Luciana and Nicholas at Two Months

Luci and Nicholas are two months old today.

At their two month checkup on Friday, they weighed in at 7 pounds 3 oz (Luci) and 7 pounds, 13 oz (Nicholas). I was actually shocked that both of them were seven pounds. Luci feels so much lighter than Nicholas. This puts them below the 5th percentile for both weight and height, but according to their pediatrician, they will catch up and won't be the only kindergartners still riding to school in their infant carriers.

They are grabbing at objects now, and turning to look at lights. They're especially fond of gazing at our Christmas tree, which is located right next to the area where I change their diapers.

Their personalities are beginning to emerge. After the first night they spent at home, we immediately determined that Nicholas was the fussier and more vocal of the two, and so he was the one who should have the bassinet closest to our bed. The one in which Luci sleeps is located just a few steps away. He is still the needier twin and the louder twin, although Luci has come alive a lot more in the past month. It continues to amaze me that while lying side-by-side in the pack-n-play, one of them could be screaming, and the other will peacefully sleep through the entire fit.

They both like to be held. A lot. This makes preparing meals, eating, cleaning, bill-paying, taking care of a toddler, and basically existing with any degree of normalcy very, very hard.

But, on the positive side of things, they've begun to grace us with a few smiles here and there. You know, when they can find the time between crying jags.

I may have mentioned once or twice that these two have seriously upended our lives. But much as I complain about the twins, I love them fiercely, and every bit as much as I do Isabella. They may pee on my hand, devour every second of my day, and cause me to look like a cast member from Night of the Living Dead, but they're mine. I can see my eyes in Nicholas' and my nose in Luciana's. I can see how much they are loved by their big sister, and how much joy they're bringing to their family members. Being the bearer of such happiness is so gratifying.

9 Responses to “Luciana and Nicholas at Two Months”

  1. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    Oh, but they are just so cute . . .  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    It truly is such a wonderful miracle. Congrats again. Thanks for that great update. See? You're doing lots right. Hang in there.

    They are just darling, BTW.  

  3. # Blogger Le laquet

    So gorgeous :o)  

  4. # Blogger kenju

    The advantages to having them far outweigh the disadvantages! They are so cute!  

  5. # Blogger Sugar and Ice tiny and precious. They make my girls seem like a couple of mammoths. You know, I thought the same thing about my girls when we had their 2 month checkup...I really felt like E weighed a lot more than A...and then they were both exactly 10 lb. 5 strange.  

  6. # Anonymous Ness

    OH that is so true isn't it? Just when you think you're about to lose it, you look at them, or they fall asleep and you get to truly appreciate how special they are. If my 3.5yr old has been up to tricks ALL day and I'm ready to give him away to some passing gypsies, all he has to do is fall asleep, and I look at him, and Aaaaaah! Mummy's little cherub!  

  7. # Blogger My Wombinations

    oh babies and motherhood--Isn't it strange how love and misery can coexist so well?  

  8. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    They are so sweet! I love that their personalities are coming out. Hope you guys are finding a good routine!  

  9. # Blogger Jesser

    They are so freaking cute. I can't believe how different they already look and I really think I can see the boy/girl facial differences. Luci just looks more delicate. Can't believe they're two months old already. Hope everything keeps moving along well.  

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