In Which I Whine

Warning: If a self-indulgent, whiny post from a 7.5-months-pregnant-with-twins woman is not what you're in the mood to read today, it might be best to click away now. No hard feelings.

I have a cold and a sore throat. Isabella also has a cold. When not pregnant, I lean heavily toward the self-medicate-with-large-dosages-of-over-the-counter-cold-medications treatment method as opposed to more natural or herbal methods. Of course, those aren't allowed while you're knocked up. So I'm dealing with my illness by heaving my enormous, unshowered, and distinctly odorous self around my house complaining loudly and cursing. Clearly, I have life's miseries in perspective.

In the last week, my in-utero son has decided to shove his gigantic noggin into my right rib cage and side, causing almost constant pain, and making sitting or lying down comfortably all but impossible. At my ultrasound yesterday, I discovered that he's no longer breech, but is almost transverse (or sideways). I am not sleeping well at all (or sitting well for that matter).

I also found out yesterday that until the babies are born, I will have three doctor appointments a week. Non-stress tests at the beginning of the week, visits with Not My Regular OB in the middle of the week, and ultrasounds at the end of the week. As my doctor told me yesterday, the reason for this is to keep a close eye on the babies and to make the likelihood of "something bad happening" in between visits all but non-existent. Yesterday was also my last visit with my doctor before she goes out on leave for a month to have her surgery. I'm really scared about having the twins early and someone not familiar with my case doing my c-section.

Whine over.

Tomorrow will be better, right?

8 Responses to “In Which I Whine”

  1. # Blogger Tracey

    You are more than entitled to whine! If not NOW, then when?!?

    Hope you can get some rest, soon.  

  2. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    Seriously....three visits per week...that sounds excessive, even for twins. Just my opinion.

    I did one non-stress test, and it was so hard to get both to stay on the monitors that they just decided to do more frequent ultrasounds...still only one per week though.  

  3. # Blogger Editorgirl

    Whine away we are all here for you Kristi. Was actually thinking about you today, spent the afternoon with my girlfriend who is scheduled to have her twins in three weeks. No worries, everything is going to be just fine. Just hang in there.  

  4. # Blogger Sasha

    No need to apologize! I whined my entire last trimester with ONE! I can only imagine the discomfort and worry... But I promise you, it will end soon.  

  5. # Blogger Mom24

    Definitely well deserved whining. Good luck with it all. Three visits a week??? Crazy. At least you will be constantly reassured. Hopefully.  

  6. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    You are definitely entitled!! Given how much whining I've done this week with just a cold, you deserve center stage for a bit. ;-)  

  7. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    Aww. Hopefully your little boy will move around to a more comfy spot. And I understand wanting the doctor your comfortable with. My practice had 5 doctors. Most were women, and I thought the man was clueless (not because he was a man, but because he scared the mess out of me when I was 5 months pregnant) and I was so glad when one of the female doctors that I liked delivered Little Elvis.
    Hope you feel better soon!  

  8. # Blogger Jesser

    Woa. That's a lot of doctor. You must have the patience of a saint. :P Or you will soon, I guess. Hope it all continues to go smoothly and uneventfully ... and that that cold disappears soon.  

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