Shhh.... I've Got a Secret Lover

I've got a secret lover. But please don't tell my husband. This man is highly intelligent. His tongue-in-cheek witticisms make me smile and laugh. And he has this uncanny ability to bring to light hypocrisy and ridiculousness wherever it may lie.

Granted, he's old enough to be my father. Perhaps even my grandfather. But let's face it, when your views on the world are as spot-on as his are, one can overlook wrinkles, and dentures, and galoshes.

Wanna see his picture? Here he is:

Wanna know what started our love affair? Here you are:

Now, get your eyes off him. He's mine forever.

10 Responses to “Shhh.... I've Got a Secret Lover”

  1. # Blogger CAL

    Oh, you little minx! Gotta love that idea. ;)  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    Can I have just a teeny fling with him? I am from Ohio, after all!  

  3. # Blogger Clare Eats


  4. # Blogger Kristi

    Cal- Back off, buddy. I saw him first.

    Shannon-I think your hometown connection entitles you to a one-night stand. Please return him in one piece, though.

    Clare-The idea is a great one, no? ;)  

  5. # Blogger Alisha

    I'll fight you for him. 3:15, in the ballfield behind the school.

    Oooooh, personality is such a turn-on!  

  6. # Blogger Christine

    I know! I heard about this last week, I think it's brilliant. Whinger (who you may have seen commenting on the blog wrote Ron Hood on his stance. I think everyone should go to and read from a couple days would be hilarious (and her letter is) if the circumstances surrounding it weren't so crappy. Freakin' bible thumping republicans.  

  7. # Blogger Dawn

    Boy, I hadn't heard of this yet and my first thought as I read was, this guy is nuts. Then, as I caught the point of his jest, I thought it was a very funny way to get his point across. I have to admit that generally I am probably considered a republican (don't throw anything at me!), but have a very different point of view on adoption and homosexuals. Not to mention that I'm an atheist. ;)  

  8. # Blogger Rocco

    This is great Kristi!! I love reading your blog. It's better than spending time with my wife!!\

  9. # Blogger Binulatti

    Hey tell your boyfriend to place the lawmakers of North Dakota on his sh!tlist, please. And Mississippi while he's at it.  

  10. # Blogger Kristi

    Alisha-I've got my gloves on!

    Christine-That letter by Whinger is hilarious. Thanks for sharing the link.

    Dawn-That's okay. I still like you! And you sound like no Republican I've ever met!

    Rocco-You are hysterical, my friend.

    Karrie-No kidding. Ugh.  

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