Not Dead Yet

I blame sleep deprivation for the cataclysmic tone of my last post.

My mom left about an hour ago. Thanks so much for the supportive comments yesterday. Things are actually okay. Despite the Armageddon-like scenario I imagined in my head, both babies are sleeping peacefully (a rarity). Isabella is extremely busy not napping upstairs in her crib. And my house is quiet except for the soft rustle of newspaper pages turning in the next room.

It seems Mamacita hired some babysitters before she left. My grandma is sitting on my couch to make sure I don't plunge off the deep end of despair over actually having to care for my own children after the loss of round-the-clock childcare. Of course, quiet is something that doesn't occur too often here and I'd generally like to be alone in the silence. Being the ungrateful git that I am, I'd appreciate her more if the babies were apoplectic, but today I'll let her stay without complaining. Except to all of you, of course.

And tomorrow, my great aunt is coming to watch the twins for an hour while I take Isabella to her gym class. Friday, I'm unsupervised, but next week the hubs is taking his last week of twin leave from work. This means I won't fly solo for any really long days until December 15th. At this point, though, I reserve the right to once again introduce the melodrama, but this time with real cause, because is there anything more terrifying than being alone with these three day in and day out?

9 Responses to “Not Dead Yet”

  1. # Blogger Jesser

    Glad you've got a bit more time with some help. I'm sure it will be nice overall if annoying in the short term. They are pretty cute little monsters. ;)  

  2. # Blogger In transit

    I came over to say with surprise "you had time to comment"!!
    Glad it's going well, and you've not been completely thrown into the deep end just yet :)  

  3. # Blogger Mom24

    I hope when you wrote the post wasn't just an anomaly, and that things are still going well.

    That picture of the three of them is too cute.

    Me thinks by the 15th you might be ready to be alone with them. ;-)  

  4. # Blogger M

    Thought about you today. Just got on here to cheer you on. I can't imagine what flying solo is like, as at times my one child gives me a run for my money. You seem to be taking it all in stride though! :)  

  5. # Blogger Christine

    I'm glad your mom rallied the troops for you. Even in the moments of quiet. All will be better soon.

    And that picture, and Isabella's exrpression? Awesome.  

  6. # Anonymous Ness

    Well, heck thank god your sense of humour is intact! I was laughing out loud at your 'armageddon' quip, and the 'actually having to care for my own children'. You'll be fine. Most of the time. Heh.  

  7. # Blogger Tracey

    Dude. I must have baby amnesia because I am totally aching to take care of them.


  8. # Blogger beagle

    Love your photo as always!
    You'll get through all this because you are one amazing woman!!  

  9. # Blogger kenju

    You'll do just fine. I know it.  

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