Two Thoughts

On Friday, Isabella turns two years old.

I remember crying quite a bit in the weeks leading up to her first birthday. Isabella turning one was quite an emotional time for me. I'm not sure if it was recognizing that our nursing relationship was coming to an end as she had started slowly weaning herself a few months earlier, or the fact that the little baby I brought home from the hospital 12 months previously was now taking her first steps and starting to talk and becoming less dependant upon me every day.

But I'm finding myself far less emotional about her turning two. Despite the fact that our relationship will change drastically in a few short months (something I am finding incredibly difficult to even think about), two doesn't seem like the end of anything. In fact, it seems like two marks the start of something fantastic for my little girl.

Isabella has grown and changed so much in the past year. She is still very much a demanding, opinionated, and needy toddler, but there are times when I'm talking to her that she seems so much like an adult that I forget that she's still not even two years old yet.

Each day presents a new challenge for her to master. It's incredible to watch her accomplish something (walking up stairs without crawling up them, scaling the rock wall on her playset without asking for help, toasting my morning bagel to perfection instead of burning it) that just the day before she couldn't do.

I'm beginning to realize that this motherhood business isn't always about shedding tears over the babies we've lost, although that's certainly a part of it. It's also about waiting in excited anticipation for how our children will surprise us next.

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  1. # Blogger Simply Mel

    Absolutely true. Best of both, I say. The sweet and the sweeter!  

  2. # Blogger Jesser

    It really is bittersweet. I do miss the things that have come and gone, but I do enjoy those fun surprises too ... watching her learn and seeing the world through her eyes.

    Happy b'day to your little one ... and it's a celebration of your mommyhood too, so congrats. :)  

  3. # Anonymous Ness

    Turning two? Awesome times, they develop SO much during this time, their vocabulary positively explodes. I must admit to thinking around the time just after Skippy turned two that people didn't know what they were talking about saying "terrible twos" because I thought they were awesome. Until Skippy was 2.5 and I must say the week leading up to his 3rd birthday I was like, "What you saved up all your terrible twos just to have it all in the last week before you turn 3!?" I'm hoping three gets easier!! :)  

  4. # Blogger Marie

    It is bittersweet... and it just keeps getting better (IMHO)... Happy birthday (almost) little girl!  

  5. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    Toasting bagels? Hmm . . . . maybe I can employ Bridget to make breakfast for the kids before school each morning! ;-)

    This WILL be an exciting year for Isabella. You will be amazed by all the new things she learns to do and say!  

  6. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    I kind of felt the same way. Lila's first birthday was kind of like an end to her babyhood, and that saddened me. Turning two was kind of just like any other day. I think age five will be hard for me though :(.  

  7. # Anonymous Kris

    Up until a month or so ago, I'm not sure I would have agreed. But all of a sudden Brody is turning into a little boy, and it is just so much fun!

    Enjoy the birthday celebrations. =)  

  8. # Blogger Tracey

    Here's the deal for me and my kids' birthdays: Every other year is a hard one for me.

    I mean, 2 isn't that much older than 1, right? And she's still a "baby" in most senses.

    But 3? 3's a full-on toddler!

    However, 4 isn't such a stretch from 3, so that didn't bother me too much...

    Until 5 hit. FIVE!! A whole hand. Kindergarten. The end of an era!

    6, not so much, still little, not officially a big kid...


    You see where I'm going with this?

    And the weird part, for me, is that each kid is different. Justin's odd years are harder for me (though, 10 is gonna be odd, I can guarantee!) and Evan's even years are harder. Corinne? Well, every freakin year is weird. I can't wrap my head around my YOUNGEST being older than a few years...  

  9. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    That's a great way to look at it! Hope you guys have a super happy day on Friday.  

  10. # Blogger Mom24

    Beautifully summed up. You really are a great writer. I think it depends so much on whatever else is going on in my life as to whether I'm looking back or looking forward. Still, I do find myself sad that it all goes by SO FAST. It really does just fly. I can say that, I've got all ends of the spectrum!  

  11. # Blogger supermommy

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!

    It really amazes me how fast they grow. My youngest will be 2 in 6 weeks. Time sure does fly.  

  12. # Blogger Damselfly

    Ah. That last sentence really is key, isn't it?  

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