The Party's Over

The hubs refers to today as the saddest date on the calendar. The holidays are officially over. The celebrations have ended. The extra tables and chairs, which have resided in my grandma's large dining room since before Thanksgiving, and which are used to accommodate my large extended family, have been stored in her basement until Easter. The Christmas tree needles are strewn across the floor, destined to turn up in the most unlikely of places until at least March. And after this coming weekend, there won't be a Christmas tree at all, as our Douglas Fir is bound for the recycling center.

While I tend to somewhat dread the holidays, or rather, the massive amount of purchasing and gift coordination they entail, I am a bit sad to see this holiday season end.

The hubs went back to school this morning, after a week and a half off from work. This year, the return was harder than it's ever been for him, since he spent so much one-on-one time with Isabella, once my sister and her boyfriend, and then later my mom, left to go home. And frankly, it was hard on me too. Isabella developed quite the raging case of Daddy-itis recently, showing a definite preference for his company over mine. To this point, she's been a "mommy's girl," wanting me even when the hubs has come home from work and she's been with me all day. Her newly developed affection for her dad pleases me greatly, as I was able to get a lot of work done while he played with her. But now he's gone, and I'm back to trying to juggle a busy workload with childcare responsibilities.

We entertained a lot over the last two weeks. We hosted my sister and her boyfriend for five days, and then my mom for two, prepared brunch for my dad and his family for our Christmas get-together with them, enjoyed a fantastic dinner brought over to our house by two of our friends, and hosted a New Year's Eve dinner-and-game-night with another couple. And there were six people and one toddler opening presents in my living room on Christmas morning. These celebrations don't count Christmas Eve celebrated at the hubs' aunt's house, or Christmas dinner I and II, and New Year's Day dinner at my grandma's house.

Outside of the celebrations, the hubs and I even managed to go to dinner and a movie together while my mom was in town to watch Isabella. We saw National Treasure, which was very good. I argued for Juno, but uncharacteristically acquiesced to see the movie my husband preferred. (It was the Christmas season, after all.) We also twice used our new gift membership from my MIL here, which Isabella thoroughly enjoyed, but my sister did not. Sorry Karrie!

And now it's Wednesday. The house is empty save for a soon-to-awaken baby and me. And I'm feeling a bit down. I will say, though, that at least for today, I've met Goal #3. 6:15 am saw me running my Christmas cookie-laden arse off on the treadmill in my basement. Whether I'll actually make it down there tomorrow morning at that ungodly hour remains to be seen.

7 Responses to “The Party's Over”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Sounds like a fun and busy time. I'm glad to get back to normal myself, but I know what you mean about the post-holiday let-down. I'll miss the tree when it's gone!

    We ended up at the museum on Friday & it was INSANE. I'll be glad to go again now that the kids are back in school.

    Happy New Year, Kristi!  

  2. # Blogger Tracey

    I hear ya about the parties. We are in constant party mode through the holidays, so it's nice to have NOTHING planned for a few days!

    Pulling down the decorations today, emptying my living room soon to paint it! YEAH!  

  3. # Blogger My Wombinations

    I hear you. Even though I loathe the holidays in many ways, seeing them end was a bit depressing this year b/c I had so much help with the babe this last week. It was a nice little break. Today feels like back to the old grind.

    Congrats on your date night, too. You should definitely try to see Juno, though. I saw it and loved it and I bet you would, too.  

  4. # Blogger Lis Garrett

    I love the holidays, but I am glad to reclaim my house and return to our normal schedule.

    Two days I have dragged my butt onto the treadmill - woo hoo!!  

  5. # Blogger Damselfly

    When my husband left for work today, he said he was going to hell! So I relate!  

  6. # Blogger Beagle

    Way to go on your running goal!
    Happy New Year!  

  7. # Blogger kenju

    I need a treadmill too, but it likely won't happen! My butt suffered from the 36 piece box of Godiva my daughter gave me. But boy, it sure was worth it.  

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