Sleeping with a Devil of the Tazmanian Variety

For those who know me in real life, it's no secret that I am always cold. No, not a cold, heartless bitch (although I can be that too, at times...or all the time, depending on whom you ask), but cold as in cold hands, cold feet, cold nose. I've even gone so far as to project my own body temperature issues onto Isabella, as I've been accused of excessive over-bundling of the wee one (although certainly not by my relatives, who believe that I, by not dressing her daily in outfits that one might wear to explore the polar ice cap, am a bad, bad mommy).

So when I sleep, I like to be warm. Really warm. Unless it's 100 degrees outside, chances are I'm wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a long-sleeved t-shirt to bed. And when I get in the bed, I like to "cocoon" myself. I like the sheet, blanket, and comforter pulled up as close to my face as possible without them covering my head. And I like to make sure my back is covered with all these layers and not laying open to the drafts that are everywhere in my 82-year old house.

It appears, then, that I made a grave error in picking a mate fore score and five years ago when I got married because the husband is not always cold. No, he's not only not always cold, he's rarely if ever cold. In fact, he's usually hot. And that means we have problems in the bedroom. No, not those kind of problems (get your minds out of the gutter, people), but problems regarding blanket distribution and coverage.

You see, dear husband is a thrasher. He tosses and turns, limbs a' flailing, covers a' flying all night long. And given the fact that he prefers the covers completely off him or only partially covering him, and I like to be buried beneath them, I've decreed us completely incompatible sleeping partners. Couple these truths with the fact that I tend to lay pretty inert all night long, and have awoken shivering many a night to find the covers kicked off the bottom of the bed by the husband, and I'm thinking of wearing a snowsuit to bed.

So, do tell. Are you and your partner compatible sleeping pals? Is one of you a thrasher and the other a frozen corpse? And if you have any solutions for this problem, please share those too.

15 Responses to “Sleeping with a Devil of the Tazmanian Variety”

  1. # Blogger kenju

    I am exactly like you are and mr. kenju is exactly like your hubs. That is why I have not shared a bed with him (all night) for many, many moons (say 40 years?). Not only do I sleep in long-sleeved gowns, but I turn on my electric mattress pad 24/7, and it stays on level 4 all night long.

    Short of you moving into another bedroom, the only way to solve it is to sleep in 2 separate beds (which are pushed together) and have their own covers. You could then put an electric blanket or mattress pad on your bed. Good luck.  

  2. # Blogger Marie

    Ohhh boy. Yes. This sounds very familiar! I like warmth too. Though, I hear tell that I am the thrasher, but frankly I don't believe it. It may be that we're BOTH thrashers. This creates problems in a Queen size bed. This is why I want a King bed... so that we can sleep more comfortably. Maybe.  

  3. # Blogger Michelle

    Hahah! This sounds so familiar. The only time I was warmer than my husband was when I was pregnant! In fact, during that time which was during the summer, I had the air up so high and only a sheet on that I was freezing HIM out of the room.
    How did we solve this? I bought a heating blanket with dual controls. i can heat my side of the bed up...and his can be off. I got this gem at Walmart for like $60 and I love it!!!  

  4. # Blogger Christine

    Neither one of us is so much a thrasher, but I generally get colder than Anth who is NEVER cold. So usually I manage to steal the comforters and wrap them around me and he manages to cover whatever portion of his body he wants with the measley leftovers. For you guys, you might want to just get a fleece or quilt that you keep on your side (under the comforters and sheets, that you can envelope yourself in and then you and Rich can share the rest of the blankety goodness.  

  5. # Blogger Caryl

    Sounds familiar! We use separate blankets - I use 3 and Steve uses a sheet. I can't wait until menopuase - maybe we will both enjoy the same temperature :-)  

  6. # Blogger jenny

    Separate blankets for us. I also bought the dual control heating mattress pad (not blanket).

    As far as thrashing - I don't think either of us do that much. One of us grinds their teeth (not me) and we both snore. You'd have a horrible time sharing a room with us! At least I'm told I don't talk so much in my sleep anymore though. I used that all up on you in our dorm room apparently!  

  7. # Blogger Damselfly

    Hee hee, makes it hard to sleep, eh? We don't have hot/cold issues, so I can't help you. My husband and I have a different problem: we "fight" over the blanket in our sleep. Sometimes we put two blankets on the bed, which because they are so big end up half on us and half on the floor. Maybe cocooning with your own blanket would help?  

  8. # Blogger Ramona

    I too, like to be nice and cozy warm at night. I usually have the benefit of a portable heater (namely Mr. Mao the Siamese) which is great, but means I can only sleep on my right side or on my back. Greg is just a sweaty mess and doesn't like the covers so I pretty much get them all. Luckily for me, he doesn't move much, but his side of the bed is always a puddle in the morning, which is pretty gross.  

  9. # Blogger Geekwif

    I wish I had a solution. My hubby is not a thrasher, but he is always hot. I am always cold. If I try to snuggle and soak up some of his heat, he asks me to move away because I'm too hot and making him hotter.

    How is this possible when I feel like I'm about to go into hypothermic shock? It is a mystery we've been trying to figure out for the past 14 years. Actually only I've been trying to figure it out. He just tells me to move over.

    Good luck finding a solution. If you do, please post it on your blog! I need to know!  

  10. # Blogger sher

    Frankly, this is a problem. My husband and I are very incompatible in bed. I'm a light sleeper and wake up at the slightest noise. He falls asleep into a coma as soon as his head hits the pillow. Then he starts making bizarre clicking and popping noises with his mouth, which later become deep snores. I often wind up heading for another room, when I really can't stand it anymore.

    I've never used them, but many people swear by electric blankets. And king sized beds. :):)  

  11. # Blogger Shannon

    I am always way too warm in bed and a light sleeper. Barrett is always freezing in bed and sleeps like the dead. We are completely incompatible with regards to the sleeping situation. However, it works out when he comes to bed later than me and wraps his frozen legs around mine--ahhhh! Feels so good to me, until I get too warm and push him away.  

  12. # Blogger Kristi

    Kenju-The two separate beds idea is great. Except we just bought a new king-sized bed this past summer! Sleep is so important. I don't blame you for sleeping in another bed!

    Marie-Well, I hate to disappoint you, but we had a queen up until this summer, bought a king, and we still have the same problems. :(

    Michelle-ohhh... good idea. I didn't even know they made those kind of blankets. Cool!

    Christine-Another good idea. I never considered bringing my "own" blanket to bed.

    Caryl-LOL. You're so funny!

    Jenny-Geez-that's a whole host of sleeping issues. Remind me not to sleep in the middle of your bed with you guys. ;)

    Damselfly-LOL. Our blankets are always on the floor too, but that's because hubby kicks them there.

    Ramona-Ha! Okay, you've officially got it worse than I do. ;)

    Geekwif-If I find something that works, you'll be the first to know! It seems that many here have suggested either the dual control heated blanket (or mattress pad), or else bringing my own blanket to bed, which I may try.

    Sher-Ha! I wonder if we're married to the same man. Rich does the snoring and heavy breathing too, and since I'm a light sleeper, I hear it all.

    Shannon-You and I are opposites. I try to steal Rich's warmth, until he gets sick of it because my feet are like ice cubes.  

  13. # Blogger anne

    Hey, your house is the same age as mine! Nifty.

    M. and I are sleep-incompatible for other reasons - he falls asleep instantly whereas I lie awake for hours; when he starts his nightly snore-fest is just when I'm starting to descend into a deep sleep from which I'm rudely pulled. I don't sleep well, truth be told; sometimes I do resort to the guest bedroom.

    We're pretty equivalent in terms of hot/cold, though.

    My parents used to be like you and your husband - dad always too hot, mom always freezing. Now that she's peri-menopausal, though, she's constantly way too hot... and my dad has become such a workout maniac that he's very lean and thus chills easily. So - just wait till menopause! That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.

    (sorry for the lateness of the comment and the highjacking of the comment section!)  

  14. # Blogger Shannon

    Jeremy and I don't share anything in bed sleeping wise... we each have our own blankets and comforters... we sooo don't share well... plus he sleeps with 3 pillows... me 2... and i get warm sometimes at night... and he gets cold (that is because he farts all night gassing himself then uncovers himself because it smells and then gets cold)... so not sure what that makes us but we knew from the 1st night we coudln't share bedding... lol...  

  15. # Blogger The Princess

    I'm soooo late commenting on this but when I initially tried blogger was down and then Camille got sick (I know, excuses).

    But!!! I'm here now...D and I have the electric matress pad and I LOVE it. It has saved my marriage because it allows freezing cold me to sleep with always hot him the Frozen Tundra winters.  

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