So Happy Together...

You'll never believe what arrived via UPS today. Let me tell you, it was a complete surprise to me, of course. My own was quite adequate.

Nevermind that I recently dropped its old and stained carafe, or that every time I moved it, the LCD display would shut off, and only turn back on again after I gave the machine a vigorous shake (and had to reset both the time, and the programmable morning setting-6:10am, in case you're curious). Or that a mysterious brown liquid had begun to leak out of its base. No siree, I was completely happy with my old coffeemaker.

Until she arrived.

Yes, I broke down and ordered the Kitchenaid JavaStudio Coffeemaker in Empire Red. She's very retro, don't you think? You can fill her water reservoir from the front instead of the back (as you have to do with most other coffeemakers), she displays the "time since brewed," so you know how fresh (or not) your coffee is, and most of all, she's red and beautiful. And she immediately found a playmate in my kitchen.

They make a lovely pair, don't they?

11 Responses to “So Happy Together...”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    tres chic!!  

  2. # Blogger CAL

    OY! She's hooked!  

  3. # Anonymous sher

    WOW!!!!!! Maybe they will mate and produce.........a red ice cream maker????  

  4. # Anonymous Clare Eats

    Very Nice!!  

  5. # Blogger Geekwif

    Oooh. VERY cute!  

  6. # Blogger Shannon

    I am so jealous. I think they will mate and produce a red coffee grinder!  

  7. # Anonymous Jenny

    That right there is beauty!  

  8. # Blogger Binulatti


  9. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie and Cal-I love her!

    Sher-Now THAT would be fantastic!

    Clare and Geekwif-She is, isn't she?

    Shannon-A red coffee grinder would be nice too. My current one is a boring black.

    Jenny and Karrie-Why thank you!  

  10. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    I want one too!
    No. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one too!  

  11. # Blogger Beagle

    Love it! I have the cobalt blue mixer.  

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