Why I Love the Internet

Without email, every person that reads and comments (especially comments!) on this blog, and Facebook, I would be more cranky than I normally am. A whole lot more cranky. Being home with three small kids, especially in the winter when the weather often keeps us cooped up, does not make me happy. The Internet is not only the source of several of my freelance gigs, but it's also my link to the outside world. And I rely on it heavily to keep my sanity hanging by its thin thread. I need that connection to my friends (both "IRL" and blog/Facebook friends) to remind me that there is indeed life outside the daycare center that doubles as my home.

A couple weeks ago, I was emailing back and forth with Jamie about the high cost of keeping three fast-growing children in clothing. We both have twins and an older child. Spending a lot of money on kids' clothes is something neither of us want to do (I couldn't do it even if I wanted to!) given how quickly they grow out of them, when she offered to send me some of her older son's clothes for Nicholas. Given that her son looks like a Baby Gap model in every photo I've seen of him (the adorableness cannot be denied: just look at him!) and the fact that Nicholas is soon going to need an entire spring and summer wardrobe, I readily agreed, and then proposed the idea of a swap. I offered to send her size 3-6 and 6-9 month girl's clothing for her equally adorable four-month-old twin daughters, and she would send me 12 and 18 month clothing for Nicholas.

Behold, the power of the Internet and the kindness of a person I may never meet "in real life" (but would absolutely love to):

Some of the clothes she sent were brand new and had the tags still on them. We're planning on doing another swap in a few months when Luci outgrows her 12-month clothes.

Thank you SO much, Jamie!

5 Responses to “Why I Love the Internet”

  1. # Blogger Mom24

    That's awesome! I'm happy for you. It really is horribly expensive keeping kids looking decent.  

  2. # Blogger Veronica

    I love the internets for that reason!  

  3. # Blogger Jamie

    Awww!! Thanks Kristi! We loved all of the cute stuff you sent for the girls too. :) I'm so glad I found you in this crazy blogosphere. We were separated at birth. ;)  

  4. # Blogger JM

    Another win for the interwebs :)  

  5. # Blogger Heather

    That is awesome, Kristi and Jamie!

    I love my blog friends, FB, and online MoM group. You are completely right. It is the main thing that keeps me sane these days.  

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