Christmas - Isabella Style

Isabella's first Christmas is now in the record books. She received many wonderful gifts from her relatives (including this rockin' onesie from Aunt Karrie), and a single gift from her parents: a new floor gym, since she wrecked havoc on her former one.

She had a bit of a fussy Christmas day, as she still isn't sleeping with any kind of consistency. Add to being overtired the excitement of the day, and you have one cranked out baby on Christmas night. We've decided to keep her, despite her tantrum at her grandmother's house. Aunt Karrie, however, may be thinking twice about staying at Casa Bella next time she's in town!

I'm going to start blogging with more regularity starting next week. My mom is still in town, and once she leaves on Friday and New Years is over, things will be back to "normal" around here. And my laptop needs a new battery. Which means I can't blog from my big comfy yellow chair. Because I am too lazy to blog from the chair in front of the desk on which the laptop sits when it's plugged in. I know. Pathetic. You can say it.

I have much to talk about here, including Isabella's four month checkup and the case of the missing knee caps. Before New Years, I fully intend to complete this meme, for which M tagged me four score and eleventeen years ago. And then there's the origin of this picture of my mother. I dare you to guess what in the name of hell is going on here.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from Christmas and the days preceeding Christmas. I hope each one of you had a wonderful holiday, no matter which ones you celebrated.

So this bow? On my head? Adorable for you. Humiliating for me. Remove it. Thank you.

If I lay very, very still, maybe no one will know I'm even here.

So I says to Santa, "Santa, hit me up with a wee spot of Oxy for Christmas."

Eh yo. Yo eh. Don't freakin' mess with me or my goombas. Capice?

This is what I got my dad for Christmas, so we're all set for opening day. Mom said she'd be leaving the house that day. I'm not sure why.

And here's what I got mom. Aunt Karrie even took a picture of me and dad working on it together. It came with a Dunkin Donuts gift card. Dad told me to tell mom that I love her best of all when she's running on Dunkin.

And here we all are. There's a prize for the person who correctly guesses the number of rings under my mom's eyes!

12 Responses to “Christmas - Isabella Style”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Awwww! Those photos are wonderful.

    Mysterious pic of your Mom!! I'm guessing it has something to do with bowling or tennis or something...  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    awww love the photos and the funny stories that went with them... got balls... omg tooo funny!!!!  

  3. # Blogger sher

    I can't believe that Isabella threw a tantrum--not when she looks so adorable! Thank you for sharing the photos, I've been wondering how Christmas went for you all! Have a great New Year!!!!

    Is it rum balls????  

  4. # Blogger My Wombinations

    She might be the world's cutest baby. What did you end up getting the hubs for Christmas??  

  5. # Blogger Christine

    Aww, she's an official Yankees fan already. Maybe I'll ship Anth up for the day and you can escape to Philadelphia.

    Anyway, so happy you had a good Christmas and best wishes on a fantastic New Year!  

  6. # Blogger Shannon

    I'm with Sher--rum balls!  

  7. # Blogger l

    Merry, Christmas, Kristi! I almost can't stand how cute your kid is, except I CAN stand it....which is why I keep checking back for more pics.  

  8. # Blogger l

    Oh, and also to read your words. (ahem)  

  9. # Blogger Damselfly

    Oh, you all look so happy! Lots of blessings to you.  

  10. # Blogger sunShine

    Great pics. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to hear about the pic of your mom.  

  11. # Blogger kenju

    A very cute post - I love the photos! Isabella just gets cuter every time I see her!  

  12. # Blogger HoosierGirl5 guys look so cute together, and of course the baby is adorable.
    Happy New Year!

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