Thanks! I did!

    Sher-We followed the arrows on the floor and managed to stay on track. However, finding a way upstairs proved really difficult!

    Geekwif-Yeah, I had zero temptation to eat that chocolate baby.

    Christine-I know! They look like they're in love.

    Karrie-That's a great episode!

    Alisha-Awww... you're too sweet, just like Ramona is.

    Star Firstbaseman-Thanks for the visit. And yeah, Joey loves the hubby!

    Michael-You and an army could have stopped by and there would still have been food leftover!  

  13. # Blogger Thalia

    I hope you ate that baby quickly. Chucky is correct, it's a very very scary object indeed.  

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