WCB #52: One Year Anniversary Edition

It's the one year anniversary of Weekend Cat Blogging over at Eat Stuff, and to celebrate, Clare asked that we snap a picture of our kitties playing with their favorite toys.

This is Claudia and her favorite noctural pleasure. She only seems to want to play with this toy at night, while we're either getting ready for bed or sleeping. That's probably because it makes an enormous amount of noise. I wasn't able to capture her in action, but essentially she'll either sit in the center or on the outside of the toy, and bat the pink ball around and around the exterior with her paw.

Now, though, after yesterday's adventure, I think she wishes we'd replace the ball with Fieval.

For more cute kitty pics, head on over to Clare's and be sure to wish her a happy anniversary!

6 Responses to “WCB #52: One Year Anniversary Edition”

  1. # Anonymous sher

    OH YES!!! That toy makes a lot of noise--so you know that is part of the fun for her. LOL!! Very clever Claudia.  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    I've never had a cat that liked that particular toy so it's nice to see there is a cat that does!  

  3. # Blogger boo_licious

    Hee hee! Think Claudia has figured out the fun is the amt of noise that ball makes.  

  4. # Blogger it's only fuel

    My Stella has the same noisy motor mouse toy too. And you're right, for some reason, she only likes it at night. Weird! Cute kitty:)  

  5. # Blogger Clare Eats

    perhaps it has something to do with the hunt at night thing that cats have goin on?
    I wonder how long that toy will last with a sleeping baby.....  

  6. # Anonymous Kimberly

    Our Sergei loves that toy; he sits on the scratching pad in the middle and bats the ball each time it comes around, over and over and over... Sometimes we'll be upstairs at night, the other two kitties on the bed with us, when we hear that familiar whirring from downstairs, over and over and...  

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