Weekend Cat Blogging #59

Here marks the solo pictorial debut of Louie on Interrupted Wanderlust. He's shown up here before, but he's never appeared alone. The reason being that Louie is camera-shy. And Kristi-shy. And really, really Rich-shy. To be blunt, Louie loathes Rich with a fiery passion. And we figure it dates back to an episode in his kittenhood.

When young master Louie was but a wee kitten, he loved to hide and to get into trouble, as most kittens do. So one weekend morning I was scrubbing out the bathtub with cleanser when the phone rang. I had just poured the cleanser in the tub, and then left the bathroom to answer the phone. Can you see where this is going?

When I returned, I found Louie in the tub, covered from head to toe with the green powdery (and VERY toxic) stuff. I immediately grabbed him, turned on the water, and hosed him down. Then, Rich held the very terrified, shaking, and dripping wet Louie while I used the hairdryer to blow-dry him. We don't believe Louie ever forgave Rich for the events that transpired on that day, because Louie will flee from the room whenever Rich enters it.

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12 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging #59”

  1. # Anonymous sher

    Oh, I'm so glad that Louie let you paparazzi get his picture!! He's beautiful. I've had cats that showed a definite preference for one sex. Actually, they usually prefer women.  

  2. # Anonymous MissMeliss

    Awww, poor cat. Handsome fella though.  

  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    He's a good-lookin' boy...even without a regular blow-dry!
    Funny how some cats are so skittish...  

  4. # Blogger Marie

    Poor Rich!!

    Maybe Louie could benefit from a little kitty psychotherapy. I mean, really... isn't it time to get on with life, Lou?  

  5. # Anonymous Shannon

    Such a beautiful cat! My stepbrother has a cat that spends most of its time in hiding, so much so that her name is Stealth Cat. I hope Louie isn't as bad as Stealth Cat!  

  6. # Blogger HoosierGirl5

    Great cat! I popped over here from "Princess and Johnsy"'s site.
    Congrats on the upcoming baby!

  7. # Blogger kenju

    He's cute, I think. It is hard to tell....LOL I posted my cat today too.  

  8. # Blogger Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^=

    What a great looking kitty Louie is. Some cats are shy. They are all different. Makes for an interesting world though.
    Bonnie in Virginia.  

  9. # Blogger l

    The visual of a puffy little Louie covered in Comet-like grit and then dripping wet is hilarious. I bet his eyese were as big as saucers! Tell Rich not to worry - in one of Louie's 8 other lives, he'll realize how lucky he was to have Rich hold him through the hair dryer torment.  

  10. # Blogger Kristi

    Sher-Yes, Louie undoubtedly prefers me. There is no love lost between him and Rich.

    MissMeliss and Ramona-Thanks!

    Marie-I can't tell you how many times Rich has joked about exactly what you suggested!

    Shannon-hmmm... I bet Louie could challenge him for the title.

    Hoosiergirl-Thanks! And thanks for stopping by my blog.


    L-I hope so! Perhaps there is hope for a reconciliation between the two of them after all.  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous
  12. # Anonymous Anonymous
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