Stacy and Clinton - Are You Paying Attention?

My grandma arrived at my house this morning clutching a fistful of old photographs to show Isabella. Included in the bunch were some of yours truly.

Lest you think that my fashion problems emerged as an off-shoot of work-at-home motherhood, I present to you the following.

Picture This: Upstate NY. Spring, 1990. 14 years old.

I am on my way to my 8th grade dance at the Catholic grammar school I attended for nine years.

Note the following:

The gigantic poof of bangs took me and a curling iron at least 30 minutes to perfect in the mirror before school each morning. I then applied half a can of Aqua Net to them to seal the deal (literally). They were bullet-proof.

I sported this long, permed look for two years in grammar school. It's hard to see in this photo, but the chemicals created an adorable two-toned look to my cascading mane of nastiness once the perms began to grow out.

And lastly, my dress. Yes, I attended a Catholic school. Yes, I was puritanical, nerdy, sheltered, and totally square. But what in the hell was I thinking when I selected this dress? The drop-waist, asymmetrical, multi-tiered hem? The color, which looks like I bought it in Boca while visiting my grandma? And the coverage? I think the Duggars show more skin.

I didn't do much better in high school.

Picture This: Upstate NY. Spring, 1993. 16 years old

I am about to depart for the junior prom at my Catholic high school.

The hair is slightly improved, although not much.

The dress, however, is horrendous. It is white, people. WHITE, for the love of all this is good and holy!

And I am wearing white tights! And satin shoes!

And apparently, from my pose and expression, I actually believe I look quite good.

Fortunately, my boyfriend at the time thought I hung the moon and therefore bit his tongue about my attire.

I'm so sexy, it hurts.

10 Responses to “Stacy and Clinton - Are You Paying Attention?”

  1. # Blogger Veronica

    Sadly (or will you think wonderfully, since misery loves company), I wrote a very similar dress for my 8th grade graduation/dance party.

    It was white, however.


    Graduation dress was in the same style, except it was black with polka dots. I may post pictures later on my own blog.


    What were we thinking?!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice Photos!!!! I think you should post one of the high school photos with one of the college photos so we can show the world how kids rebel  

  3. # Blogger My Wombinations

    Personally, I think you look hot in photo #2.  

  4. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    Hee hee!

    Would it help at all if I told you my 8th grade dress was a hideous floral print?!  

  5. # Blogger Mom24

    You're very brave. Look at it this way, you can definitely see how your style has grown.  

  6. # Anonymous Jenny

    Did we have the dinner/dance the same night as graduation? If not I was going to say that's actually your graduation dress.
    Do you remember I had the same one but in pink.. and I think longer sleeves or something?

  7. # Blogger Shannon

    ahhh you look cute and happy... so who cares lol... we still love ya! BTW, get the hubby or your sister to get you on that show lol!  

  8. # Anonymous Ness @ Drovers Run

    OH nostalgia, thou art a heartless bee-yatch. Don't you love looking at 80's photos? I mean seriously, we *all* thought we looked good. I recently found a picture of me wearing HOT PINK legwarmers with JEANS and sneakers, and the obligatory, Olivia Newton John hot pink headband. STUNNING I TELL YOU!  

  9. # Blogger Momma K

    The laughter . . . I'm wiping my eyes right now. What you say is much funnier than the actual pics. We all looked like that waaaay back then;-)  

  10. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    I had dresses very similar to these back in the day. The biggest difference for me is that I'm about a foot taller than you, which made me look like a $2 hoooker.  

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