7 Foods I Miss the Most Meme

The lovely Sher and the lovely Shannon have both completed this meme, and I thought I'd give it a whirl myself, since lately I am all about the food. It's supposed to be "10 Foods I Miss the Most," but I could only come up with seven. And not a mention of breasts to be found!

1. Zweigles hot dogs: Believe me, I know. Hot dogs are grosser than gross. They're made of pigs' ears and butts and toenails. And considering I haven't eaten red meat in 12 years, the fact that I'm missing this food at all surprises me. I blame pregnancy! Anyhow, Zweigles hot dogs are somewhat of an institution here in my part of the world. They're a locally owned company, and these were the hot dogs my papa cooked up on the grill for almost all of our summer family gatherings at his house when I was a kid.

2. Cheddar cheese and Sociable crackers: When I was a kid and spending summer days lounging by my grandma's pool, we always took time out to watch The Price is Right at 11am. And during this hour, my grandma would make me lunch, which almost always consisted of a bologna sandwich and cheddar cheese on Sociable crackers. It's probably more the childhood experience I miss than the cheese and crackers, but I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've had these crackers in the last 20 years.

3. Snowcones: Another food staple of summers spent at grandma's house. Let me set the stage for you. Me and grandma: swimming in her pool. Ice cream man: ringing his trucks's bell to call the neighborhood kids to buy his overpriced ice cream. Me: racing out of the pool towards the truck like a bat out of hell and screaming "SKIPPY!!!!" Grandma: rushing to find her change purse stuffed with quarters for the sole purpose of feeding my habit so I could pay the man whose truck I had lay down in front of to stop. And I always bought the super-frozen, rainbow snowcone.

4. Grandma's sauce: my grandma used to make an enormous pot of her sauce every Sunday. We used to have Sunday dinners at her house, rather than my great aunt's where we have it now. I haven't had her sauce in over 12 years (it's a meat sauce, and I don't eat red meat), but I can still remember what it tastes like. Gram still makes it, but when she does, my macaroni is topped with Ragu's meatless sauce. I know. It's blasphemy.

5. Soda in tiny glass bottles. My grandfather was a signmaker. He created the signage for many of the businesses in my city, and held some big accounts for 7Up. Being the kind of businessman he was, he often took payment from 7Up in the form of soda (or pop as we call it here in upstate NY) because he knew he had 11 grandchildren who were over his house all summer long, and who drank pop like it was going out of style. And he always used to bring home these tiny glass bottles of pop (no more than 5 inches tall) to stock his refrigerator with. Does anyone remember Like soda? That was one of my favorites.

6. Pizza Express pizza (U.K.): When I visited London for the first time in January 1997, my friends and I happened upon a Pizza Express restaurant. Think "upscale, trendy pizza restaurant" and not "Pizza Hut." I proceeded to have the most delicious pizza I've ever tasted, outside of Ray's Pizza in NYC. When I moved to London later that same year, I dined on Pizza Express pizza at least once every few weeks.

7. Dippin Dots: Okay, so it's only been a few months since I've last had them, so I guess I can't technically be missing them all that much. But I love them so! And it's been so hot here! And they would taste so good right now!

If you do this meme, let me know. I'd love to read your answers.

9 Responses to “7 Foods I Miss the Most Meme”

  1. # Blogger sher

    A lot of those bring back my own memories. I think part of the fun of eating a treat from the Ice Cream Man was chasing the truck down the street. I haven't had a snow cone in years--and I love them. I always had cheese with crackers when I came home from school, it let me spend time talking to my mom as I ate them. Thanks for sharing your memories, Kristi. Just think, little Beastie will be forming his/her own food memories about food!  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    So I'm not the only one whose food-misses are purely "junk" food! I thought of a few more I could add to mine: frozen chicken pot pies, Chicken a la King from a can (very 1970s), and this one summer when I was addicted to Oreo cookies & red Kool-Aid. Sigh.  

  3. # Blogger Christine

    I am sad by the lack of breasts or controversy...but it was replaced by my favorite subject -- FOOD.

    My great aunt would prepare me a whole separate lasagna during holidays when I was a good and abiding vegetarian. I bet you could get them to make you a meat sauce with ground chicken, or hell chicken meatballs. Unless of course they're cooking down those honking chunks of beef in it...I don't know of a good sub for that. But hell, chicken meatballs in homemade sugo sure beats the hell out of Ragu.

    And I am hungry.  

  4. # Blogger sunShine

    Your post made me hungry! I need an ice cream from the ice cream man.  

  5. # Blogger Binulatti

    Aww. Summertime @ Gramma & Papa's pool. I would add the huge hunks of bread for the car ride home (cause the NW is no mecca of breadmakers, sadly, and Savastano's seems a million miles away). Also adding the surreptitious sips of Segesta, which is no where to be found, even on the interbahn. Apparently distro of Sicilian vino is pretty limited. Boo!

    PS I hear dippin dots come in bulk. But I don't know anyone who likes em enough to justify that kind of purchase...Do you?  

  6. # Blogger The Princess

    You know what I miss? Those Hush Puppy things they served at Chesapeake Bay Seafood House in DC. Of course now if I had them they would probably make me sick...greasy foods do that now!!  

  7. # Blogger kenju

    Everyone seems to be mentioning food tonight - and I'm hungry - darn it!!  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    Sher-With this weather, I could funnel snowcones down all day long!

    Shannon-You are not alone! I can't imagine anyone saying, "you know, I really miss my aunt's lima bean cassarole." ;)

    Christine-You're right. Anything beats ragu. More controversy coming soon, I promise!

    Sunshine-You and me both!

    Karrie-How could I forget the "heels" of bread from the twist loaves at Savastano's? And no, only crazy fanatics would buy Dippin Dots in bulk. Freaks. ;)

    Princess-I'm not familair with hush puppies. Do tell!

    Kenju-LOL. Me too, but I'm hungry all the time these days.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous
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