Take That, Grandma

I let grandma get into my head.

My grandma was (and still is) against Isabella attending preschool. So is my mom.

Both told me she would lose her sh*t when I dropped her off. Both told me I should keep her out of preschool because of germs. Both told me Isabella would be "bored" in preschool because she's so smart. My grandma even went to far as to tell me that preschool is a place where (and I quote): "mothers who don't want to watch their children dump them off."

And so a few weeks ago, I began to dread the first day of preschool. I was nervous about Isabella's reaction to being dropped off. I had been talking up preschool for weeks and she said a few times, "I don't want you to go."

I envisioned her little face covered in tears as I walked out of her classroom. I thought I would be able to hear her crying down the hall in the room where the informational meeting I would be attending on the first day was taking place. And I pictured myself unable to keep it together if she couldn't, and all the other mothers whose children had been attending daycare or who had started preschool early smiling condescendingly at me.

I arranged for my grandma to come over early yesterday morning to watch the twins while I took Isabella to preschool. It was her first day, and I wanted to be able to concentrate 100% on her, and in case she was nervous or anxious or crying about my departure, I didn't want to have to worry about the twins' often temperamental behavior at the same time.

We got ready to go. Isabella was so excited.

We were a bit early, so we waited outside the door to her classroom with the other kids and their parents. Isabella couldn't wait to go inside.

Once her teacher opened up the door, she immediately started exploring the room. She was a bit miffed that the water table was filled with Mr. Potato Head bodies and pieces and not water, but she was captivated by the sand table.
And then came the time I was dreading: The time to say goodbye. She was playing with Playdoh at the time. I told her I was leaving. I mentally prepared myself for tears or a death-grip around my neck or both. I was not prepared for "Okay. Bye!"

What? Seriously? No tears? No, "I don't want you to leave?", not even a whimper or a whine? I was thrilled, but also a little bit sad at the same time. Selfish as it sounds, I wanted her to miss me a little bit.

So I kissed her, said goodbye, and walked out the door. I'm not sure she even looked up from her Playdoh to see me walk away. I went to the meeting for an hour and a half, and then picked her up on the playground.

She came running toward me with a huge smile on her face. I asked her teacher how she did, and was told that Isabella didn't cry at all, and never asked for me once.

Okay, then.

I collected her bag, and as we were walking back to the car, she asked when she could go to preschool again.
There are not words to describe how immensely proud of her I am.

When we got home, grandma didn't ask about preschool. So I had Isabella describe her day and how much fun she had.

Grandma didn't seem too interested.

To be honest, I think she was disappointed that Isabella didn't come home in tears.

Isabella might have a problem separating on Tuesday. She might cry, or ask me not to leave, or beg to stay home, despite loving her first day so much.
But I know that preschool is going to be good for her. I know she will grow to love it, even if she doesn't love it right away.

And I know I made the right decision to send her.

16 Responses to “Take That, Grandma”

  1. # Blogger My Wombinations

    of COURSE you made the right decision. Countless studies have shown the importance of preschool even just short days a couple days a week. It will be very good for her. Your grandmother cracks me up (which I know is easy for me to say since I don't have to listen to her). I am so glad Isabella was so chill about it all. Shows you how much confidence you have instilled in her.  

  2. # Blogger Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy)

    You absolutely made the right decision.

    Because it was yours.

    Here's to a great preschool year ahead ... for both of you!  

  3. # Blogger kenju

    Sure you did! She needs the playtime with other children (not her siblings) and yes, she may get sick and bring home germs to the babies, but that's life.  

  4. # Blogger Jesser

    Yay for you! It would be hard for me to go against my mom and g'ma, I will admit, and I am so glad you can do that!! You definitely made the right decision. It is going to be so good for her ... and how nice that she'll have a place where it's just for her, away from the twins. I'm sure she's an awesome big sis, but I bet she'll enjoy the heck out of that!! Everyone has opinions on things, but you know what's right for your kid. Back to last week's natural mom discussion ... it is healthy for them to be away from us sometimes! It's not selfish to want this for them at all. It is for them too.  

  5. # Blogger Sunny

    WOO HOO! Way to go mama, and way to go Isabella! Absolutely you made the right choice, you obviously know Isabella and what she can handle. It is good for her, and it is good for you.

    She's going to thrive!  

  6. # Blogger The Princess

    I also wrestled with the same choice. Camille started this week and loves it. When I see the excitement on her face I know I too made the right choice!  

  7. # Anonymous Ness @ Drovers Run

    *Clinks* imaginary champagne glass!

    The fact that she had a good time, is thanks to the fact that you prepared her mentally, and frankly she is a smart, well adjusted little girl.

    Go You!

    Sometimes moms know *way* better than grandmas and great-grandmas'.  

  8. # Blogger Lis Garrett

    I learned LONG ago not to listen to my mom and g-ma when they offer their "advice" on how to raise my kids. They don't interfere too much now ever since I told them, "These are MY kids, not yours." LOL!

    Seriously, your mom and grandma give advice because they care about and love Isabella, and they only want to see her thrive and be happy. Nevertheless, listen to your gut. You know Isabella better than anyone else. ;-)

    I'm so happy she had such a good time!  

  9. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    I know you are SO close to your family and love them to pieces, but reading this makes me happy that when it comes to giving advice, my family (and Jason's) knows to butt out! If my mother/mother in law/grandmothers/great grandmother have any differing opinions on how I'm raising the girls, they haven't let me know...thank goodness!

    I think that you are a smart cookie and can probably sense what the right thing to do for your child is. You wrote recently about not feeling like a "natural mother", but I bet your motherly instincts kick in completely when you're making decisions like these. You knew this was what Isabella needed. I'm totally with you...kids this age need lots and lots of socialization and they need to be learning things other than life's everyday lessons, and when mommy is working from home and taking care of two other babies, sometimes there just isn't away to fit those things in without preschool. Good for you for doing what you know is right!  

  10. # Blogger In transit

    Hurray for both of you! Hopefully Grandma comes round, so she doesn`t miss entirely this milestone in Isabella`s life.  

  11. # Blogger Simply-Mel

    Well done Kristy. Its not easy to swim upstream against 'the family' but you did it proudly.

    Am so incredibly stoked for you and your big girl - its a major milestone and I do hope your family are able to embrace it and celebrate with you both.  

  12. # Blogger Christine

    I think preschool is going to be so good for both of you. Wow, I can't believe she's in school.  

  13. # Blogger Mom24

    You are exactly right. Great job for listening to your instincts.  

  14. # Blogger Riley & Tiki

    Clap, clap, clap. Isabella looks very happy.


  15. # Blogger Debbie

    Yay Isabella! And good job on preparing her! She'll have a great year.  

  16. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    I am so glad she did so well and enjoyed it so much! Little Elvis tells me he "had fun" each morning when I pick him up from pre-school. I'm sure your grandmother will come around when she sees how happy Isabella is.  

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