Goals for January 2008

2007 is almost history.

Over the past 12 months, I started cooking for the first time in my adult life. (Okay, so technically it's for Isabella and not for the hubs and me, but baby steps, people, baby steps!) I parlayed my new hobby into a new baby/toddler food blog, Mush, which I started along with Pru. (I need to devote more attention to it, but I'm getting ahead of myself.) I survived my first year of motherhood, largely intact. And then a month later, I quit my job to start freelancing.

Long-term goals are too much for me to handle right now. I would love to start training for a half-marathon, bake my own bread as I used to, and pick up my long-neglected knitting needles, but I know I have too much on my plate to make these my goals for 2008.

So, I've stolen Melissa's idea to set small monthly goals that I can actually accomplish.

Here are my goals for January of 2008.

1. Create a writing schedule.

January looks like it will be a very busy month of work. Granted, much of it is contract writing for my business clients, which isn't something I want to do forever, but in the freelance world, I've learned it's best to take all the jobs you can get, because you never know when the well of work will dry up. There are a few possible writing opportunities that are more in-line with the kind of writing I want to do (essays and features for magazines and newspapers), so I have my fingers crossed that these will materialize.

In the meantime, though, I desperately need to create a writing schedule. I thrive on predictability and order, and right now, I work in short spurts when Isabella is occupied, napping, when the hubs gets home from work, and after she's in bed. I need to craft a schedule that allows time for my client writing, but more importantly, for the queries and research for magazine articles.

2. Clean and organize my desk, and maintain it once I've finished.

I've never had a tidy desk. For the 10 years I worked in an office, my workspace was always a jumble of papers, pens, notebooks, and empty file organizers (I had the tools and the desire to create an organized desk, but not the drive to do so). However, I knew where everything was, and could produce the desired document or folder in a moment's notice.

Unfortunately, the same is true for my desk here at home, and it has begun to cause me added stress in the last few months. I clean it every few weeks, but the piles of papers, magazines, and sticky notes of reminders and lists emerge a few days later. I will clean and organize it before the month is up, and I WILL keep it clean and organized.

3. Start running before Isabella wakes up.

Before I became pregnant with Isabella, I ran 30 miles a week (5 miles a day, 6 days a week), mostly after work, but sometimes in the morning. Since her birth, however, my weekly runs are more in the neighborhood of 20-25 miles a week, and since she gave up her morning nap, I've had to run when I put her down at 1pm. Running 3 or so miles a day on weekdays cuts into my work time, and since her naps are ridiculously short anyway, I need to focus my attention purely on writing while she sleeps. So, I plan to start arising early, before she gets up, and hitting the treadmill then, so I can have at least 1.5 hours (and sometimes less) to work while she naps.

4. Write my first query.

I've been bouncing around in my head many ideas for my first foray into writing for publication over the past few months or so. I've scribbled down some notes and ideas, and I've started a little research. But this is as far as I've progressed. Yes, it's due to lack of time, but it's also due to abject fear of entering the wickedly competitive world of writing for magazines. I think I've finally narrowed down my topic ideas, and have selected one I need to run with. It's time to start the terrifying task of writing the query, which can take almost as long as writing the article itself.

5. Post more frequently on Mush

I started Mush along with Pru to help other moms (and dads) prepare nutritious and homemade food for their babies and toddlers. I made all of Isabella's baby food when she was younger, and even though she's on table food now, I haven't stopped introducing her to new and varied foods whenever possible. Granted, most of my efforts as of late end up lining my ceiling instead of her tummy, but I'm confident her new fussiness is a phase she'll pass through (please?).

I haven't posted anything there in awhile, and I must admit, my failures to tempt even a nibble out of my culinary endeavors from Her Royal PissyPants is partly to blame. How can I post a recipe my own baby won't touch? But I've realized that tastes in food are subjective, and something Isabella may loathe might be the cat's pajamas to another baby out there, so I plan on posting recipes to Mush more often. I'll mention any new posts to Mush on this blog, in case anyone is interested.

So there you have it. I've posted my goals here so I can better hold myself to achieving them. Public accountability is a beautiful thing.

Happy New Year! And please share a goal for the new year, if you wish.

9 Responses to “Goals for January 2008”

  1. # Blogger Tracey

    My goal for 2008: Be healthier.

    I have never had a New Year's resolution to lose weight. This year, it's my definite focus. It's such fun getting older, isn't it?

    Happy New Year!!  

  2. # Blogger Stephanie

    That's a great list! I'm impressed by your motivation! Best wishes to you in 2008...  

  3. # Blogger Damselfly

    Wow. You are inspiring. I don't have any goals. Could I have goal envy?  

  4. # Blogger Damselfly

    PS I hope you have a great '08 and accomplish everything!  

  5. # Blogger kenju

    Kristi, thanks for the visit and I wish you a wonderful year in 2008, and the strength to stand by your goals!  

  6. # Blogger mrsmogul

    My goal is to get the six pack abs, I really want to be able to play a tune off my stomach!  

  7. # Blogger Debbie

    Those are fantastic goals, Kristi!

    One thing I have learned in the past is that my goals must jive with my personality. My desk is in constant chaos as well, and it bugs me to no end. But, I never knew why I couldn't keep it clean until a friend told me I was too organized to keep up with it. Hence, the need for a simpler system (maybe February's goal?)  

  8. # Blogger Jesser

    This is a lovely idea ... I really should do the same. My running goal would be more in the neighborhood of 15 miles/wk though ... hehe. I am getting better though.  

  9. # Blogger Shannon

    great goals... hey what kind of running shoes to you wear?  

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